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Murray Avenue Locksmith

2004 Murray Avenue
Pittsburgh PA , 15217

he key on my wife's transponder car key broke off from the plastic handle and she needed a new one made. I called this shop and they said they don't carry the key with remote buttons for our particular car model and recommended buying a new blank key online, which we did. My wife called them to arrange a date and time to have the key made, but when she showed up at the appointed time (late morning), the shop was closed. She called their phone and someone showed up 5-10 minutes later, but as it turns out, that person wasn't capable of doing the job and had to call in another person, which took another 10 minutes of waiting. He made the key without problems, but when he put the key together, the buttons were inoperable. He attributed it to the plastic shell being the wrong size (it was actually the exact same size) and he said he would order (and sell us) a new shell. My wife wanted a spare key too; so the tech sold her a new transponder key without remote buttons and cut the key fine. But when he tried programming it, he said the message he got was that there were already 3 programmed keys. So he concluded he couldn't program it, which meant the key was useless (the car won't start unless it is programmed to recognize the transponder in the key). So we were thinking that we might have to go to the dealer to get it programmed.

After my wife brought the keys home, I noticed that the buttons on key #1 had been taken out of the electronics case and the tech has placed them on top of the case instead of back inside it. The buttons worked fine after putting them where they belonged. I would have thought that locksmiths, of all people, would be the ones to know how to put a car key back together properly. When I tried key #2, it turned on the car without difficulty, meaning that the tech had actually programmed it successfully without even knowing it. Both keys work fine now, but only after I had to correct their mistake. The price was better than I had expected, based on online comments I had read (count on about $50 per key), but making duplicates of transponder keys is highway robbery compared with making duplicates of house keys.

 have dropped in many times to get copies of keys and was always served by a friendly staff. Recently, my keys were locked inside my vehicle and the street I was parked on had their number on the truck. When I called, David, the owner answered the phone and told me to wait outside. He and his assistant were there in less than five minutes. No damage was done to the windows and he opened my car easily and efficiently. The cost was more than reasonable. Watch for coupons also! Excellent service and clean store! Thanks for being in the 'hood!

A house I just moved into had a locked mailbox with no key.  They were able to come on very short notice, explained everything that needed to be done and why, and were priced very reasonably.  Would definitely recommend.

Their key cutter is sharpened every day and my key copies work perfectly. Fast, efficient, friendly, knowledgable service. My only issue is that I wish I had asked about the cost of my car key copies. They are the old fashioned non-chip type that both open the door manually and start the ignition. These Copies cost $10 each  -- several dollars more than the house keys I was copying, which I didn't realize. This company Offers a 24/7 emergency locksmith service if you lose your keys so their number is in my phone!

Wonderful, professional, and friendly staff!
I went into their office requesting a lock change for my office and it was completed within the day!
I'm extremely satisfied with their service! Highly recommended!

These guys are fantastic.  I just bought a new house and in all the hustle and bustle I completely forgot to change the locks.  After realizing, I called up Murray Ave Locksmith and they were here in 3 hours.  They explained what would work best for me based on my particular setup and didn't pressure me into overbuying.  They were super efficient, in and out in probably a half hour and very friendly.  I'd definitely use them again in the future.

I was in a hurry to make a copy of lost key. The guy was very friendly and happy to see me very early in the morning. I walked in and came out with a new key in two minutes.
Thank you so much!!!

They came on a Sunday to change my lock. Professional, knowledgeable, and with reasonable prices. Would definitely use their services again.

This is a small local locksmith shop. It is pretty barren when you go inside, but it's not like they need much as locksmiths. I came in because I needed to make a copy of my key for me and my roommate. They seemed to be in the business of doing things quickly, as soon as I handed them my key they were all ready and grabbed 2 keys which is great because I am sure that people don't want to spend much time on this service, but I was looking for a more cute key for myself so I stopped them - they don't have much of a design selection but I got a really cute cat key. It was super quick and cheap and they were really nice. I would recommend going here if you need copies of your keys made, they are very quick and don't ask questions!

 lost my keys and needed after-hours service to get into my home. After calling at 7pm, a technician arrived at my location within 20 minutes. He was very professional and friendly and had me in my home quickly. I would highly recommend them for anyone needing 24hr service. Couldn't believe that when they told me 30 minutes, they actually beat their time. That's unheard of with similar businesses. Highly recommend.

David is very professional! We are very happy with his work!

Wonderful and friendly staff! Extremely knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend them!

Pittsburgher's pride themselves on the love of their city and their devotion to the Steeler's but let's face it, often when you walk into these small neighborhood shops, getting service is like pulling teeth. Not so with David and the team at Squirrel Hill's Murray Avenue Locksmith. We walked in and were immediately greeted by the pleasant and helpful presence of David and his esteemed colleagues. This is a business that clearly understands the meaning and importance of being customer-centric and providing excellent service. Our needs were understood and serviced in the most pleasant and laid back manner possible. Folks, this is the type of customer service you seldom find in the city of Pittsburgh. Would I go somewhere else for my locksmith needs in the future? Not a chance! David and his team were awesome, thank you for the experience!

Professional and fast service - thank you very much!

Went in to duplicate a key for my house and the guys there did it in just a few minutes for $2! Not to mention they were extremely nice and even gave me a cookie while I waited. I would definitely recommend this place

These guys are great!!! Very affordable and reliable!!!

The best service and reliable that you can find !!

Fast and professional! I have relied on their services a few times and have always been satisfied.