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Electronics and coding workshop series

Thank you so much for the opportunity you have provided.  Your program has totally opened [my daughter]'s eyes to a whole new world and created a sense of adventure.  She really enjoys attending your program.


The session was helpful, and it was fun! I am very glad to have this space in town - I had been wishing for something like it.

Had So Much Fun 3D-Printing Rings and Bottle Openers Today! Thank You for Offering the Class!

Introduction to 3D printing class

We had a blast!

My 15yo son and I attended the inaugural class on 3D printing put on by the Community Lab in Los Alamos, NM by Jacob Yoder on Sep 3.  There were about 10 of us in attendance and we really enjoyed it.  He gave us a brief presentation on the concept and technology and guided us to a site from which we could each pick something to print using his 3D printer.  We then watched the set up and operation of the 3D printer for the first person's project.  He then had us each schedule a time to set up and print our own objects.  In that session we were able to make adjustments to the printing program and get it going.  We were from out of town so Jacob was nice enough to send our project to us since each one takes about 2-3 hours to print depending on the size and complexity of the project.  We found the experience interesting and enjoyable and recommend it to others.

Thank you!

My son has been taking the alarm clock classes and just LOVES them.  I tried and tried to sign him up for stuff this summer (this is my 13-year old), and he refused to participate in anything except Neal Pickett’s class at UNM LA on cybersecurity.  When Neal told Andrew about the Makerspace classes, Andrew begged to go.  


I’ve never seen him so motived to learn.  The classes allow him the freedom to explore, strategize, puzzle things out, and think creatively in ways that, excellent as our school system is, no class ever has before.  He’s really excited to continue on in the Arduino class.


The Makerspace is a great community resource.

Programming for teens

The programming workshops are something my friends from ABQ said they wish they had avaliable. It was a great, friendly and challenged my techy teen.

Science-themed Birthday Party

Thank you for creating such a wonderful environment for the kids to have a party. I think it turned out really well!