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Mindful Paws

PO Box 4044
Crested Butte CO , 81224


Thank you Meg! Crested Butte is lucky to have you looking out for our four legged family!

Hank Brown

Hank and Meg spent quality time together this fall in Crested Butte. She is an amazing trainer and Hank just loved working with her. Meg is also very easy to work with and flexible with any scheduling. We look forward to more training and walks next summer

Exellent Trainer!

Meg did wonders with our puppy, Chewie. He is a big dog and doesn't realize his own size and was jumping on people, charging out the door, taking off down the street and pulled relentlessly on the leash if he saw another dog. Now, he sits at the door and waits for us to tell him to go out, doesn't jump on guests and I walk him OFF leash. I have him sit when another dog is walking by and he stays in place until I tell him to go again. It's pretty amazing!! Thank you, Meg, for taming our wild puppy!! :)

Whole New Puppy!

What a great introduction to obedience training for Ozzie. At 3 to 4 months old, Meg had Ozzie obeying many basic commands. Ozzie is so easy to walk on the leash after training with Meg. Thanks Meg!