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19 Bronte Grove
Dartford Kent
United Kingdom

Sound Healing (Sonic Meditation)

I had not encountered Majikal Sonic Meditation (Sound Healing) before, so, after a recent spate of ill health, I approached it with an open mind. Ian and Angie’s Yoga/Sound Healing Lounge creates an ideal peaceful setting, together with their calm and welcoming manner, helping to reassure those who may feel shy or uncertain.
It is not an experience that I could possibly do justice to with mere words. Each session has unfolded a new and exciting wealth of experiences and awareness. Enlightening my senses with a feast of sonic vibrations from the tranquil and serene, to a wilder, more alert consciousness.
From a medative perspective my mind (and body) have journeyed through some amazing and aspiring transitions. I have felt the benefits in my day to day life, helping me to relax and be at peace with many of the stresses of modern day life. Increasing my levels of good sound sleep, leaving me feeling rejuvenated, with a sense of refreshing energy.
I can honestly say that through this meditation and my personal reflection, Ian and Angie have helped and guided my recovery. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them both (and Murph the Smurph) for all their help, support and guidance. But mostly for opening my heart and mind to a whole new world.

Sound Healing and Gatherings

Angie and Ian's sound healing sessions are fabulous. They play a variety of instruments that stir the senses and set the soul free. You are transformed into a world of peace tranquility and happiness you just wont want it to end. You can play along with a musical instrument of your choice,chant mantras and sing along in their beautiful room. Experience the many sounds of the gong and other beautiful ancient instruments. Looking forward to the next one and the coming together of friends and souls past.

Moon Gathering and Sound Healing

Thank u Angie and Ian for such a fabulous full moon sound healing last week we all enjoyed a coming together of friends and souls with your fabulous musical instruments, chanting discussion and hospitality with Henry and smurf. Looking forward to the next one already. Lov tina xxx

Soul Realignment

I had my Soul Re-alignment reading and it was really enlightening. The reading was so accurate, I could totally relate to it. It was so interesting to find out about my past which ties in to the present and my future.Its great to have a recording so you can go back and listen and pick up on things you might have missed. Angie was professional, but also it was fun and exciting. It was a mega experience. Go for it!


After a stressful and tiring day at work I didn't feel like going to a yoga class tonight. However, I went and I'm so glad I did. The mixture of intense postures, gentle stretches,breathing, good company. Not to mention Angie's soothing voice and Ian's amazing soundtracks were just the therapy I needed. Thanks so much, see you next time x

Soul Realignment

I was thoroughly impressed with the accuracy of my Soul Realignment reading & the amazing amount of work & preparation Angie had put into gathering the information for me. At one point during the reading I cried because Angie told me something that was so profound, & it explained why I have the tendencies that I have in this life ! Thank you Angie I feel very blessed to have had this reading with you, I have learned a lot about myself & feel more peaceful, & have more clarity & understanding in my thoughts & decisions going forward X

Soul Realignment

Well, i just had my soul realignment and it has been fan tabby wiggle me toeies helping me to step in to and find a better version of myself,Angie delivery of this modality is brilliant, she delivers it with a wonderful carining and supportive nature leaving you feeling empowered and able to achive anything i want and to go after my dreams.Her choosen vocation is a supurb modality which has enhanced my personal mojo leaving me very excited about the future and what it is going to bring after all the negative luggage i was carrying around and that is has now been removed i am now looking forward to every day with renewed anticapation and vigor.

Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing

It was amazing. I had the yoga with the blankets which was amazing! And the sound healing was incredible. Thank you!

Sound Healing

Thankyou Angie and Ian , your sound healing took me to far away places and into a deep meditative like state, I didn't want it to end. I feel happier and more positive for having experienced this and can't wait for the next time.

Sound Healing

I'm feeling calm and full of energy tonight, after my amazing Sound Healing session with Ang and Ian. Thanks so much, a great way to unwind. Xx

Yoga Class

Loved this class, challenged the body and opened the mind, with a good few giggles in between. Miss this class loads hope it comes back soon, I highly recommend


Thank you Angie and Ian for such a fabulous workshop on Saturday. Still on a high and looking forward to the next one. Very inspirational energizing and relaxing. Loved all the voice work which was liberating and the food great. Love Tina x