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Mariposas Garden

2201 Mian St. #775
Dallas Texas , 75201
United States


My experience at Mariposas Garden was transformative. There is no other word that I can use to adequately describe my time there. I am not a novice to these kinds of sessions; however, my experience far exceeded my expectations.  Some in the healing arts are talented and intuitive. Some are outright frauds masquerading as honorable people. The Butterfly is gifted in the best sense of the word and possesses a level of skill that is quite astonishing.  Walking into her space is peaceful and surreal and one is immediately transported to a state of ease and relaxation. Depending on what service you chose to purchase, you will not be disappointed. The mystical energy that surrounds this healer is palpable, and she endeavors to help in the best way that she can via a spiritual massage, a tarot reading, or one of her amazing sessions. I walked in one way and simiply glided out another. Booking an appointment with Mariposas Garden gives new meaning to “self-care.” 

Sacred Waters

Sacred Water

I’ve used the sacred water on my healing journey and it has truly accelerated my path, using this water as part of a daily ritual is a beautiful way to cleanse your auric field and bring forward whatever it is your desire to create for yourself. Just by smelling the water and putting it on oneself you can immediately see that is charged and activated with pure love and higher dimensional frequencies to help you become the highest version of yourself, heal, and purify. It is such a beautiful product great for cleansing your space as well or preparing to go into meditation. Such a great tool to work with and it is truly divine!

Not only will you get great service, but the practitioner here, Ms. Butterfly, has an extremely powerful gift to heal! I have received numerous readings that have ALL been accurate. She lead me in a tapping session that helped me to release some deep emotions and relationships that I had been holding onto unnecessarily but couldn't figure out how the let go! HER MASSAGES...she has ruined me from going anywhere else! She is a practitioner for the body and soul! I've been seeing her for four years now and have never left without getting what I need! Book her TODAY!

This being is loving, powerful, and AMAZING at EVERYTHING that she does. I've been knowing and working with Goddess Butterfly for YEARS! She is the epitome of the verb/noun "healer". EXPERIENCE HER

Very relaxing, will go back for other services

Butterfly is the sweetest. Exactly everything I needed & more. Thank you so much pretty lady!

I have never experienced anyone as gifted as Butterfly. I encourage anyone with a spiritual journey ahead of them to start with Butterfly and see where that...

An oasis of calm in downtown with great massage

Omg!!! This was the best experience.. I was a little nervous at first but Butterfly made me feel so comfortable.. She told me every thing she was going to do before she even started... This was the best decision I made... I am definitely going back and I'm going to recommend her to everyone I know...

I've never had such an incredible experience end to end during a massage in my life. Butterfly was so genuine and welcoming and guided me through a grounding exercise before beginning and incorporated many different aspects that were revitalizing and refreshing. I will definitely be coming back and recommending her services to others!

Amazing.. effertlessly knowledgeable and caring towards the needs of people. This is not just a massage it's an EXPERIENCE. I took my husband for his birthday and it was as awesome mentally as it was physically. Treat yourself. And even if the appointment is a month away it's sooooooo worth the wait. She is patient and kind and I'm certain you won't find many like her. Your not just a number in this place.

Absolutely loved this place! Bought a $99 Groupon for 60 min couple's massage and saved it for Valentine's Day weekend. Butterfly massaged me, and she has a male employee that massaged my boyfriend. We were offered wine and tea, and led through a guided meditation before the massage. It is a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. I'm definitely going back.

Where do I begin.. Tracey is an amazing woman, healer, and intuitive. The talents and gifts she possesses are beyond comprehension; in our few meetings she...