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An Unexpected Experience

I attended this 4 week beginner class with a Beginners Mind. I had no idea what to expect and had little knowledge of mindfulness practice. Reccomended by a friend I can sincerly say it has helped me manage both the small challenges in life and the big ones.Dealing with the stress of managing an elder parents failing health and the day to day relationships of friends and family to the simple tasks of driving to work. Thank you Angela for opening a new and exciting door.

Who has time to meditate in this crazy busy world?

Well.... I do now! Angela's class was an incredible jumpstart to get me on the "meditation train"! As an athlete I'm always looking for cutting edge classes to enhance my performance! I can't say enough about this 4-week class! I now have the tools to quiet my busy mind and perform at a level I never new was possible! Thank you Angela for changing my life! Michelle Joy Kramer, Health Coach