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Lori's Lemonade Stand

My story is not a dramatic one. It is a very common tale among women in their 70's. Our hair starts to thin. If, like me, you have fine, thin hair anyway, the thinning that comes with age just aggravates you more. A couple of years ago, I was looking at YouTube videos about make up and hair and I ran across a short video made by a young woman that had some health issues. She was talking about her hair and how all the medications had made it fall out, become limp and thin and as I'm watching, I'm thinking, "Her hair looks fine..." And then she reaches up and unclips her topper and there she is! And I immediately knew that I wanted something like that. I wanted, not a full wig, but a well made hair piece that would look like my own hair. My problem:where do I get such an item. I could not imagine ordering something like this, something really pretty intimate online. How could you judge the color? the texture? the fit? I did order some cheap toppers from a store on Amazon and as soon as I saw them, I knew they were going to be returned. But I also knew the right topper could work for me. I started searching for stores or shops where you could actually go in and see different styles and try on. After all, this is more important than clothes.... I only found one shop that had wigs and toppers and it was a pretty good distance from me. Then, I found Lori's Lemonade Stand. At first I could not figure out the name....but after reading Lori's story, I got it! After emailing Lori and hearing back from her, I knew she was the person I wanted to meet with. I visited Lori's shop today. And I came away with the exactly perfect topper for my needs and wants! It's the right color, the right length, and it looks and feels like my own hair! My days of back combing and brushing over the back comb are (almost) over! I can wear my topper with confidence, I don't have to fear being wind blown and my scalp showing through my thin hair. I feel a sense of freedom that is just so satisfying! I was in awe of Lori's selection and styles and colors of wigs. I think making your hair an accessory is an absolutely fabulous idea! Lori shared her knowledge and her sweet self with me to help me make my long time wish become a reality! She is the best!!

Awesome customer service, a pleasure. Thank you.

I went to Lori's Lemonade Stand after being diagnosed with alopecia, looking for a hair piece to cover areas I was losing hair. I had never used a wig before. Lori spent almost two hours showing me different styles, teaching me how to put on a wig, how to care for them, and was very patient. I loved working with her, it was so nice having some be so empathetic to hair loss and willing to teach me everything. She had a great inventory of different styles to choose from and was very knowledgeable about the different vendors and the pluses and minuses that come with each. I absolutely love this place and will definitely be going back.

I purchased a wig from Lori last month which did not work out for me. She was patient, understanding and knowledgeable during the process to find a replacement. I am very happy with my purchase and will be buying more wigs from Lori.

I have very fine thinning hair, so I decided to try wearing a wig for dressy occasions. Found Lori's Lemonade on Yelp and made an appointment. She has a cute salon in her house that is very private and where she has a huge display of wigs, hairpieces, toppers and other headwear. Lori is so very helpful and patient. She tried all different types of wigs and hairpieces on me until I found the one that was perfect for me. I think as I adjust to the fun of having a lot more hair, I will be back for further purchases. I highly recommend Lori. She took the challenge of losing her hair and making it into a positive experience for others. She has a great story to tell. She truly made lemons into lemonade!

Premature hair loss runs rampant in my family...I took my 77 year-old mom to see Lori a couple weeks ago so that she could get a wig to cover her scalp and help her to not worry....little did I know that I would be walking out with a "topper" myself! The minute you walk into Lori's "stand" you feel the love, empathy, and support - she truly wants her customers to feel and look great and doesn't settle for less! She patiently spent a ton of time with us and we both walked out happier. This photo is of me the first time I wore my new hair. I'll be back to Lori again and again!

Lori’s Lemonade Stand wig boutique was just what I was looking for in the Inland Empire. Lori was wonderful and so helpful in helping me find just what I needed. I highly recommend making an appointment with Lori.

Lori was awesome helping my mom and I pick out a wig. Mom starts chemo next week and was very nervous about what to do with her new "no hair" hair do. Hats? Wig? She didn't know anything about wigs. Lori helped explain everything and help mom pick out the best wig for her.

Best customer service ever! Love the variety of wigs and the personal attention I got. Lori is pure joy to work with!

Thank you Lori! I left feeling flawless and excited to wear my first hair topper. She was so sweet and helpful. She definitely takes her time to find what you want. I definitely recommend!

Lori thank you so much for your time and patience, my sister is very happy with her wig purchase and loves her head wrap hats! You took your time to find the exact color match and the correct size that would fit her head! We will be back!!!

I simply had to invest the time to inform everyone concerning my experience with Lori at her shop. Being a transgendered woman, Lori not only tolerated and accepted me, but embraced helping me find that perfect piece. Lori truly has a wonderful inventory of high quality products and quickly understood my look and utilized all of her pieces for both color and style. A couple things became apparent very early in the sitting in her comfortable, exclusive space. Lori was tireless in finding the exact perfect thing and would not sell to sell as my happiness was truly driving her search. Both her intention and her taste and understanding of my look were beyond expectation. I cannot express what a wonderful experience I had and my satisfaction. I simply cannot wait for piece and strongly recommend Lori for all of your needs Thank you so much!!!!!

Lori is friendly & makes her customers feel comfortable whether they struggle with hair issues or not. She is great & I found the perfect wig for me.

My wife is going for her chemo in two weeks and she has been inconsolable the last couple of days because she is already anticipating losing her hair. Every time she talks about her chemo tears would come out of her eyes. She googled wigs near me and Lori's website  came out plus another one in RC. She chose Loris Lemonade Stand first because her website is so much more comprehensive and is easier to navigate. It also helped reading her 5star reviews in yelp. We went to her address completely unaware that it's in a private house and we needed to make an appointment. While my wife and I we're trying to decide what to do she came out of her front door. I went to her and asked her if indeed it's where we're supposed to be. She was so nice and accommodating and allowed us in even without an appointment . My wife and I was immediately put at ease because she came across as very warm , very approachable and looking great wearing one of her wigs!
My wife was very nervous and Lori broke the ice by telling us her story. She was full of humor and so positive with her situation that my wife felt like she can feel like her normal self again with Lori's help in finding her a wig that looks like her own hair. She helped my wife fit so many wonderful wigs even I was amazed at the quality of the wigs and how good and how natural my wife looked on them. My wife said " I will wear these wigs even when my hair grows back" with a big smile on her face. That coming from someone who has never worn a wig, who before going to Lori's store was so apprehensive in going back to work once her chemo is done, who has been in a state of depression for several days said a lot. It was a wonderful experience. We will be back again to Lori's Lemonade Stand once my wife loses all her hair so that we can buy more of her high quality  natural looking wigs. For those who are thinking of buying a wig for one reason or another, don't hesitate to make an appointment with Lori. She is wonderful as well as her wigs. And there are so much to choose from! It's worth giving it a try. You'll never regret it. God bless you Lori!

Lori is great and her wig selection is pretty good. As a wig-wearer herself, she is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to style and color selection. If you go and she doesn't have the wig you want to try she will likely order it so that you can see it in person. If you've never ordered a wig before you should definitely go somewhere to try it on and look at the styles and colors in person. This makes Lori's Lemonade Stand a great place to do that. I found it very difficult to find a nice wig shop in the IE, and so was very happy to find Lori. Why did she call it lemonade stand? Hair loss is so upsetting, so her plan is to help you take the lemons you' ve been given and make it into lemonade.

Buying a wig at Lori's Lemonade Stand was a wonderful experience! I could see from the website that Lori has a terrific selection of wigs, so I was looking forward to meeting her and trying them on. Her home salon is private and professional, with a uplifting vibe that makes the experience fun. Lori herself is so warm and friendly, it's like shopping with a trusted girlfriend. All the wigs she carries are top quality and the prices are great. Lori helped me find the exact, perfect wig for me. I'm so glad I went there!