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Best products ever! I love this company

I am extremely impressed. I steamed for the first time tonight and I feel really good. Bethany (my yoni) feels really really good. I am gonna shop more. Please take all my money 😭 thank you

This product is truly something that works. My period use to go for 7 days. After my first steam I have a painfree period that last only 4 days. Thank you this is a lifesaver

I love the idea that I can V Steam in the comfort of my home. It was a great experience. I will be ordering from this company again

My wife and I love them, took a little bit for her to get used to, but she loves them.its made a huge difference in the bedroom!!!!

THE BEST! Have had PCOS for 3 years at times not getting a cycle for 4-7 months , cycles lasting 1–3 weeks at times with the worst cramps ever . After using luxuryyoni steaming twice . I’ve got my first painless cycle only lasting 5 days! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED & customer service is AMAZING, extremely professional & responded almost immediately.

I just want to say you made my experience a great one. I was really skeptical about trying the pearls but your products eased my doubts. The shipping was fast ,the handwritten thank you card was very nice and thank you thank you for also including detailed instructions. Not only will I be using your company again . I cant wait to make my close friends and family members aware as well. Thank you again

So I used my second pearls ,then did my steam after I took it out, and let's just say my man loves this more than I do! I really love these products, and my periods are light! They used to be bad with bad cramps but now I'm good! I am happy with the results, I feel like a virgin all over again.... We are both in love with the Yoni steam and pearl....I will be making another purchase soon. Thanks Queen

I found so much peace while doing the Diva Steam. The Diva Throne was so comfortable and relaxing that I almost forgot that I was at home doing it. Plus I lit a candle and had a glass of red wine to add to my spa feel. Love Luxury Yoni products, what a way to make a lady feel luxurious while taking care of our lady part. I just ordered more herbs to use with my Diva Throne.

Omg,I'm so in love with the V Steam. I recommended most of my friends to use it. The pearls are even better I literally see the mucus coming out of me. I kind of creeped out but I'm excited that I tried your products

I loved it

I just used the V Steam for the first time and it was amazing.The feeling after made me so relaxed. I'm happy to be a V Steam user

Best Experience ever. My yoni feels refreshed & my menstrual pain is gone. V Steaming is my new best friend. Thank you Luxury Yoni

So In Love

Omg I'm so in love with the v steam. I recommended most of my friends to use it. The pearls are even better I literally see the mucus coming out of me. I kind of got creeped out but I'm excited that I tried your products. thanks 

My steam was very relaxing & I loved it! I'm currently using my detox pearl 

It was an awesome experience . I used the Goddess Yoni Cleanse about 2 weeks ago and I see and feel the results. Will purchase the pearls next.

Best experience ever

My yoni feels refreshed and my menstrual pain is gone. V Steaming  is my new best friend. Thank you, Luxuryyoni