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I had 3 readings with Luna and I have to say she is very inspirational. Such a great talent. I highly recommend her

Peace of Mind

Thank you so much! I received the information I needed to get peace of mind on my love life. I had grown distracted by thoughts of "Is he the one?", "Should I wait?", "Will I find love?" and you helped me to get the clarity of mind to answer all those questions. My mind is less distracted and I can focus on bigger and better things yet to come!

Awesome reading

This is my 2nd reading and she is very on point. The first one unfolded in the way she said and now im ready for the second reading to do the same. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift. Blessings.


Really open and easy to talk with... I really felt she was 100% involved in the reading and I am looking forward to her predictions coming to pass... I will be back to visit again.

Spot on

I met with Luna a few months ago and I just had to speak to her again as her first reading literally transpired just as she said it would, to the very month and location. The second reading correlated very much to the first and I am so happy to get this wonderful news. Luna has an amazing gift and I am so glad to have crossed pathes with her. I will be returning again.

Great Experience

My reading was so amazing. It provided me with much needed comfort as all of my questions were answered.


It was my first time for a reading and I was comfortable. I plan for future readings.

Amazing gifted with a warm and caring heart

Amazing gifted psychic with a warm and genuinely caring heart. I believe she's the best of the best from experiences. Most of her predictions are spot on and the advice she gives are very helpful. Thanks for helping me tremendously thru my journey of life.


I've had readings from several differnt readers--Luna has been 100% accurate to the HOUR that something would take place. She also gently guided me to lean into my own self-defeating behaviors and let go of what does not serve me. I feel loved, supported, and encouraged each time we connect. Such a beautiful blessing!

Testimonial #25

Testimonial #24

Phone Tarot card reading

I had questions and enjoyed the reading Luna gave me. Even though part of the reading was hard to except I now have a chance to enjoy what I have for the moment. I hope what Luna told me as job goes manifest and comes to be. Luna was funny and I enjoyed the reading! I will use her again!

Very Insightful

My meeting with Luna was great. She is warm and engaging and I felt a sense of calm being with her. My reading was very encouraging and gave me hope for my future.

Very pleased!

I had my first reading with Luna and she picked up accurately not only on my situation with family and friends but also with my cat who is having medical issues. Very few psychics can do this in my experience. I felt very supported by her warmth, honesty and insights. Thank you, Luna. I will be having another reading in the future. I recommend you do too!

Testimonial #20

LOVELY Luna!! So compassionate and kind!! Thank YOU Luna!! Cannot wait to speak with YOU again!!

Testimonial #19

I had a reading with Luna and was completely amazed! She knew so much about me without me even saying anything about myself. This experience was a complete eye opener and a motivational push that I needed to go down my path in life. Thanks so much Luna, I will be back!


I had a reading with Luna and was absolutely amazed! Without me even saying anything or giving any information she already knew so much about me and gave me a better understanding of myself. This encounter has been a real eye opener and a motivational push for my next chapter in life. Thank you so much Luna, I will be back soon!

Her Accurate Reading Motivated Me to Love Myself MORE!!

This has been my second time speaking with her and both times have been incredibly accurate. Now, the first one really motivated me to start genuinely loving myself so that I could change the outcome of the reading and because of that change, Im so much happy, more positive, and im attracting positive and exciting things/people!! This second reading basically showed my the aftermath of me loving myself and I LOVED THAT READING SO MUCH!!! Claudette is so sweet, genuine, and REAL!! I totally recommend her!!