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Lyons, Snyder, & Collin

1250 South Pine Island Road, Suite 200
Plantation FL , 33324

This is one of those rare Truly Great Law Firms.

I can't say enough about Atty. Marc Lyons in particular. This man is very intelligent and a realgo getter". We will never go anywhere else."

Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend Lyons, Snyder & Collin. Marc Lyons was excellent . He took very good care of us and was happy with the outcome. From the secretaries too the attorneys everyone was prompt and courteous . Thank-you very much for the wonderful service.

Courteous and friendly

I was very pleased with the way Marc and his team handled my auto accident case. I never waited for a response to a call or email. They were courteous and friendly and got me a settlement in record time. Gisselle was amazing.

You guys are awesome...thanks a trillion!

I wanted to take the time to thank you so much Mr. Marc P. Lion for all of the hard work and dedication you and your staff have shown me. You and your Team are my gift from Above. I would Highly recommended you and your team to anyone who need an awesome legal crew, a hardworking crew, a crew who keeps you inform, a crew who cares about getting you great result. There is no one in the Legal world or on planet earth like the the Lyons Snyder Collin. You will be treated like family from the moment you meet them.

We are grateful for Philips representation

Philip Snyder represented our daughter in a DUI case and subsequent proceedings in a different jurisdiction. Philip was very professional, knowledgeable, well prepared and presented a case that led to results more favorable than we had any right to expect. His background on the other side of the bar proved invaluable. He also rates 5 stars on the human level, not always valued highly enough in the legal profession.

They are respectful and helpful at all times

If you are looking for an attorney to handle your personal injury case then I would highly recommend Marc Lyons. I had never had an injury or law suit so I had no idea what to expect. Marc carried me through the complex process and always explained why we are doing certain things and how to go about doing it. I never felt lost in the shuffle nor left in the dark about the status of my case. He also explains things so your average non-lawyer can understand it. He is compassionate, timely and goes above and beyond. Marc is also one of the few attorneys I have met (and due to the nature of my career path I have met many) that understands the physical pain you are going through and helps you to make good decisions based on your treatments. He is patient and definitely listens to his clients. Incidentally, I also had the pleasure of working with Sean Collins for a family matter and a real estate matter. I can say the same about Sean and I would highly recommend him as well. He is patient and knowledgeable and seems to care about his clients. I am pleased with the outcome of all of my cases that Lyons, Snyder & Collin, P.A and would highly recommend them to my closest family and friends. The staff is also a pleasure to work with!

Mr. Phill Snyder is an exemplary representation of an attorney.

He truly exudes the highest integrity and character for his industry. His professionalism is truly a testament to the best experience we had in dealing with him. He is knowledgeable and his experience sets him apart from others. Mr. Snyder gives special attention to his clients and we would refer him highly. Having him as our attorney is worth more than the price of gold!!

I highly recommend attorney Sean Collins and his entire staff

Attorney Sean Collins handled my divorce case in a very professional manner. Mr. Collins and the entire staff were always a pleasure to work with. They turned a difficult life stage into a positive experience, always there to guide you every step of the way. In addition to the excellent services provided which always met the highest standards, the fees that I was charged were reasonable. Based on my experience, expect no unpleasant surprises when you review your bill.

I DEFINITELY would recommend this attorney's office to ANYONE…

I had a car accident a year ago and this company was referred to me and I can see why they were referred. What a great group of people. They are very concerned about you and do everything that they can do to ensure that you are taken care of.

Thanks to everyone there!

This firm is amazing. Not only was it affordable but Phil was very good at letting me know everything that was going on right when something happened. I would definitely recommend them to anyone with legal troubles of any kind seeing as they do it all. they all truly care about you as a client and will do anything they can to make sure you get your problem resolved. I'm never going to another attorney in my life.

I would recommend this firm to anyone!

I was referred to Phil by his intern that is now a lawyer working with Phil. Phil is the absolute best, he is now on my Christmas card list forever. He was always on top of things and kept me informed. He never gave up on our case and was always positive and very professional.

Thank you!

I AM BACK!!…those were words that our son said upon leaving the courthouse after trial. His Attorney Philip Synder and Associate Courtney Steiger were instrumental in getting our son a verdict of not guilty from the jurors. Philip Synder is very approachable. He always took the time to explain in detail what our family needed to know. He has a calming, confident, and at times witty style in courtroom that draws people into listening to what he has to say. We are so grateful that he took our son under his wing and helped him through a nightmare of an ordeal. With confidence, Philip Synder would be the first attorney I would highly recommend to anyone who needs legal counsel. He is exceedingly knowledgeable and he cares about his clients. Word of advice to anyone who seeks Mr. Synder, make sure he wears his American Flag pin during trial! He will tell you why!! Thank you from the bottom of our family’s heart for your dedication to this case and believing in our son.

Philip Snyder: Saved My Life

I just wanted to share my amazing experience that I had with Philip Snyder. I was accused of felony, life-altering, charges that would have ruined the entirety of the rest of my life. From the moment I found and first spoke to Philip, he immediately took charge of the situation, dropped everything else he was working on, and dedicated all of his time to me and my case. The case itself was very tough and I had already admitted the crimes I committed to Police and gave them my confession. The crime I committed was in self-defense and due to the nature of what I did in self-defense, not a single person believed my side of the story besides Philip. Philip did an unbelievably amazing job throughout the entire situation from start to finish and completely OWNED the court room during our 2 days of criminal felony trial. The way Philip proceeded in court and the way he defended me as unique trusted individual literally put me in tears. It was almost like Philip had known me my entire life and he was fighting to save my life which he did. Even with the state having my confession and a ton of evidence against me, every single juror came to a Not Guilty verdict at the end of the trial. I could have not have asked for a better lawyer and he surpassed my expectations by a million times. Philip literally saved my life and I recommend him to each and every one of you that are looking for legal counsel. Phil, thank you so much my friend. I am forever in debt to you.

I definitely recommend this Law Firm...

I have utilized this firm on several matters. I worked with Sean Collin who is extremely good at what he does. Always made me feel comfortable and assured with his great experience and vast knowledge of the law. If I need to seek a very professional law firm it will be Lyons, Snyder, & Collin.

Great, professional attorneys…

You'll be glad they're on your side & not the other.

The firm of Lyons, Snyder & Collin is AWESOME!

Fair and equitable fees, timely communications, clear, transparent accounting of all charges, a strong back office for administration and ~ most important of all ~ knowledgeable, seasoned, street-smart and savvy attorneys, ready to take charge and work smart on their client's behalf. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! They are the BEST! I would use them again in a heartbeat! p.s. I even received an after-the-fact refund!

Thank You so much Marc!

I was referred to Marc Lyons at Lyons, Snyder & Collin, PA by a family friend. Marc Lyons and his team did NOT let me down!!! I called Marc Lyons on a Saturday morning from a hospital bed and he actually answered the phone and took my initial contact information along with telling me what my next steps were along with what I could expect from him and his team. It was my first time going through this and thankfully i was put in the right hands. Marc and his team had the utmost customer service throughout the whole process, updating me via email and telephone to make sure i was alwaysin the know."Most importantly, I never felt alone. They handled 100% of every detail from dealing with me, to dealing with Doctors, to dealing with insurance companies. In addition, they went out of there way to make it a point on every phone call to ask me how i was feeling and if I needed anything further they would be there to help in any way they could. Their office is beautiful and in a centralized location. Hopefully I will never be in another car accident but if I am, i know you will be there to make my life easier!"

Highly Recommend

My experience with the office of Marc Lyons exceeded all aspects of the legal maze during my ordeal. I was a car accident victim of a drunk driver - who had no insurance. Thankfully Marc and his team provided me with excellent guidance in a compassionate caring manner. His knowledge and forthright way of getting things done made the whole awful experience one I felt assured I could get through because of them. Everyone I spoke with at his office were professional helpful and caring. I highly recommend them & would give them many more stars if possible!