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C.W. Roofing

1037 Co Rd 4781
Boyd TX
United States of America

AMAZING - Would Recommend to Anyone

C.W. Roofing & Construction was AMAZING. After being strung along for a year with another contractor, Greg came along and in just a couple of weeks, had construction underway. He coordinated crews and fixed all of the hail damage. We practically got a brand new house on the exterior. His crew was fast and so nice. They even moved our old outdoor cat’s house and carefully relocated her so she wouldn’t get hit by debris. They met all their promises and helped us navigate the insurance system so we could get all the damage to our home repaired. I would recommend them to anyone I know.

Exceeded my expectations

Very impressed by the entire C.W. Roofing crew! My roof was damaged by hail and they replaced it in only 4 days. I was surprised at how well they took care of my property and cleaned up everyday. My new metal roof looks absolutely beautiful! I will definitely recommend them to anyone needing a roof replacement in Fort Worth!

Fantastic Job!

I wasn't sure at the beginning, but they followed through with their word! They did a fantastic job!

Extremely Professional

C.W. Roofing was the right choice for our metal roof replacement. Punctual and professional throughout the entire job. I can't say enough good things about Chuck and his company.

Gorgeous Roof! Would recommend to anybody

Soon after our roof was approved for replacement, we began the parade of contractors for open bidding. Every one of them told us Allstate had paid a minimal amount and that we would have to pay out of pocket to replace our metal roof. That story ended with Greg at CW Roofing. Once work began the team was professional, got the job done and Chuck was on site to ensure things went smoothly. Our roof is stunning and we are continually getting compliments! I would recommend these guys to anybody needing a metal roof!

Skeptical at first

We were skeptical at first, as we never heard of CW Roofing.  After researching the company we decided to have them replace our metal roof that was damaged by hail.  The process was completed on time, as promised, and at the agreed upon price.  Our salesman, Greg Smith, also stayed stayed on the project during construction and personally saw to it the our property was protected during removal and installation.  We cannot say enough good things about Greg and about CW Roofing.

Good Work

Thank you CW Roofing for the hard work! My metal roof was old and leaking so Chuck inspected it and worked with State Farm to get it replaced. My roof is very steep, but took less than a week to put on and the workers were very nice. The roof looks amazing! All I have to do now is get the rest of my house painted!

Great Job!

Great job! Quick and clean installation. Very professional project management.

New Roof

I had an old Alcoa aluminum roof and hated that you couldn't walk on it, but with the new foam inserts underneath the new roof, I don't have to worry about that anymore. Roof only took 3 days with 6 workers. I was very impressed! You could tell by the way they worked together that they knew what they were doing. 


I upgraded my old regular roof to a new aluminum metal roof. The installers were very professional and the roof looks beautiful! I can't wait to get my first energy bill!

Nice Company

I had a metal roof and called C.W. Roofing out to inspect it. They noticed there was hail damage and my insurance company paid for a complete replacement. The job was clean, the guys were on time and there weren't any delays. I will recommend them to other people with metal roofs.  

Insurance Replacement

My metal roof was damaged by hail and CW Roofing inspected it, then helped me file a claim and talked to my insurance company for me. They installed my new metal roof and it looks very good. Chuck stopped by multiple times and made sure the roof was being installed correctly. I'm very happy with the way things turned out! 

Good Installation

CW did a good job installing my roof. They tore off the old wood shake and decked the roof.  Then installed foam and the new aluminum shingles.  They were on time each day and cleaned up very well.