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Four Stars

Perfect for flattening water stones. Not so perfect for rough shaperning of irons and chisels.

Bad Quality Control

This lapping plate was received with a certificate of inspection. Not sure how they inspected, as I first noticed runout lengthwise (about 0.002”, not great but not a deal breaker). More importantly, after surfacing 400, 1000, and 3k grit stones, I could see large scratches in the stones. It appears that a clump of diamond particulate is about 1/4 the way up the plate. I could see sluff buildup on those spots, and the scratches in the stones correspond. After taking a look at the mfg website, it appears this may be a new startup, with 3rd party product inspection. Take a look at the site, it is full of weird marketing garble and even cites famous woodworkers as “Partners”, then says something like “unfortunately, these men don’t know about our product, unlike you”. Cheesy! I’ll be returning this and going a different direction for my stone lapping. Not a bad product at first glance, but a high pricepoint, cheesy marketing, and bad QC makes it a bad buy. $130 for an nonfunctional tool? Oops!

Scratched my stone

There were some high spots in the abrasive and they made deep scratches in the whetstone. I had to use $20 worth of abrasive sheets on my flattening glass to fix my stone.

Five Stars

"Its worth the money and save you alot of time to flatten your stone"

Quick and effective tool for dressing waterstones

"I was immediately impressed with the careful packing, and it came with an inspection certificate and a good set of instructions. There are also four self-adhesive rubber feet to keep the plate in place on a surface during use. I frequently dress my waterstones, and this plate does a nice job of quickly restoring their cutting surface. The grooves help displace slurry, and if you do the job under running water it is fast and easy. Nice product"

Plate was good size but plate has small warp

"Plate was good size but plate has small warp, I expected it to be completely flat since it is a sharpening stone leveling tool. Took it out of box and laid it on counter top, it rocked up and down similar to a uneven restaurant table, irritating. Found that the non abrasive side has imperfection and the abrasive side seemed more true. works ok if I put it on top of towel"


"Impressed!! Bought this to tune up my KME water stones and it worked like a charm. Used a #2 pencil to make X marks on the stone and under running tap water I simply did a circular pattern on the lapping stone and WOW what great results. The stone face is more even that the day they arrived and it took just seconds to complete. Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!"

Nice packaging and better utility

"There were only 4 reviews for this product when I purchased it and all 4 reviews were 5 stars, so I went out on a limb, so to speak. I received the product timely and immediately used it. It immediately started cutting my stones really well (and very quickly). My stones are even, smooth, and ready for use. I was able to see how badly my stones were dished out. Used a straight edge and not a hint of light showed after flattening these stones. Additionally, the amount of surface space is excellent as it gives one room to move around without worrying about gouging the stone from going off the edge. Great product. Will recommend"

Five Stars

"This thing is 5/5 awesome! So easy to utilize and flattens extremely well"

Time saver

"The lapping plate did a great job flattening my natural and composite stones. Im a sushi chef by trade and have high expectations of the tools i use for my profession. The lapping plate did quite well meeting my expectations of flattening and leaving my stones smooth but not only that, it seemed to do it in half the time as other flatteners i have used in the past"

Five Stars

"Excellent, excellent! My best flattener to date"

Five Stars

"Good quality"

Amazing tool. Great for flattening.

"So, I have just received the Maxi-Smart Lapping plate, and I can honestly state that this is quite a fantastic tool for flattening different kinds of sharpening stones. I have just tested it on my “boys”: 400, 8k and 10k. The deal was done with a couple of passages, and the stones came in excellent condition. In my view, it seems as it has suitable coarseness even for more than 10k. Also, I was impressed with the really BIG size of the plate. The plate easily covered my whetstones. The tactical feel is light despite the dimensions. Even after flattening it looks flawless. There are no visible traces and scratches at all"