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Medicare Life Group

8 N. 9th Ave
Bozeman Montana , 59715
United States

The Medicare Life Group did and excellent and efficient job of bringing me up to speed on available medigap plans and what was relevant to me. Very good skills and support - very much appreciated the professionalism and convenience.

I just want to express how much I thoroughly enjoyed working with Troy. He was extremely professional and went out of his way to help me. His customer service was wonderful!! And I so appreciated his good old fashion thank you note... Nobody does that anymore!He's wonderful!! Wish I could get pet insurance from him!?
Thank you again.. I will eventually add the eye and dental insurance. 

I am so happy that I decided to take a chance with Troy Baccus of Medicare Life Group. Best decision I have ever made. Troy explained my options and I decided to go with the best option for me. Troy went above and beyond for me which proves to me that he is a truly caring individual and not just looking for another client. He came through for me and I will be eternally grateful to him and Medicare Life Group.

Troy was great! This was the most painless shopping I’ve ever done. Medicare and Social Security are so complicated, and Troy made this so easy.

Troy Baccus, who is with Medicare Life Group, helped me this year to choose Medicare Supplement Plan as well as Medicare Plan D provider. I'm a rather skeptical individual who, in general, isn't so easily impressed, and here I am enthusiastically praising Troy's services lock, stock and barrel. Troy is knowledgeable, attentive, punctual, and prompt. His communications are timely, concise and to the point. You always know where in the process you're. Troy's promise is a guarantee ((you know it will be done). And finally (should be music to every client's ears), he never neglects to follow up. All in all, it was a pleasure to work with Troy Baccus this year, and, for me, he's no less than the epitome of the perfect American businessman.

Troy Baccus Medicare Life Group

My agent Troy Baccus was invaluable in clearly explaining all available Medicare supplement options. With Troy's assistance, knowledge and expertise, we were able to complete this process quickly and efficiently, and once my husband reaches Medicare age he will also work with Troy. I would highly recommend this group. Great customer service! Thanks Troy!

Medicare Life Group and Mr. Baccus made enrolling in Medicare a breeze! Explained everything thoroughly and helped me sign up for an affordable supplement and prescription plan that works well with my prescriptions. Filled my first ones yesterday and didn't have to pay a penny. If you need anything or have any questions they are available and ready to help. A+++++++

Troy Baccus was great to work with and provided a great plan that works for me.

I worked with an agent named Troy Baccus for Medicare Life Group. He did a phenomenal job and even got back with me regarding a question I had while traveling on vacation. It was very much appreciated. I plan on staying with Troy as we review the supplement and Part D every year to see if changes are needed.

My agent Troy Baccus was excellent helping me through the enrollment process!

I found Troy to be extremely helpful to me during a very difficult time. Not only is he knowledgeable and efficient, but he gives IMMEDIATE assistance. When we moved to Montana, I changed our address with all of our insurance plans in mid June. I was told our prescription insurance required a local agent, and our current policy would expire at the end of June. I needed help fast, and someone recommended that I contact Troy. He completed our applications over the phone and followed through to be sure our coverage began by the necessary date. I’d highly recommend him.

Heading into retirement with all the decisions to be made and research can be overwhelming. I reached out on the internet looking for comparisons and received a very detailed, understandable comparison from Troy. Every company out there says theirs is the best, but I wanted a comparison, which is what I received. Troy asked ME what my needs were, what I wanted to spend, etc. and found a plan perfect for me. I highly recommend this company!

I somewhat skeptically and gingerly replied to an "ad" about Medicare supplement options 6 months before I needed them, ready to bail at any time. I usually handle these things on my own and was just in an exploratory phase. The response I received from the group and subsequent discussion with Troy Baccus alleviated any concerns I had - his response was no-pressure, he erased my fears about no costs - they are paid by the insurance companies to provide the service, and after getting minimal information from me he provided excellent, clearly explained options based on my situation. He patiently waited to hear back from me months later when I was ready to execute, and then actually handled the enrollment for me. Everything went very smoothly and professionally. We will contact Troy again when my wife is Medicare-ready. He really seems to be a good guy, and the service was thoughtful and excellent.

Troy went out of his way with the policies even when I’m three states away on an ugly schedule he found time to make my life easier and get my policies at a reasonable price. Thanks Troy!!!

I am someone who usually "interviews" a lot of people, before I choose something and I certainly had a lot of people contacting me. Something as important as Medicare coverage is a difficult decision, and I had many, questions. Since day one, working with Troy Baccus, I felt completely comfortable. I believe Troy was genuinely interested in my healthcare needs. His depth of knowledge and ability to provide both verbal and written information, in a prompt and very patient, relaxed manner made me feel totally at ease.

I want to Thank You Troy for his diligence in executing my medicare gap plan enrollment. He follow up in everything he promised. He is truly a customer service oriented professional. Thank You

Incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. So nice to have someone to help navigate thru the maze of Medicare at no additional cost.

I moved to Montana (Bozeman) recently and needed to change my Medicare coverage. They were very helpful and got things handled quickly. Very satisfied and would recommend to others.