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My daughter and I love the steam, I have to share she calls me at work so excited and she says I have my cycle and no cramps!!!! She said 100% loyal customer. I can't wait to try more products, the steam definitely makes you feel brand new

I ordered mine a few months ago and I absolutely love it. It’s relaxing and it feels amazing 😉

OMG the Luxury Luxe Elixir is the bomb. It got my V smelling so good and my fiance loves it. Thank you Luxury Yoni your products are awesome.

I won’t get in to detail, I’m not happy with the results and I did them correctly. I do not have an std or any kind of sickness. I wanted to cleanse my V by getting the lining out and old blood but I just messed my V up by buying all these products. I used the pearls and every since I’ve been irritated and uncomfortable. 😢

Hemorrhoids gone!! One use. This is the truth!! Thank u.

I Love Love Love The Products will be Ordering Again Real Soon Ladies Please Treat Yourselves 😁

I love the products It’s A life Saver Woman Please Treat Yourself you Most Definitely Won’t Regret it!!!

Luxury yoni is where it’s at i had issues with other vendors which made me skeptical to buy frm this business BUT LET ME TELL YOU FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE TO PACKAGING TO DELIVERY ON TIME LUXURY YONI YOU GUYS GOT IT WETHER YOUR PRODUCTS ARE ON SALE OR NOT I GOT MY ORDER! On time no excuses you have a life time customer -donladyii qotr

Can honestly say I love this product❤️❤️ My me time is so relaxing, but it actually does work for everything it says!!! My cramps are not as bad as they used to be and I can feel a huge difference down there!!! I can’t wait to purchase more products and can’t wait for other products to come out so I can buy those as well😊😊

Just received it in the mail. I can't wait to start using it

Im so thankful for this product it's definitely a life changer and i love it and my man really loves it ❤

Just did another steam. OMG this is just awesome. Thank you guys for a great product

So I used the yoni Pearl's and the in home V steam combo. I am telling you my V feels rejuvenated. I feel like a new woman down there. And the smell is just great

Helped to clear a long time BV issue after birth of a child

I'm a guy but I had to come on here and shout of about the luxe elixir oil. When my wife puts it on and I go down on her my beard smells amazing and I think it works like beard oil it as it moisturizes it and make it look real good! Hats off to Luxury Yoni and the Luxe Elixir oil!

OMG...I finally tried the at home v steam and I must say I LOVE IT.... it's the best investment I've ever made. My V feels amazing and smells amazing thank you so much. I'll definitely be purchasing again and have already told many of my girls about it. Thank you! Money well spent