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Mold First Responders

2 Grenwich CT
Roxbury Xing MA , 02120
1(855) 923-2911

My husband and I bought our house a few months back. Shortly after we moved in I started getting allergic reactions on my face, arms and hands every time I went down to the basement. Later we found out through a third company that the blackish color stains on the exposed basement ceiling joists were black mold. We decided to go with mold first responders because the project manager, Luis, is very knowledgeable and professional. He answered all our questions and took the time to explained to us everything about mold during his inspection visit. The report they provided us was in accordance with their work proposal and it showed all the remediation process step by step. The estimate was accurate. Now I can go down to my basement again. I definitely recommend their service.

Excellent communication start to finish with all staff involved. Very thorough, great detailed reports provided, and staff was happy to answer my many questions throughout the process. Luis and Diego are true experts!

Our shower pipe burst and it flooded the bathroom floor and laundry room our basement. We called a plumber and he fixed the broken pipe. We managed to take out the water but we didn’t realize we needed to treat the drywall or wood. A couple of years after the broken pipe incident, my family and I started noticing a moldy smell. We did some research online and decided to call a company to do a mold laboratory test. When the results came back they were positive with high levels of mold spores! We had a few mold remediation companies come to our house to give us an estimate, and at the end we decided to hire Mold First Responders to do the job. The final invoice was not more than the estimate. They provided us a report with pictures taken during the mold remediation that shows the mold stains forming behind walls and underneath the floor. When I called back the mold test company to make sure the job was done properly, the results showed a clean room. We couldn’t be happier with the results or with Mold First Responders!

Went with this company as they came highly recommended from the mold inspector. They reached out within hours after first contacting them and I managed to get a date scheduled with them a few days later for the visual inspection. The guy I spoke with on the phone was very polite, understanding, and very professional as was the inspector who visited my home. After the inspection we received a really detailed proposal and the approximate cost to clean up the mold contamination. I did also get a second company to come and get us a quote (won’t name any names, but big company), and the service appeared impersonal and inflexible and also without providing much detail on what they would do. I went with Mold First Responders in the end and I was very happy with their service and especially the attention to detail and level of communication.

This company was really prompt in attending to what ended up being a severe issue in the basement. Very easy and honest to work with and the guys who came by were very thorough in explaining the process and honored the estimate that was given to me.

My first time having to deal with mold after taking in a lot of water damage this winter. Unlike some other companies I called, this company was very professional, flexible, quick to respond and you know exactly what you are paying for. My home Inspection came back clear of mold after the remediation process was completed.