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Mikes Mix & Master LLC

Review for mixing & mastering

Quality is very professional fast and communication is always steady. Works well with clients and gets the sound you want. Highly recommend

Master Review

Did four songs for me and did great. Thanks

Mike is master of his art

Mike knows his work very well, he totally nailed the mix....! He took his time and delivered the industry standard Mix. Highly Recommended Thank you Mike - Love from India

Best Mix

I've worked with Mike several times now and have gotten consistent quality. Having auditioned several mixes of the same song and let others listen to it, Mike won hands down. He'll be working on my next project.


Service is grade A material

A1 quality

Quality was great. Got it sounding exactly how i wanted it. Got more tracks coming mike

Great job :)

I will send more projects in the future :)

Mike's Mix & Master Review

I received my track back from Mike's Mix & Master after ordering the mastering service. I know my mixdowns could still use improvement, and considering this, I am beyond satisfied with the quality of the master I received. The track sounds extremely clean and loud with all frequencies sitting nice and balanced. I would definitely recommend Mike's Mix & Master to any producers who don't yet know how to master their own tracks.

Great Service

I had a really difficult time trying to mix and master my own music. I did some google searching and stumbled upon mikes site. Not only was his prices reasonable and affordable, the service and communication was great too. Mike's mix and mastering services will help boost you in the right direction for a successful music career.

Evil mix and master

Mikes was great and worked with me to get the desired result in a quick time. Will be using them all the time

Easy to work with Mikes Mix & Master

Mikes Mix & Master is great, very responsive and quick, and it delivers outstanding quality.

Great Decision To Work With Mike

Mikes Mix deserves the five stars, it was my first experience and I think working with Mikes was a great decision. It is easy to work with him and he used latest techniques to make the best track. Sound Quality is really good and I am also working with him on my new track.

Amazing job!

Mike did an amazing job on mastering the EP by my project lichtdisco! We are really impressed with the result. All tracks sound the way they are meant to sound!

Excellent job!

I'm glad I found Mikes Mix & Master service. I'm very happy with the result, it sounds amazing!

Awesome service, just timing

Very good service, great actually! Just a little late when sending things back, probably due to a heavy workload at the time. Heavily recommend...

Mike's Mix & Master

Excellent work; very pleased with the results. Mike was able to take a simple Vocaloid track and take it to a totally different level...not to mention improving the quality of the song overall.

heavy Influence

I have hired mike 2 times now and have been more than pleased with his work. Would recommend his services you can hear the difference he makes on the music.

OpenWide band testimonial for Mike

Mike is one of the best sound engineers we've been working with. Although our songs is written in Russian vocals sounds clean and perfectly readable in mix, where instruments fitted just great. We are hopping to continue our work together.