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6481 Atlantic Ave, apt.# 237 N
Long Beach CA , 90805
United States

Hello! My name is Anne. I love working with Martina. She is very loving and caring, she is also very kind as she talks to you. She has her own way of interacting with your soul. She is very precise and it is like being looked under a microscope for your emotional blockages, except that there is a lot of love and light in her works. She knows exactly what to tell you. There is no need to talk, she find all the negative blocks in your energy. She can tell you the age, with who, the problem... Its is simply amazing. She is very intuitive. And everytime I meet with her, things move for the better. She is quite unique as an intuitive healer. Very gifted! Thank you Martina for working with me! Love you! Anne XOXOXO

Martyna is an amazing healer with extraordinary psychic abilities. Her energy is light and fun. You will be flying! The experience I had during a session with her was so liberating and fun. She uncovered pesky hidden blocks and heavy energies, and cleared it all. She sees things, she knows how to help you. And she does it with such joy, love and laughter. True delight! I highly recommend Martyna whether you have issues you want to cure or simply want to have a magical adventure. You will not regret it!

Martyna is joyful and fun to work with! She boosted my confidence and helped me see myself in a bigger and better light. She helped me raise my vibration, and I felt bright and happy after our session! I felt very comfortable with her. She's super positive and works at angelic frequencies.

Martyna is a wonderful energy healer. She intuitively helped me move through a block that I was stuck on and couldn't see. So useful for the forward movement I was looking for. I happily recommend her.

Martyna is highly intuitive and had beautiful, joyful energy. She was able to see my daughter's bright, spirit through her paintings and also able to confirm that my son had cords to his grandmother that needed to be cut. This was something I was feeling and she confirmed. Thank you, Martyna! I really appreciated our session together and thank you for your work bringing truth to the forefront. What a blessing and divine gift you are to this world.

I just had a session with Martyna and she just freed me from the stress I was holding on to in regards to my marriage. I feel I could be nice again to people now, and people can be nice to me! Love you Martyna.

Martyna can see energy patterns in paintings as well as people. She saw a really strong negative energetic signature in one of the paintings I had in my house. After I got rid of it, the feeling of the room changed immediately. It has now this amazing light and uplifting feel. What a great way to cleanse a living space of negative energy.

She has an uncanny knack for figuring out what's wrong and then fixing it! Highly recommended!

Martyna is a beautiful soul. Compassionately questions Reality in search of inner Truth.

Thank you for your help with moving forward. Thank you for your wonderful laughter, which is with me all the time when I need it. Martyna you are really Angell. Love, love, love.

Martyna is an Amazing light worker uplifting many to lead an awesome life. I have been blessed to be acquainted with Martina for the past 6 months plus and am truly grateful for that. I was on call with her few times earlier one on one for addressing my core issues bothering me for quite some time. She did the reading and appropriate clearing for me with explanations in her own unique way. I was facing a relationship issue and the life of my kids were of great concern to me. I approached Martyna for help as I had prior experiences of cool manifestation in my reality after taking short sessions with her. In less than 10days after a two-hour session with her things started to happen in a miraculous way resulting in an appropriate solution which was higher and good for everyone involved. I am grateful and thankful to Martyna for her efforts.

Martyna is sincere and passionate about helping people. I strongly recommend you to avail her coaching and see the benefit for yourself. Blessings to Martyna and all her Clients

Since half a year Martyna - as a personal coach - my ‚Angel on the Earth!’ is helping me to change my personal relations, point of view for lots of situations and incresing my vibrations in my life. She can feel energy in a beautiful way. Thank You sooooo much! Words can not expain this....! Lots of love for You Martyna!

When I first worked with Martyna I was at a crossroad in my life. I was at the beginning of an inner journey that was really starting at the bottom. The first time we spoke my energy was very
low and by the time we were done there was so much laughter and hope!
Thank you Martyna, for lifting me up
and encouraging me to break free of the things I had no idea were holding
me back! Martyna is very passionate about helping people and she can help you too.