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Leftright Audio | Dan D'Ascenzo Mastering

Great Work

Great work, good speed and considerate. Amazing end result.

Excellent dynamic mastering

I have been using Dan's mastering services for many years now and seen his skills develop into one of the most experienced and forward thinking mastering engineers I have ever worked with. 100% on top of his game, pleasure to work with and always delivers high quality.

Great work, Multiple versions offered

Great working with Dan. Helpfull to receive 2 masters, one for streaming and one for download.

Best mastering engineer I know

I've never worked with a mastering engineer that enhances the mix like Dan. He is able to absorb the mix, and transcend it boundaries. This gentleman takes the work provided and creates a masterpiece. He is able to access not only the clarity of the idea, but is able to dig into the core of the work and bring out subtleties that may have gone unrecognized. He's a 10/10, not merely a 5/5.

A wonderful mastering engineer and teacher

I first heard about Dan by researching music I loved and who was behind the finishing touches. Later on I attended a Mastering seminar hosted in his lovely studio, all I can say is Dan is a wonderful mastering engineer and teacher. When it comes to polishing up final projects he goes above and beyond, always making it personal. I really enjoy the fact that he helps to ensure your tracks sound best in various listening formats for digital and streaming. The hybrid mix of analog and digital mastering in his lab allows for much flexibility for all types of projects.

Excellent quality

Excellent quality and speedy turnaround. Looking forward to do more!

A big thank you to Dan! You do a great job!

A big thank you to Dan! You do a great job!

Magic! The track sounds exactly like I wanted it and better!

Hi Dan, Thanks a lot man! The track sounds exactly like I wanted it and better! The tape master has worked its magic and met my expectations. The drums sound much fatter and punchier and actually deliver the message now. I am really impressed that you managed to make some sounds come out more clearly in the mix, as I thought my mix was quite cluttered and there probably wasn't much you could do to fix it, but fair play, you've done a really good job! I will definitely use your services again in the future :) Thanks

Trust & exquisite work

Dan's work is superb, super happy with the masters. One of the places you can always trust and count on.

Professionalism & Availability

Dan knows how to make it sound pro ! He's always been there for me at anytime. 5/5 Quality/Time/Price !

Long-term investment

Top quality. I'm working with Dan since 7 years!

Versatile top-quality services

When I met Dan I knew there was something special about his work just because he's a very special person in private as well! He is very passionate about every project, about every client and so dedicated to make it 120% that he always has amazing feedback. Response time top! understanding clients' requests top! audio engineer - artist relationship top! Prices top!! ;) His creative approach brings the projects to the next level and makes you want to work with him again! As a lecturer, he's very patient and up to date with the newest gear and trends linked to his profession, he gives a lot to his mentees and supports them in growing in any way he can. Attended sessions in Dan's studio are a charm and as a student in his workshops you have the feeling you're living through his eyes while learning to use the techniques for your own projects and your own direction. Thanks for being and working the way you do, Dan! Forth in the same way and looking forward to new experiences together!


My bro started with deejaying at the age of 18 years old in the 90s... so quite early for this era, he is a passionate artist & an open mind guy !!!! He got the experience and the talent for doing pretty much everything !

Engineer of rare excellence with aesthetics and authenticity

Dan's been one of few sincerely passionate professionals I've had the pleasure of working with over the past decade. He's become my goto mastering engineer who I've come to trust with blind ears. Kind and tolerant as a person and punctual yet flexible as a planning partner, he's an engineer of rare excellence who cares about aesthetics and authenticity just as much as I do. He never fails to capture even the smallest detail in the mix and always succeeds in preserving spectrally delicate source material, while delivering extremely confident, clearly defined and musically shining masters. I'm not even gonna talk about his excellent references. He's your guy if you're in it for the music.

Mastering Guru who also produces & DJs

Been working with Dan for years, excellent, DO IT!! Your track deserves it. For house tracks you cant beat working with mastering gurus who also produce and DJ.

Quality & support

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i love Dan’s quality and his support is priceless

Great studio

Great sounding studio with a great engineer, no more words needed. ;)


Honoured to have you as a friend!! big thanks for all the support you've given me so far!