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Lucid Dream Coaching

4288 N County Road 73C
Red Feather Lakes Colorado , 80545
United States

I have had a very fulfilling experience learning about Lucid Dreaming with Elliott. We have been working together for about 4 months. In that time I have increased my Lucid Dreams to about one per week. My dream recall has drastically improved. I can remember multiple dreams per night. I have also learned more about Dream Yoga and he always has the best resources and books. His coaching and suggestions have helped me to go further in my practices. I would definitely recommend his services if you are looking to go deeper into lucid dreaming.

I totally recommend his coaching! He not only motivates you but can also teach you so much more than from the dozen books I've already read on the subject. He knows about the latest research, tipps and tricks. He actually cares about your success. I've had previous experience in lucid dreaming and had over 100 lucid dreams since but struggled a lot in prolonging them. Whenever I became lucid, I'd wake up within the first 10 seconds. I worked closely with Elliott for the past three months and can proudly announce that most of my lucid dreams now last longer! Averaging 1-2 minutes and that number keeps growing :-) Not only that, but my lucid dreaming goals and journey has also become much more defined. I now have set routines for my daily practices instead of trying out different things from books and forums without a clear direction. If you're looking to get to the next level in your lucid dream journey or just starting out, Elliott is your man!

Elliot is super comfortable to talk with on the phone! He has the knowledge and is great at conveying that knowledge so that you can increase your skills and accomplish your lucid dreaming goals.

Elliott is a super nice and knowledgable coach! He helped me achieved my goal and has been really encouraging! Highly recommend working with him to know about sleep and lucid dreaming.

Working with Elliot has been a blessing. I really appreciate working with a PHD candidate and can tell that he brings a scientific acumen to my practice. He works to understand what I know and together we build a program, one step at a time, that has not only allowed me to reach my Lucidity goals, but has also grown my knowledge of the dream space. This is an ongoing journey and Elliot has really tailored these sessions to my needs and long range plans. I believe he is very passionate about dreaming and our conversations will cover specific techniques for lucidity and dream control, the latest scientific research on lucid dreaming as well as other more esoteric topics including ethics and psychological benefits of the practice. I recommend working with him with no reservations. I'm lucky to have found his practice.

I had never experienced a lucid dream before meeting Elliott. I love that his knowledge is based firmly on science, but it is his passion & personal experience that make Elliott an outstanding teacher! If you are interested in lucid dreaming, this is a coach that will take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

10/10 recommend! We've been working together for 6 months now, and I couldn't be happier. Elliot is so knowledgeable on lucid dreaming and has shared much of that knowledge with me. He's taught me about induction techniques, how others use lucid dreaming, the best books to read, which supplements are best, how much sleep I need, and much more. He caters his coaching to the individual and cares about the success of his clients. He's inspiring and gets me excited about lucid dreaming whether I'm having them or not. He's extremely passionate about lucid dreaming, understanding when things don't go as planned, and motivating during periods of struggle. When things get tough, he's right there with me. He's been there before! He encourages me to keep pushing through, because the benefits far outweigh the effort. (And they do!) I have come so far in my lucid dreaming journey and I DEFINITELY could not have done it without Elliot Gish!

I met Elliott at a lucid dreaming workshop at Shambhala Mountain Center earlier this year (2018). After getting to know him there, and looking at his work on line, I decided to support him on patron. I accepted his offer to coach me although I did not think that coaching would do much for me. I have worked with Elliott for about 3 months. He has patiently worked with me, encouraging me, and pointing out the things I am doing well. He has good ideas for developing a practice. He knows and shares a lot of what is current in this field of study. Much of my improvement in dream recall as well as my ability to repeatedly have lucid dreams is due to Elliott's ability to both listen and teach.