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M.C. Hothem D.O.,P.A.

Life Changer

Dr Hothem has changed my life in so many ways from my addiction 61 mounths ago i was an empty lonley person with no hope for life Dr Hothem and i have worked together on my addiction Now im full of life happy love to be alive an learn new things I have became a boss at my job my life is so changed for the best Thank you Dr Hothem


Ive been coming to see Dr hothem for almost 2 n half years and i cant tell u how much my life as given back to me since ive been coming here. im now seeing family n building a new house. something i would never been able to do if still running the streets.
i want to thank u for all your help

My life of sobriety thanks to Dr. Hothem!

With the help of Dr. Hothem i have been able to lead an entirely different life for my family with close to three years of sobriety. i went from doing close to three years incarcerated to becoming a site foreman at a six million dollar a year company having no knowledge in the field to begin with. I appreciate all he has done for me and have had other opportunities at other health professionals but remain the course with Dr. Hothem. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr. Hothem!

i feel good knowing im staying away from drugs

I have seen Dr. Hothem for a year now. meet him in august of last year. He has helped me reach my goal in staying clean never judging as a person. after every appointment he has made me feel better about myself as a person. hope to continue seeing Dr.Hothem in the future he is a very nice man.

A wonderful experience

Dr. Hothem has been an absolute blessing. After visiting a multitude of doctor's that cared only about getting my monthly payment it has been a wonderful experience to see a doctor that I know cares about my sobriety and overall well being. Dr. Hothem has been compassionate, considerate and treated me with dignity. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Dr to help with opiate addiction.

the man who saved my life!!

my time here with Dr Holthem has been one of the most pleasant experiances of my life.. he has taught me so much about myself and my sobriety,he is always pleasnt and kind and understanding and i truely believe he has saved my life and because of him i am sober to this day which makeds almost three years now

Best Doctor ever!!!!

Dr. Hothem is the man!!!! been with him almost 4 years, couldn't ask for a kinder more helpful doctor. truly a blessing.

Quality of life

During my time with Dr. Hothem i have made great progress. I came into his practice deeply into addiction, and with his help I have managed to stay drug free for over 4 years. I have improved in all aspects of my life, from relationships with friends and family to building a stable career. It has made me feel more comfortable as a member of society and helps me improve my quality of life everyday.

Free At Last

Dr. Hothem has helped me to become a free man again..
"Free from the pressures, and obligations my addiction has brought upon me, i can once again walk with my head held high."
Through his unique methods, and joyfull practice, Dr. Hothem has taught me to handle those pressures, and enjoy the freedom of an addiction free lifestyle.
He has honestly changed my life.

New beginnings

Since coming to Dr. Hothem i have improved my quality of life greatly. I became honest with my wife and family about my addiction. I am not looking for illegal drugs on the street. I am saving my hard earned money instead of blowing every penny. I thank you for all that you have done for me and i will continue on the right path.

Greatest doctor and program!!!

I have been going to this program since pretty much the start of it. This program has kept me from going back to my old ways of doing things and has changed my life in many diffrent ways, and saved me from not violating my terms.of probation which has changed my life in many ways. I completed it successfully and couldnt have done this without Dr. Hothem and his many diffent ways at looking at addiction and he is a doctor that actually cares about his patients and there health and there everyday living. You will learn many new things and great methods too. I habe suggested this program to more then 10 people and all still go and have been doing great this is my 5th year and always look forward to seeing dr.hothem its a great place--mh

Happier life

Since seeing Dr. Hotham, a lot in my life has changed for the better. He has a gentle way of guiding his patients, without judgement, onto a better path. I feel I have learned a lot of life lessons with his holistic way of treating patients. I respect him not only as a doctor but as a person as well, which I feel is important in any patient/doctor relationship.

life saver

this program has saved my life. keeping me out of trouble and has let me save money for my family

great man

doc Hothem has been a big part of my success in my recovery. his outside view on my life is also a great thing i look forward to monthly. if your reading this in search of help! look no further! he is the one! TLG

Great Place For Recovery

Dr. Hothem and his office staff are wonderful. Dr. Hothem has been a huge help in my recovery. I have been to 4 different places for treatment and i have found this to be by far the best. I had not been able to successfully achieve recovery until i found Dr. Hothem's office. He showed me new ways of approaching recovery that have been very helpful to me.
They are very welcoming and have not ever rushed my recovery process and i have never just felt like one in a hundred patients like i have at some other places. You get the personal attention you need and deserve to work on your recovery. I am very thankful to Dr. Hothem for all he has done to help me.

Best days of my life!

Today is my 54 visit with Dr. Hothem and he has helped me so much during my time with him!! I believe he does a wonderful job at what he does. He deserves all the metals in the world! I am a much better person today then i was the day i met him, and it is all because of him. This program has turned my life around for the better! I salute him in many ways. What he does here to help the people that come to see him is amazing! When i leave his office, i am in a much better mood then i was before i got here and that is because of him! He is amazing at what he does! -Thank you Dr. Hothem!!!

Highly recommended!

Great Doctor. Very helpful in bringing me to an addiction free lifestyle. I recommend Dr. Hothem to anyone who needs help with their addiction issues. Highly reccomened!

New Beginings

my time with Dr. Hothem has been a life changing experience for me personally. It has given me a new lease on life. I have been able to function in society and live the life that i want to live on my terms and not a slave to the substances that previously controlled my life. If it not for Dr. Hothem's kind nature and always personal care, I fear for where I may have ended up.