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The Lovely Rose Apothecary

950 N Clarkson St Apt 21
Denver CO , 80218
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Rose Beauty Set

Excellent! Recently moved to the desert and skin was looking and feeling dry....since using the trio it’s back to its old self again! Love it. Would highly recommend if you find yourself needing extra moisture.

Rose Travel Beauty Set

I've been using the Rose Travel Beauty Set for over a week and half and I have had zero skin issues and I can see and feel a big improvement. The cold cream really melts off the makeup and I can rub it into my eyelids to remove eye makeup and still open my eyes without stinging. Before using the rose cold cream I used to put night cream on my face and rose hip oil on top of that at night but the cold cream did not require any additional moisturizers. It's amazing! I'm 32 years old and my skin is dry but certain areas can become very oily by the end of the day while other areas develop dry patches, particularly around my mouth. I also tend to have a pimple or two on my chin at all times and constantly dealing with hyperpigmentation. I recently experienced a bad reaction to a new SPF by Supergoop! and broke out in large pimples around my cheeks and chin. I was disappointed and tired of trying new products that are advertised as safe for sensitive skin but they would irritate my skin so I felt I needed to find something simpler and more natural. I know natural doesn't always mean better and not all chemicals are bad but I just wanted something easy and straight forward so I googled "rose cold cream" one day to see what would come up and I found this shop. Prior to this search I had no idea a vintage inspired skincare line even existed. I thought Ponds was the only company still making cold creams but it is heavily scented and my husband begged me not to use it as the scent was too overwhelming for him. I'm ordering a full size of the Rose Cold Cream today but I have plans to buy a full Rose Beauty Set later when I'm running low of the vanishing cream and toner. The vanishing cream is nothing like I've ever used before. It really does feel like a barrier on your skin but not in an uncomfortable, sticky way. One day I used just the vanishing cream without makeup and my skin didn't feel dry at all throughout the entire day and it helped control oil production as well. By the end of the day my forehead is usually extremely oily and shiny but the vanishing cream helped minimize that dramatically. It also helped reduce the redness, though not completely, but it helped enough that my coworker/friend who would usually ask if I was "ok" on days when I'm not wearing foundation didn't mention anything at all. The redness can make me look flushed and stressed when not covered with foundation. I tried putting liquid foundation on top of the vanishing cream but I found it to be too matte and the liquid foundation wouldn't blend or move. I'm going to order a powder foundation to see if that would be better since the vanishing cream was meant to be used with powder anyway. I was really hesitant to try the skin tonic because witch hazel is one of the main ingredients and I've had a bad reaction to Thayers Alcohol Free Witch Hazel Rose Petal Toner but I wrote to the shop owner and Ashley Black kindly reassured me that her witch hazel was not cut with alcohol so I gave it a try and I am so happy that I did because it didn't irritate my skin one bit. The only reason why I'm not ordering a full size of the skin tonic now is because I have a big bottle of micellar water to go through and I don't want it to go to waste but I will order both the skin tonic and vanishing cream when ready. Thank you for creating such a beautiful line of skincare! I look forward to trying some of your other products like the Conditioning Hot Oil for hair and the Dead Sea Mud Mask.

A Luxurious Savior

Just placed my second order of Lovely Rose products this morning, and I know it won't be my last time returning. I ordered the Rose travel set to try it out and have been nothing less than thrilled. Between the delicate, perfectly rosy scent, or the luxurious vintage feel, using the Lovely Rose products makes me feel unbelievably glamorous. But most importantly, my skin looks wonderful. I have a porcelain skin tone and have always been plagued by rosacea, dry skin, dark spots, etc. but the Lovely Rose products have smoothed my complexion to perfection and my dry patches rarely appear. The cold cream works so well, taking off every scrap of mascara with no shadow left behind, and the vanishing cream makes my skin look near perfect. And on top of it all, I know exactly what's in the products: simple and healthy ingredients that make my skin and my mind happy. A genius idea for a company that is executed perfectly, I cannot possibly rave about it enough!

Testimonial #73

The rose collection saved my skin. I was blessed with porcelain skin, even tone, a blemish once a month even through my teen years. For most of my life I did what my grandmother and mother did. I cleansed with drug store cold cream, used a little moisturizer and finished up with power. My skincare routine didn't change much over the years. In my mid/late 40's that all changed. My skin became dry, the tone red and uneven and I developed cystic acne. I tried everything you can think of for 2 years. Then I ran across The Lovely Rose Apothecary on YouTube or something. I ordered the rose travel set in May 2017. After a month my skin looked better than it had in years! I just can't say enough about how pleased I am. I love using the rose cold cream. It smells wonderful and feels luxurious. The vanishing cream works great under makeup. My 3rd order just came in and I'm looking forward to using the night cream.

Good Ol' Fashioned TLC

To make a very long and frustrating story sensitive, acne-prone, dry skin has been just about cured in the week that I've been using my geranium set! I can't even begin to tell you my relief and pure joy at how good it feels to find a simple, natural skin-care regimen that actually works (and looks adorable to boot)! I started out with the travel size geranium set and will be ordering the full size ASAP. I'm also excited to try other products from the company. I'm especially impressed with the cold cream. I assumed my dry skin would need more than just a cold cream cleanser to keep me hydrated all night, but lo and behold, it's just perfect! I could go on and on, but I said I'd make my long story short (too late, sorry) summarize: please don't change a thing because I'm in love!!!

Testimonial #70

I also started to use a new skin care regime from The Lovely Rose Apothecary who
makes the most luxurious vintage inspired skin care. I got the geranium
travel set to test out the products in hopes of helping my adult acne,
and so far so good! I can’t get over the adorable packaging and how
wonderful the products smell and feel on my skin! Plus it makes me feel like a beautiful lady from a bygone era!

Geranium Beauty Set

I just love my geranium beauty set. It leaves my skin feeling so soft!!!!!! And the smell is just amazing! I would like to mention that there has been trouble with the post services, even though the package was neatly packed, they managed to break a bottle. But, this seller did not wait one minute to send a replacement bottle free of charge. This has to be the best seller I ever did business with!!!! Thank you again for everything you are very sweet!! : )

Rose Beauty Set

Beautiful packaging and fast shipping!

Lavender Travel Beauty Set

Lovely Seller; carefully prepared beauty items; thank you!

Overnight Cream

Very rich!!! Thanks for all the advice and kind words:)!

Geranium Beauty Set

LOVELY!!! Everything is going well so far:). Love the packaging. Thank you!

Dead Sea Mud Mask

It makes my skin so soft!

Geranium Travel Beauty Set

Where to begin...I have used drugstore brands to high end skin care brands that irritated my skin etc;.Fed up and wanted to try something basic,healing,chemical free and also old fashion and found this on Etsy! I had to choose between lavender or geranium travel set to make sure what would be fitting since I am blemish prone and combo balanced skin.Glad that I got the geranium set! It comes with directions in how to use it. Very happy to say it hasn't break me out and irritated my skin for a month! Made my skin smoother.I love the cold cream it melts off the makeup and didn't break my eyebrows and eyelashes either like other eye makeup removers do! Also love using the toner/cleanser in the morning I love the elixir of that makes me relax during the early day! This will be next purchase very soon in the regular size set!

Rose Travel Beauty Set

Nice packaging and really cute vintage inspired products. I enjoyed using the creams and toner. I feel good about the ingredients. Timely shipping.

Geranium Travel Beauty Set

A friend bought me a set of the geranium tonic and creams. I broke out overnight! The cream is greasy, the tonic makes you feel as if you didnt wash your face all day. I am horrified this product messed up my skin. I dont know how so many reviews are great because this product is terrible.

Lavender Vanishing Cream

Wonderful cream, beautiful smell, fast shipping

Rose Beauty Set

This is really high-quality cold cream, like out of a fine European apothecary “back in the day.” I have only used it for a little over a week, and my skin looks and feels very different. I decided to try it because I happened to read the shop owner’s comments about how women used to have a simple skin-care routine based around cold cream, and I have become tired of all the serums and this-and-that on the market, which seem over-priced and don’t do that much. This set is worth every penny – just three products that last a while and do their job. I plan to continue this old-fashioned approach for many months, and I foresee that my skin (my life and budget too) will be the better for it, I think.

Conditioning Hot Oil Treatment

I dye my hair and bleach it a lot so finding a product that kept it intact and from breaking was hard. I have tried all sorts of expensive brands from other retailers and was amazed at how well this product works. It smells amazing, Left my hair, soft, with no frizz and no breakage from the harsh chemicals of dying. I highly recommend this product for those who are in need of reconditioning and deep conditioning their hair to keep it looking amazing!