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Mikes Mix & Master LLC

Highly recommend it

Highly recommend it , very professional

many blessings

With so many on-line mix and mastering companies out there claiming they're the best, I kept hearing about Mikes Mix & Master, so after a chat, I took a chance with them mixing and mastering one song. I can truly say that I am totally satisfied with the end results; rich saturated sounds with a beautiful blend of frequencies. They are professional, respond quickly and are very patient with my questions. I will be working with them again. I highly recommend Mikes Mix & Master-they're legitimate. Thanks Mike and many blessings!

Sounds Great

Mike mastered one of my songs and it sounds great, I'll be sending more soon

This is the place for great sounding masters

Turned out to be a great experience, the song was sent for mastering. It was a good mix that Mike turned into a great master, everything was much clearer and focused, there was a shimmer to the top end not there in the original and the width was perfectly balanced placing the vocal firmly in the mix, great comms, helpful advice with quick responses, ..... now for the rest, I would say, do not hesitate, this is the place for great sounding masters, John (UK)

The man has skills

Great mixing and mastering, the man has skills.

delivers all my edits really fast

When I receive masters from Mike they are always perfect. He does his thing really great and delivers top-class quality services. Also an important thing is that he is really easy to communicate and he delivers all my edits really fast. Great work, Mike! We'll be back soon!

Quality was great

Got back ten songs mastered super fast in three days. Quality was great, very responsive to questions, online submission process was easy, overall very satisfied with end results. Thank you very much Mike C. !!

Mike blew away my expectations

I have searched for the right mixing engineer for a long time, spending hundreds of dollars to end up with a product I haven't been happy with. However, when I got my mix back from Mike, it was the best mix I have ever received. I am very picky in terms of quality, and Mike blew away my expectations! Highly recommended.

very attentive and professional

I've gotten to speak to Mike personally about the initial process of his mixing and mastering, and I'll have to say, not only am I impressed on how much he strives for customer satisfaction, but I am grateful to have come across someone with such transparency in the way they work. I myself like to work organically, but since that's not possible, Mike was chosen. Right now we are doing everything possible to make my songs sound the best they can, and that only works when there's teamwork involved. I've gotten that with Mike's Mix & Master's services. I said I wouldn't delete my previous review simply because I don't want anyone to think I was paid off to delete my review or anything like that. I am a real musician, and Mike is a very attentive and professional music engineer. 5 stars will be given when I've received the satisfactory finished products. Thanks again for the call Mike, and thank you for your willingness to make sure that I was satisfied with my music.

Definitely worth it

I have been skeptical of online mixing since communicating changes through email is a tedious task and you're not always sure of what exactly you want. But Mike did an amazing job of interpreting what I wanted and also added his own creative touches to the mix. The end result was definitely worth it. My only complaint is that it took a little too long, around 40 days from start to finish and at times I almost ran out of patience.

Great Service

Great service , Excellent mix and mastering , Quality Service.

Mike's Mix & Master

I've been working with Mike for just over two years now, and the quality of his work is simply outstanding.

Credits to mike. We on a #Landing

good mix

They are very professional and engineers are very nice


You're AWESOME mike. #Meanahhh


Mikes Mix and Master is absolutely the TRUTH! He came through for me on my first project and had tons of patience with me. His customer service is out of this world and he is truly one of the best to do it. Don't waste your time going anywhere else!


The mix and master I ordered was fantastic! Highly recommend

Mikes Mix & Master one of the best in the industry if it's not the best. Great quality service