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I Love Your Products

I love your products and will continue to order them as well as spread the word of how amazing they are. Thank you.

Phyllis Is AWESOME!

Isn’t it impressive when the student becomes the teacher and then teaches you (the client) to become the student as well? What I am trying to say is Phyllis is AWESOME! I signed on to the webinar last night and had the opportunity to chat with the “Teacher”. She helped me problem solve around my personal thinning hair issue. (Which began before I had sister locks.) And It wasn’t just “purchase my products and your problems will be solved.” I was given suggestions to research my personal information and follow-up, to make sure the products I purchase are what’s best for meeting my healthy hair needs. I asked questions and was asked questions in return by the videoloctician. I felt like I had conversed with a phenomenal ‘hair doctor’ who put my needs first. A relationship built on trust will last a lifetime. I have used and fallen in love with almost every hair product that Phyllis has created. From the first moment I tried them my hair responded wonderfully! It looks and feels healthy, moisturized, and smells Amazing. Thank you Phyllis. I pray God will bless your business for humbly and truthfully giving back to others with your knowledge and awesome hair products. Love and Respect, Lynne


Hi Phyllis. I love your products. I just tried the Ooh Shampoo Bar. Wow.

Such A High Quality Product

I have lock rings in my hair from YEARS ago, thank you for making such a high quality product. You're the BEST!

These Products Keep My Locs Looking so Good...

These products keep my locs looking so good someone thought I was you on the 2018 Dave Koz Cruise.

I Am A Stickler For Good Customer Service

OMG! I worked in the Customer Service field for 30+ years. Back when there were no computers, we used rotary dial phones, and the only selling we did was done over the phone, Lol! I am a stickler for GOOD customer service. Like back in the day, Lol again! I made an order about a month ago and just when I started to worry and wonder if I pressed the correct key when I placed the order, I got a refund from Phyllis. I didn’t understand why I got the money back so I just assumed that maybe I had done something wrong. I planned to reorder before I left for vacation because I wanted to show off some lock jewelry. Well, let me tell you about my surprise. It just made my day! I got a big fat envelope full of LOVE! Besides the piece of jewelry I wanted I also got a bevy of beautiful full-size potions to bless these locks daily, weekly, and just about anytime I want. I also received a note of apology, handwritten by Phyllis. I do appreciate good customer service. Thanks’ Phyllis.


From Phyllis: 

Hi Dinishiai. Thank you so much for taking the time to share about your refund. Customer service is a big one for me too. Hope I have the opportunity in the future to impress you with other offerings from my product line. Take care Dinishiai and I’m wishing you many happy hair days!

Keep My Curls Almost Forever

Phyllis, I just want you to know that you have shown me how to do something that I could never do before: keep my curls almost forever! Your demonstration video on how you put your hair up when you are at home has been a Godsend to me. I can now wash and roll up my locks, and then have gorgeous, strong curls for (I’m almost embarrassed to say this –) three weeks!! I have been busy and it has been SO cold — everyone has snow these days — and my curls are STILL rockin’! I wrap up my hair using the satin bonnet, then the small stretch cap, and then a close-fitting loc soc every evening before bed. I am simply amazed. These curls ain’t goin’ NO-where! Thank you again for making locs not only easier, but fun. It is so easy to get ready for work each morning, and I can just pull off my bonnets and caps to have — VOILA! — curls EVERY morning without a lot of work. Blessings to you now and forevermore, Phyllis. You have a great thing going on! Thank you for sharing such useful secrets. – Karen C., Louisville, KY

Thank You For Saving Me From Dandruff

I have been sisterlocked for seven months and my consultant said I could not use any products on my hair except every 4wks. Then I could use the sisterlock shampoo, a clarifying shampoo, and ACV. Well every single day of this seven month period and after each 4wk wash I had dandruff! After using the the “Ooh!” for two weeks I have no signs of dandruff! At the same time I did start misting daily with the conditioning mist as well, which I also love. Thank you for saving me from dandruff. The video and both products were fantastic! May God continue to bless you and your practice!

Have Yet To Be Disappointed

I recently received the ACV shampoo bar and after using it I’m officially hooked. My hair and scalp felt so clean afterwards.  I was very impressed. I’ve purchased products from Phyllis in the past and have yet to be disappointed. I am definitely a customer for life.


From Phyllis:  Hi Mallorie. Great to read that you’re loving the ACV shampoo bar. Thanks so much for sharing. It helps others to make an informed decision when trying my products for the first time. I appreciate you. Thanks again!

It's Absolutely Wonderful

Hello Phyllis, this is Gwen from Reno. How are you today? I just had to write and tell you about your conditioning mist; it is absolutely wonderful. I live in NV where it is very dry and I have very dry hair. I have sisterlocks and I must tell you until I tried your conditioning mist my locks were dry and looked dry. Using your conditioning mist makes my locks soft and they look very different. As a setting lotion it is wonderful. My Spring locks last forever. The longer I wear them, the fluffier (is this a word?) they look. I cannot tell you the compliments I have gotten on my hair. My locks are shoulder length. They were past my waist until last summer when I cut them. If I had known about your products, I would not have cut them. I also have some of your jewelry - the 8 piece crystal gold set, the tiny cobra and the cobra with the charm. I love all of them but especially the cobra pieces, I leave them in all the time. I will be ordering your products regularly. Once again thank you for all that you do. Have a wonderful hair day and once again I know I will because of your products.

I loved It So Much I Had To Order More

To Phyllis, I must say that I just love the hair mist. I loved it so much I had to order more. I just wanted to say thank you and I will be ordering more, You have a customer for life, Oh and the OOH! I just love that too! 

Ear Abstracts

Dear Phyllis, I just want to thank you. I've ordered your earrings before and loved them and get many comments when worn. Continue the great work.

I See A Significant Difference In my Locs

Hello, great talking with you. The products are fantastic and I see a significant difference in my locs. the conditioning mist, loc luv,delicious oil,shampoo bar are all wonderful. I have been getting wonderful comments. People are asking what products do I use. Of course I tell them? Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. Respectively, Rita Johnson, Chicago,Illinois

No Product Has Delivered What Yours Has

Phyllis, I purchased your products for my thirsty locs, and I was certainly apprehensive about the promises. HOWEVER, from the very first spray, your products delivered EVERY PROMISE! My locs are conditioned, hydrated and beautiful EVERYDAY! I am officially a life-long customer! No product has delivered what yours has.

You Have A Customer For Life

Hi Phyllis, Had to come on again and testify!!! LOL I ordered the Love Oil and ultimate conditioning mist combo. I already have the Oohh oil. Can I just say Phyllis you have a customer for life. I only use your products that’s it! I have washed my hair since using the ooh oil and the conditioning mist and I used to always have a stinging feeling when shampoo is applied. To my amazement I had no stinging. I had become so used to feeling that discomfort. When I washed my hair and fel tho discomfort I shouted out in the shower thank you Phyllis and God Bless you. Let me stop rambling. Just thank you!


From Phyllis:

LOL! You’re making me smile all over the place, Gillian. Thanks again. So happy that you’re enjoying the products. Wishing you many happy and nappy hair days!


Best Products For My Dry Locs

As a fellow locktician and entrepreneur, I fell in love with Phyllis’s warm approach, her knowledge, and her skills. I am always looking for new styles, tips, and info, so it was extremely beneficial for me to find her site.  I looked at her videos, and was immediately impressed! I was especially impressed by the Spring Lock hairstyle and ordered the DVD right away. I tried the style on my hair, which is chin to shoulder length, and the results were beautiful! I use the hairstlye to feature the diverse styling options on my website . I also enjoy her products, and my clients love them as well!  Thank you Phyllis for all of your support and inspiration

I Loved It As Soon As I Put It On My Scalp

I had my sisterlocks for 4 months. My scalp was sooo dry and flaky. When my locktician did my first retightening I had flakes all over me and her. I had washed my hair the night before. But, my sclap has always been like this. A friend told me about Phyllis and some of her products, so I was decide to order the HealthyLocks “Ooh!” Therapeutic Scalp Serum. I loved it as soon as I put it on my scalp. My scalp is doing so much better now.. This is definitely one product I will continue to order. Thank you Phyllis. 

I Love The Ultimate Dry Conditioning Mist

I love the ultimate dry conditioning formula! yes, I had the crunchy locks! the result of 2 years of no condidtioner use to make my hair lock then coloring. [I have a long wavy hair pattern] I found this website surfing the net for solutions, and the conditioner is absolutely wonderful! After a few months of daily use my locks were no longer crunchy and scratching my own neck. I use it every 2-3 days for maintenance now because I still color my locks and that is very drying and hard on my locs. if you have really dry locks, I recommend you try this product. and it smells so fresh and natural. I always get positive comments from people about the scent when they hug me, even later into the day after applying it in the mornng. thank you Phyllis!