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Team Intuition

Langton , YO17 9QP
United Kingdom

Alice is incredibly skilled in customer marketing and category management. She is professional, credible and level-headed. Alice's skills allow her to build internal & external relationships easily which are subsequently used to great effect. 
........... she is also a pleasure to work with.

An original and innovative thinker, a great organiser, keen attention to detail with a superb ability to overcome challenges are the foundation to Alice’s skills.
Add persuasion, influence and a spectacular knowledge of getting the message over to a wide range of recipients start to give you the idea that Alice is a rather special person.
Her influence on the project we worked on together has been remarkable. It far exceeded what was originally expected when the job specification was drafted and the project has benefitted from this.
Her ability to turn doubters into advocates has been wonderful and from the outset her understanding of the wider benefits that would come from the project have again exceeded what was originally anticipated from this role.
We very much hope Alice will continue to have an involvement with the project.