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Team Intuition

Langton , YO17 9QP
United Kingdom

Testimonial #9

We’ve now been working with Team Intuition for around 18 months. As a highly technical business, we have little knowledge or experience in marketing or sales, and we identified that this was a critical gap that needed filling if we were to grow as a company. Having tried different avenues before, we were rather wary of needing to find the right person, who would understand our business, be able to connect with customers, and importantly be able to represent us in a really credible way.


Alice has certainly ticked all those boxes. She identified early on that what we are looking for was someone who could take ownership of what needed doing, and actually do it, rather than show us how to do it ourselves. This has worked exceedingly well, with regular check-ins meaning that we are fully up to speed with and able to approve her ideas. Above all I can sleep easily knowing that Alice is completely trustworthy – and is genuinely doing the best job she can to help us and our business.


Since working with Team Intuition our net profit has increased by 41%. I’d put this down to a mixture of direct marketing activities and feedback from Alice that we have been given on how to change our product offering and website. 


We’re so delighted that we’ve recently decided to increase the hours we engage Team Intuition to help us grow our B2B sales as well as continue the B2C activities we are already doing.


Alice volunteered on our programme which involved mentoring primary school children to help raise their confidence and aspirations. Alice demonstrated a fantastic approach to volunteering and acted as positive role model to the children throughout the programme.  Alice used her brilliant communication skills to really engage with the children and mentor them through topics which will make a positive impact in their lives. Thank you!

We enlisted the help of Alice in early 2017 as a marketing consultant to help us plan, design and implement various marketing initiatives and she has used her considerable knowledge and experience to provide superb advice.
Everyone here has enjoyed working with Alice: her enthusiasm is infectious and she has become very much part of our team. She has already helped us learn a lot about marketing and her “hands-on” approach and drive has really helped accelerate customer acquisition for Quick2Discover this year.
We look forward to continuing to work with her in the coming months and years as we further grow the business.

Alice has been a great source of advice for me this year when setting up Valley Willwriting. Her suggestions, particularly on e-marketing, have been invaluable and have enabled me to try different techniques in order to attract new clients.

Having worked with Alice previously, we approached her in 2015 to help with a short term project.  She rapidly built a solid understanding of the air care sector and delivered valuable insights to the project.  We continue to work with Alice and involve her in category and product development work.   She now understands our business so well and is able to step in and support us when workloads dictate.   Knowing that she is there enables us to retain our flexible approach to project work without over burdening ourselves with additional overhead.   It is always a pleasure to work with Alice and we have no hesitation in recommending her.

We've been working with Alice for a few months now, to get help with our marketing. We're a small business which is highly technical, and compared to all the people we've worked with (or attempted to work with) before in relation to marketing Alice stands out a mile. Firstly she completely gets the business, and more importantly those of us that run it. She's been able to really get to grips with what we need, and rather than then advising us on what to do, she'll actively go out and do it with us.

An original and innovative thinker, a great organiser, keen attention to detail with a superb ability to overcome challenges are the foundation to Alice’s skills.
Add persuasion, influence and a spectacular knowledge of getting the message over to a wide range of recipients start to give you the idea that Alice is a rather special person.
Her influence on the project we worked on together has been remarkable. It far exceeded what was originally expected when the job specification was drafted and the project has benefitted from this.
Her ability to turn doubters into advocates has been wonderful and from the outset her understanding of the wider benefits that would come from the project have again exceeded what was originally anticipated from this role.
We very much hope Alice will continue to have an involvement with the project.

Alice is incredibly skilled in customer marketing and category management. She is professional, credible and level-headed. Alice's skills allow her to build internal & external relationships easily which are subsequently used to great effect. 
........... she is also a pleasure to work with.