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OzPrep LSAT Tutoring

21 Tichester Rd, 10th Floor
Toronto ON , M5P 1P3

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I love Nick's approach! He is totally set up to support an optimal learning/tutoring environment! I'm so glad I contacted him!

Great experience

Great experience. Would recommend Nick's services anytime.

Improved 12 Points!

Nick is a great tutor. I was one of those who took a Princeton course before trying a private tutor. Those courses are a real money grab, my 'instructor' was just awful...she was not only bad, but often unprepared, late, haughty... I was unmotivated and demoralized after seeing my June score.


When I came to Nick, he provided me with an arsenal of simple tools to get the right answer quickly. He's been tutoring for years so he knows all the intricacies of the test, unlike my Princeton girl who was completely new. If I was embarrassed at having picked the wrong answer, Nick would flip his original tattered book around and say "look, long ago I made that same mistake."


It's nice to know that your teacher was once at a similar level, and and can show you the best way forward. There's no hubris on his part, and I never felt discouraged. I got my September score, and improved by 12 points. Worth every penny.

"Personal and Effective"

Nicholas has tutored my daughter after she had seen another professional tutor without much result.


She found Nicholas ' approach very personable and effective while at the same time unstressful and even fun.


She highly recommends him to anyone who wants to succeed on the LSAT.

PROFILE: Brothers' Battle

thanks again for all your help, your tips with reasoning definitely got me a couple extra points!

~~ First TIme Score: 163 ACCEPTED: Western JD/HBA ~~

Great Tutor

Amazing experience!

Amazing experience! I wish I had contacted him sooner. I really saw an amazing improvement in my score after just our first session!


I felt so at ease during the session. We worked at a pace I was comfortable with, and made sure I was well acquainted with the material before moving along.

~~ ACCEPTED: Ottawa U Law Class of 2020 ~~

PROFILE: From Opera Soprano to LSAT Superstar

I came to OzPrep with no prior LSAT training. Having been out of school for a while, I found the LSAT very daunting at first. Nick assuaged these fears, and helped me approach the questions calmly and critically. His unique strategies and shortcuts helped improve both my speed and my confidence in my answer choices.  Nick has a super animated teaching style, has an uncanny way of bringing otherwise dense and dull material to life. I actually genuinely looked forward to our lessons - he really tries to make the LSAT fun - a big reason why he's so effective.

It's clear that Nick loves teaching, and I found his positive attitude infectious. What's more, he cares about his students success, and will be there for you from first contact through the LSAT and application processes... until you decide on a school. I found this constant support extremely reassuring.

Without a doubt, I recommend starting here first -- Nick's unique technique and approach will give you a competitive edge over that herd of applicants from the traditional LSAT classes... without putting you to sleep.

After only eight weekly sessions with Nick, and on my very first sitting I scored beyond my wildest expectations. I know that was in no small part due to Nick and Way in Law, and I can't recommend this service enough. Many, many thanks!

Attending U of Toronto Law, Class of 2020

Scored an amazing 168 her very first writing after 10 2-hour sessions

Phemoninal Experience!

Phenomenal experience, 1 on 1 tutoring. Better than Kaplan, Princeton Review, etc. They are expensive, but worth it. ~~ Scored 163 // Accepted to Western Law Class of 2017

"Small is beautiful, right?"

I tried both Power Score and Harvard Ready before stumbling across this indie firm by chance. I wish I had sooner -- small is beautiful, right? It's run almost entirely by an Osgoode student -- he says he only hires when there's overflow demand.


The website is full of annecdotes and useful law school info (in addition to the LSAT materials.) Nick himself is an awesome tutor. He obviously loves what he does, and it shows. Unlike the large companies, he seems to genuinely care about his students and their successes.


Plus, he's madly entertaining, and invents crazy funny analogies, which made remembering everything a lot easier. My first writing was a disaster, and I promised that if I cracked the 160s in June I would leave a great review. I did, and so here it is. Highly recommended!