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Testimonial #16

I was blown away by the insightful reading that I received. It was an emotional and empowering experience for me and I would highly recommend Luna's services to friends and family.

2nd Reading

I had my second reading with Claudette. I enjoy her insight as I am looking at finding a new job. She gave me some specifics that I hope are right on target. She was very good on my first reading. I want to maintain the readings to get her vision of what is coming my way! Thank you Claudette!

Wonderful experience

Skyping from Australia, I wasn't sure how it would go but Luna made the experience easy and enjoyable. I had found her online Facebook readings accurate and I feel very positive about the personal reading she did for me. I will certainly be getting another one in the future

Painful truth

I had a reading 3 ago. The first 15 minutes she focused on general reading which matched exactly what was going on. She predicted that my partner was not into the relationship anymore . 3 weeks later he expressed desires for separation. She also predicted great news after this. Waiting for it :)

My love life

Very insightful. Blew my mind. Thank you Luna. Will be contacting you again. 

Reading December 2016

Back in December I had a reading with Luna which I have listened to again recently. Her reading was amazingly accurate. I was in a relationship which ended 3 weeks after my reading and Luna predicted this. She kept seeing a ram in my reading and I had no idea who this ram (Aries) was. I am very happy to say that once I let go of the old toxic relationship, I met a wonderful man and he is an Aries!



Very Insightful

My wife and I had back to back half hour

 Skype sessions with Luna!  Luna was great.  She had personalized readings for both of us.  While I looked for and received insight on my current job search, my wife received info on our family, including a beautiful message from her mom who passed years ago!  We will be back in another month for another reading.  We enjoyed Luna and her insights tremendously!  Time and money well spent!

Very insightful!



Thank you for yoru honest and insightful reading. There's a lot going on in my life right now with a lot choices to consider. You helped me cut through the "noise" to connect with my own voice again. It felt like you were coming from a very authentic place and I appreciated it. I'll call again for sure!



Reading aligned with Outcome!

Luna has helped me through a very difficult time in looking for a job after 4 months of unemployment that was very taxing on me.  The market had been quiet and the phone hardly rang.


I could hardly believe all the positive cards we drew indicating a job on its way very soon. A recruiter would contact me out of the blue with a great role, good money. I would be great at it and the employer will love my skills and make me feel valued.


I was called out of the blue by a recruiter I worked with last year 2/3 weeks after the reading for a great project. I worked for that same company last year and had a great experience. I now secured the role and start next week. I am over the moon with these results and thank you Luna for your support and generous heart. She has gone well above and beyond her role in helping me with a tarot reading. Definitely recommend xxx


This reading was exactly what I needed. Luna provided me with the clarity and insight that helped to organize the many personal pieces that I was juggling. I hadn't slept for weeks, however after the reading my mind was better organized and outlook brighter so I slept like a baby. Thank you!

Excellent Reading

Thank you so much for all the insightful information. You were right on target.  I can now move forward with confidence.  I will certainly reach out to you with future concerns.  YIL

Video reading

If I could reach through and give Luna a big squeezy hug, I would. She was absolutely spot on and just confirmed everything that I already knew on a soul level. I will be reaching out to Luna again. Her warmth and kindness radiated through her reading for me. A beautiful lady inside and out. Thankyou Luna ❤️

Enlightening reading

I was so anxious to have a reading with Luna since the general readings resonated with me so much. Luna is a very down-to-earth, open and understanding, and nonjudgmental. She knew exactly where I was coming from and was eager to give me answers or at least probable outcomes to possible upcoming situations. I can't wait to see how the story unfolds. Thank you again for sharing your gift

Luna's #1 Fan

After watching Luna's monthly videoscopes this month, I did something I have never done before with any other on-line tarot or psychic reader. I made an appointment for a personal reading. Having watched literally hundreds of other Internet readers, I have been impressed by several, but was never enticed to book a phone or skype reading. In the past, I had only gone to readers in-person.


As an empath myself, I believe that years of metaphysical study and practice have taught me to accurately read people's energy and intentions.  As I viewed Luna's reading, her clarity, accuracy, kindness and compassion were evident.  In short, her intentions were those of a true healer. And for these reasons I scheduled a phone reading.


In only 30 minutes, Luna described the major concerns in my life and gave me the the information I sought in order to resolve my problems. Afterwards, I felt as though I had known her for years. Her concern for my peace of mind and success truly touched me. 


Luna is imbued with a wonderful aura that transcends electronic separation--be it on a computer or phone. I felt a warm hug enveloping me and her positive energy surrounding me while she spoke the words I needed to hear.


As you can tell, I am a Super Fan!  Once you speak with Luna, you, too, will join "the ranks."


With wishes for universal blessings to all!




Beautiful Luna..

Luna is an amazing psychic clairvoyant, truly gifted and genuine, who brings a wealth of information and honesty into her readings. She speaks only the truth of what she channels from spirit. She's such a beautiful soul and I highly recommend her for a reading, you won't be disappointed, she was spot on and accurate with me and my reading. Thank you so very much Luna! Xx


 I found Luna so caring and empathetic during my reading with her. It was a first for me and I really enjoyed her and felt super comfortable with her. I know that she cares, which means a lot; and you can trust in the energy. Thank you Luna!