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519 cherokee mills dr
woodstock GA , 30189
United States

If exceptional quality and craftsmanship is what your looking for.... MAC Defense is the place to find it. Flawless work and top notch customer service are what sets Will apart from the rest. If you have a question or need advise, the guy that owns the company and does the work himself is who you will talk to. I’m very picky about my guns and who works on them... MAC Defense far exceeded my expectations.

Excellent work on my 19X! Will was so easy to work with on the design and color/texture options. The craftsmanship and attention to detail really makes this one of my favorite pistols! I highly recommend them.

Although not as well known as some of the main stream builders, in my opinion Mac Defensive industries pretty much set the industry standard. I came across some of Will’s work, obsessed I hunted down his website and sent him an email inquiring about a possible MAC17 build. Will, has to be hands down the most professional attention to detail oriented guy out there. One thing is for sure, he takes pride in his work and it shows. My MAC17 is by far the best gun I have in the arsenal. His design for me is a true combat gun, purely built for function!! If you’re looking for a true gunfighter’s gun, amazing customer service, and getting a product way beyond the price point look no further.

When the G45 was released, I knew I wanted to comp one based on what folks in my circle were reporting on the 19x, it gives me the benefits of a comp'ed gun, without too much added length. Seeing that it had just come out, no one had any designs up for doing what I wanted with slide cuts, and I already knew Mac Defense was the place to go for exceptional framework through other shooters. I contacted Mac Defense directly and we went to the drawing board and spec'd out exactly what I was looking for, RMR, comp, more purchase on the slide, and some specific framework. What came out of the effort was the best shooting (and looking!) pistol in my collection. I cannot recommend MAC DEF more as far as build and work quality, and commitment to customer needs. No nonsense stuff that works. Couldn't be happier with what ended up as a full custom build.

Had my G43 frame done by MAC, great guy, great work, and super fast. He even threw in my trigger for me when I came to pick it up. 10/10 would recommend

Purchased a T-shirt. It's well made, feels good, and delivery was fast.

Purchased a frame package and slide cut from MAC Defense and couldn't be more pleased. Amazing customer service and great prices. Quality was great as to be expected. Will definitely be sending more guns and hopefully getting a MAC19 soon!