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Heapwell Superfoods

Mumbai Maharashtra , 400092

Matcha Green Tea

Heapwell Japanese Matcha has made me addicted to this new healthy lifestyle. I carry my little pouch everywhere I go.

Health Tea with Matcha

This is a very high-quality matcha powder. It is not sweetened so that is something you need to keep in mind when making drinks with it. It mixes well when used with hot water, and eventually will mix even in cold water (though it takes a bit more effort). I suggest using very small amounts of the powder as "a little goes a long way" so to speak. In a full glass of milk you can mix just 1 teaspoon and still get a good amount of flavor out of it. That in mind, it should last a good long time unless you like your drinks extra strong.
So bottom line, I do recommend this powder. We have tried many others and typically will just use the pre-sweetened kind just because it's easier to make drinks quickly that way, but this one definitely tastes like a fresher more premium tea.

Maximum benefits per cup

I am not a matcha expert but i enjoy this tea. This is a great quality for the price. This gives me benefits of green tea without actually drinking as many cups of it. 2 cups of this tea are as effective as drinking 10-20 cups of regular green tea. There are some grains left at the bottom of the cup, but i think that is normal as the tea itself is in powder form.


Good service and very fast delivery. I drink it with milk as I am still getting used to its taste. Great value considering the grade of matcha offered.

Great quality for the price

Great quality for the price. Bought this due to all the health benefits and high antioxidants. The powder is very fine and consistent & smells nice. I take it as my afternoon tea.