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Crystal is amazing

Hello, I recently had a 2 question rune reading with Crystal and all I can say is WOW!! You would think there could not be so much information provided in a short reading, but I was very wrong. Crystal’s insight and her honest and refreshing way of explaining the runes in detail put me at ease. She gave me clarity and insight that I needed and was hoping for. I can not wait until I book the next appointment with her!!


Thank you Luna for taking the time to provide me with a reading today. Although you told me what I did not want to hear you helped me validate my doubts. A lot of times we need someone to just knock some sense into us, guide us and help us understand that life is indeed hard and we have to make the best of it. It's our choice to accept other people's perceptions, learn from it and accept what our destiny might have in store for us.

Testimonial #59

Crystal is a gem

I had a wonderful reading with Crystal a few month ago and everything she said came true. Not only her reading was very accurate, but she kept in touch with me and was there for me along the way. She is a loving and honest human being and I am so grateful she was sent to me. No words can describe how amazing Crystal is and I am looking forward to our future readings.

Amazing reading with Talia

I just had an amazing, fabulous reading with Talia, she was able to make me feel that I can do anything, her reading make me believe more in myself, she told me stuff that deep inside I knew but I was afraid to accept. she is amazing, I was at first a but scared but she made me feel comfortable and secure. Everything she told me is happening in my life and I’m sure that the recomendations she gave through her reading will change my life. thank you Talia it was GREAT!

Amazingly Accurate and Informative

I recently had a mini reading with Luna and I was blown away with the entire reading. Each card reflected my current situation in a way that even I, couldn't have verbalized better. Luna also intuitively asked about a particular word during the reading that seemed out-of-place, but actually was exactly something on my mind and heart. She has a beautiful gift and I have found her readings to be very helpful when I've been on the verge of taking a new path or starting up a new project. I highly recommend her readings to anyone in a similiar situation.Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Love & light.

Testimonial for Jyll

I had a beautiful session with Jyill. She did healing with me and really helped me release alot of old energy that no longer severed me. I feel so much better and am happy spirit led me to her. I highly recommend booking with Jyill if you havent already. Lots of love and light to u. Thanks Again💖

Awesome Luna

Personal reading was very insiteful and uplifting as always. I always resonate with Luna Y Soul. I highly recommend her if you need clear and concise clarity and direction.

Magic with Marci

Such an amazing session! Was given beautiful detailed charts and detailed personal explanation. Was an honour to spend time with such a gifted soul and learn so much not only about my own chart and life but so much magical wisdom! Love her and loved it!!

Gypsy Card reading from Crystal

Absolutely amazing session! The cards and the process is fascinating and Crystal is so gifted and full of light! Will definitely be having another. Such a fantastic time!!

Rune reading with the gorgeous Crystal

Had the absolute best reading today with Crystal using her runes. She and they couldn’t have been more spot on if they tried, I ended up crying and so haven’t cried in months! Her aura and energy is beyond wonderful. Can’t wait to see her again

Angel session with the amazing Josh!

Had an absolutely fabulous appointment with Josh. He is such a beautiful soul and is so wise, not only was the general reading great but everything he has to say resonates, so wise and such a joy to speak to. My soul felt like it had been to a spa.

Mind blown by Talia!

Had a fantastic reading/ session with Tailia. I’m not easily mind blown but woah she said things I had never even thought of or realised. Opening a new door in my mind I didn’t even know was there. Such a beautiful soul with such a great gift and talent. Can not recommend highly enough

Josh Martinez

This was my first reading and it was wonderful! Josh has a gift and I’m so happy he is sharing it with the world. I felt such a relief and fulfillment after our session

Testimonial #46

Thanks so much for your reading yesterday. It was very eye opening. Can’t wait for the next one.

There was a reason for me meeting you.

I definitely believe my angels sent me to you. I want to thank you again for all your true insight and belief you instilled in me with your reading. You are the real deal my friend . You made me feel comfortable from the door literally and helped me with the million questions i asked you. I am truly grateful to have met you and your reading was spot on with what i am feeling and dealing with in my life . You truly are special and rare in this life full of wonder. Thank you for giving me the wisdom and insight that i needed in my life. Luna is the push that you need in your life and the guide on your side. I am truly so grateful to meeting you and you will be seeing me more often . You have a client for life with me! Truly if your looking for answers within yourself or want to just be enlightened, do yourself a favor and book the damn appointment! You will not regret it and you will be so happy you have met a true and real person. Thank you thank you again for reading for me and for making me feel important in your world.

I was spectical

I was very spectical because there are alot ot fakes out there, but Luna was awesome. She was on point and knew things that she could not have known with real spiritual powers. Will return soon.

She's Got It!

Thank you so much!!! I was having stress surrounding my love life and talking to Luna really helped out. The peace of mind I am left with is absolutely amazing. She read both men I have been seeing and helped me gain clarity on which path to choose. I feel like I can let the universe take over and just go with the flow, knowing that my path is clear