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M.C. Hothem D.O.,P.A.

change my life

this program has opened my eyes for mean reason! its be over three years since ive started this program i didnt know what i was going to get outta this. its turned my life arounnd 180%

Thank you Dr. Hothem!

I have been a patient of Dr. Hothem for a while now and his program has done wonders for my recovery. Dr. Hothem is very patient and caring in his approach. Thank you Dr. Hothem for all that you have done for me!

He truly cares

I have been a patient of Dr. Hothem for almost 5 years now and I cannot say enough the wonders he has done for me. When I started I was heavily using opiates and never thought I would be able to maintain sobriety for any long period of time. At first, I thought the rituals were a little weird, but I was open as I was willing to try about anything to get my life back. As time went on I began truly looking forward to my visits with Dr. Hothem. He has a very different approach than any other addiction facility I have been to. He does not just test my urine and write a script for the month. He actually takes his time and cares about how I am doing. Not just with my sobriety, but in all areas of my life. I am so thankful for the support he has given me and really do not think I would be clean this long had it not been for him.

Im doing good in my recovery

dr hothem has made me realize the importants to being sucessful in recovery I appreciate him taking time from his schedule to help me move foward in a positive path

proud life

DR Hothem has show me a way to live a happy life that i can be proud of,and ways to live with my addition LC

Always a Help

I have been seeing Dr. Hothem for 2 years and he has helped me so much with my addiction and also more importantly my everyday life and becoming a better person again. I now see life in a different way and use his techniques and training in many ways throughout my day. meditation and breathing exercises have helped me tremendously. This is more than just addiction recovery. This is becoming a better person in all within.

almost hole again

i was in a terrible spot before i heard of docktor hothem i dont know were i woild be in my life without him he has made me feal like a man again

new life

i was at a bad place in my life,pretty much as low as it gets when i made a decision to seek help. luckily and i believe fatefully i was led here to dr hothem. i immediately felt comfortable, not as ashamed and finally that i had made the right step i needed to start on my new path to a better life because of him. he brightens uyour day and actually cares and wants to help and i always feel not so alone and better when i leave. im just thankful that i was lucky enough to find the perfect place for the help i needed in my life before it was too late. i will always be grateful and appreciate the wonderful new beginning he has given me.

Great Place Great Doc if looking for great recovery

Ive been seeing Dr. Hothem for about 3 or 4 years now and it has changed my life dramatically. Using all his neat and amazing therapies, they have helped me a lot with my recovery over past few years. Dr. Hothem is a very nice and kind doctor and can change your life too if have the will power and will to want it. I definitely chose the right place and doctor and to help me recover and back to reality or as i would say back to a normal life style.

awsome doctor

has really help me with my sobitey always works around my work sheudle does what he can to help me in anyway i really appricate everything he does for me

becoming the woman i knew i had always been

I started working with Dr. Hothem about a year and a half ago. When I came into his office I was badly broken. I addicted to herion and had lost my way. He showed me that there is so much more to life that it just takes some work that with certain regimens things would start looking up again and he was absolutley right. I can now prodly sat ive been sober for 17 months I have held a job and manage to keep all of my finances in order in this time and the best blessing besides soberity is that ive become the mom my children missed so badly. so I can not thank him enough for showing me that today will be better than yesterday.

Breaking free

Dr. Hothem has helped immensely to regain control of my life and put it on the path that I wanted it to be. Through attentive, caring, intelligent, and well thought out practices and medicine Dr. Hothem has helped me break the chains of addiction. I battled the disease and have finally feel free with his help. I would recommend this to anyone looking to break free.

thank you

dr hottham has introduced me to several new things throuout his recovery program and i would recommend it to anyone that is need.....

Grateful for this man

Dr. Hothem is a Godsend as we need more Doctors that are invested in the well being of addicts.He has a direct but a bit unusual approach at his sessions that I truly do enjoy.5 stars indeed as I am very grateful for this wonderful man!

Always Count Your Blessings

Dr Hothem has been extremely helpful to me getting my life on track and staying away from opiates. I am grateful to him and his wonderful staff. Everyone at Dr. Hothem's practice cares about their patients well being. Dr. Hothem has a passion for helping his patients and putting their life on a positive and healthy track. He is big on education and rituals that help reinforce his lessons. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Hothem.

27th visit for recovery

dr. hothem is very compassionate and very thorough with my recovery . He cares very much about successful addiction recovery . I wouldn't recommend any other doctor for addiction recovery..

my testimonial

Ive been seeing Dr.Hothem for 27 months and it has changed my life in many ways. im now able to enjoy life n family again. i cant thank him enough for helping me over 2 years ago. it took me 2 years of calling every place in maine trying to find help. so im very thankful for the life change he has helped me with.
thank you

My Testimonial

Since I have been seeing Dr. Hothem I have been able to achieve a significant period of sobriety. He has helped me learn the tools I need in order to remain sober and always has something new to inspire me whenever we meet. I am grateful for his help in being able to live the life I want to.