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Lyons, Snyder, & Collin

1250 South Pine Island Road, Suite 200
Plantation FL , 33324

Favorable Outcome

Mr. Snyder handled my case quickly with a favorable outcome. Martha was a pleasure to work with.

Philip Synder and his staff are amazing.

They handled a very sensitive matter for my family and although it was a tough experience, Mr. Snyder made it as painless as possible. His great demeanor, attention to detail and resolve made an uncomfortable time much more bareable. I have recommended his office to others and have had the same positive feedback. If you are searching for a great attorney, your search is over if you are using this office!

An excellently responsible and intelligent team.

Martha in particular made it simple for me to be kept up to date, and they were more than willing to communicate and walk me through any questions or concerns I had. I will continue to recommend them to others without any second thought.

Thank all of you.

When I first met Marc he came to me. He didn't act like a lawyer, he acted like a true friend. He kept me posted on everything he was doing. I never once was kept out of the loop. I had an EXCELLENT experience with this firm.

Thanks guys!

Great help with my personal injury case! They keep you in the loop the entire way.

Lyons, Snyder & Collin is a first class law firm!

I highly recommend their law firm for any personal injury, criminal defense or other legal matter you may have to deal with. I have the pleasure of knowing both Phil Snyder and Marc Lyons on both a professional and personal level. I'm in the news business and own an independent news studio (servicing all the major news and sports networks) and have had the pleasure of hosting both Phil and Marc for news liveshots. I also recently sustained a shoulder injury at a restaurant whereby a slippery bathroom floor caused me to fall down. Phil Snyder and his office personnel, notably Martha Brizuela, handled my case with the utmost professionalism! They were attentive, very responsive, proactive, and everything you would expect a professional law firm to be! Again, Lyons, Snyder, & Collin gets a two thumbs up recommendation and an A+ from me!

Always Recommend

I had an unfortunate experience with a horrible car accident last April of 2016 in which I was not at fault. This accident left me with a brand new totaled car, thousands of dollars in hospital and doctor's bills, out of money for another down payment for a new car and of course, physical pain and suffering as well as mental trauma from the unexpected experience. Although the pain & suffering sucks, I am glad and grateful to say that I am alive after this accident. However, I was VERY fortunate in locating Lyons, Snyder & Collin, P.A. to assist me with my case and helping me get the settlement I deserved. I was connected with Phil Snyder upon my first call, informed him with what happen to me and he was more than glad to assist me with my case. From the get go, Phil was AWESOME! He and his team always took care of every little detail so all I had to worry about was going to the Doctors, getting treatment and recovering. While my case and accident was extensive, it's been a long ride but Phil and his team were always there when I needed them or ever had any questions (which, there was a lot of! lol) and they were always willing to assist and get the answers I needed. I am glad to say that a little over a year later, we finally came to a settlement agreement and Phil delivered as promised! Although nothing can put a price on such a traumatic experience and all the pain and suffering I have and am still going through, I am glad that I had Phil and his team on my side to help me every step of the way. Thank you all SO much and thank you, Phil for being amazing in every aspect! I will always recommend Lyons, Snyder & Collin, P.A. to help you with your case, you WON'T regret it!

Highly Recommend

From the moment I met Philip Snyder he behaved as a consummate professional who was truly interested in my case. Upon taking my case he did not make any guarantees or empty promises. Phil did not once bloviate his successes or exaggerate his abilities the way most lawyers do. Philip Snyder simply kept me up to date every step of the way and took time to explain things I did not understand. In these situations it is easy to get nervous about the outcome. When I brought this anxiety to Phil, he did not treat me like an annoying client. He kindly and honestly informed me of what was happening. If there is one thing that stood out about Phil amongst other lawyers I've come across is he actually has a moral compass. This mentality made him a lot more trust worthy to me. He does care about his clients and from the experience I had with him, his work is entirely above reproach.


I was in an accident and had Lyons, Snyder & Collin to represent me. They were awesome!!!! They kept me informed with my case until the very end. They had a challenge dealing with an unprofessional individual, but they kept it professional at all times and looked out for my best interest as their client....ME!!!! I really do appreciate the time, patients and effort they put into my case to get it closed. I would definitely refer a friend or family member to this law firm and at any time that I would ever need a lawyer, this will be the law firm I choose. Also, just wanted to give a special thank you to Gisselle for EVERYTHING she did in assisting me.

Very Satisfied

Very Satisfied

Highly Recommend

I had the pleasure of working with Sean Collin, who took the time to meander through the paperwork regarding my uncontested divorce. He was incredibly informative regarding the legal jargon and assisted in assuring that I was legally safeguarding myself in the divorce process. He was readily available, did not waste any time, and was able to get straight down to business. I am very grateful to him and would highly recommend him.

Very pleased

I have been very pleased with how my case has been handled by Blair Deleon and her associates. Thank you for bringing everything to a successful conclusion and for all your hard work. Very impressed! I also worked closely with Gisselle Z. Paulino to help bring the whole ordeal to a close. Gisselle was very professional, patient and is an asset to their organization.

#1 out of my top 5 attorneys

I wrote a very long review, but apparently there is a word limit to saying how great someone is. Sean Collins is #1 out of my top 5 attorneys, of course the other 4 Attorney I fired. The point is, I don't know if there is a better attorney in the State of Florida then Sean, Because Sean took me to victory and I didn't have to keep searching for an attorney. Sean exceeded my expectations and helped me get custody of my daughter. Something that was previously attempted, but unsuccessful with 4 other attorneys And as men know , that is not always an easy thing to accomplish. Sean was very professional, guided me to make good decision by explaining in detail the Pro's and Con's of each, I felt like I had an influence on what was going on the court room as oppose to having a total stranger take control wihtout asking me what I had thought. If your interested in the longer review, I'm going to try to post it as a picture... It's just my true horror story and how Sean came to the rescue. The short version Says to Hire Sean Collins and you'll know you'll have someone fighting for you. Thank you Sean Collins and Nabeel Thank you also for putting in the time to assist Sean, You made a difference in my daughters life.

Happy customer!

Thank you for calling me and addressing my issue personally.

With great appreciation I thank you with all my heart.

One of the best teams you can turn to in your time of need, I wouldn't trust any other firm with my cases they were there no matter what or when I was in need with questions regarding my case or medical issues. They've come thru more than any other team I could ever trust and for that I thank them very much for being at my side and doing all they could and in the end they did. Again thank you to Phil Snyder, Giselle & Pam for putting up with and hanging in there for and with me.

Highly Recommend

Sean Collin did an amazing job representing me and and my children through my divorce proceeding. He was very attentive to the safety and well being my children involved in my case. I was very satisfied with his availability, response time, and overall management of my case. I would highly recommend him as a divorce attorney.

Highly Recommend

Sean represented me during my divorce process. He is very knowledgeable and straight forward to the extent where he always had my best interest in mind. He made me feel comfortable and put me more at ease during the whole process, which is important during the difficult time. I would highly recommend him!

Wonderful firm!

Phil and Martha were extremely helpful and responsive. They did an excellent job on our case. Would definitely recommend and use them again for our future legal needs.