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Better than I could have imagined

I absolutely love all of her content I've seen so far, her feet are absolutely divine and the demeanor is sexy and cute as well!! I look forward to more and greatly appreciate my purchase above all other foot models at this point ❤❤

A Real Deal Fetish Queen

Ive known Goddess Jenny for almost a year now. She's most definitely a beautiful woman with impeccable feet and toes. Purely exquisite with genuine personality and sex appeal. These qualities radiate in her persona on camera as well. She has a natural ability to charm and allure you with her sweet voice, gorgeous toes and amazing body. Ive been more than pleased with each of the videos Ive purchased from her. She produces quality and conducts her business with integrity and passion for her customers. If theres ever a legitimate issue, she the type that will take ownership and see that the issue is resolved. Real Deal pleasure all the way around.

Best Foot Fetish Model Period

This woman is one of if not the best model you can find for foot fetish content. she has amazing prices for any kind of foot content. Please if you want some the most stunning and breath taking content message her. Dont wait!!! also she has the most amazing customer service!

Must have tickle videos!

Her feet are soo cute and ticklish, plus she has an amazing laugh! All her tickling videos are worth buying.

Booty and soles

I have 5 videos now and they are all amazing. She is gorgeous and has that sexy voice that she draws you in with. her body is amazing , when she tells you to take it out you do it cause you are so drawn into her sexiness . Will definitely be getting more.

Footjob Video Review

Amazing fj video, really love the reverse fj position the best. Would love to see more

Booty, Soles and More

The sex appeal exuded from the sensous movements to every gaze into the lens is undeniable, the camera absolutely adores this woman! There aren't words enough to describe how lustful I felt after viewing the vid and saying "you won't be disappointed" is an understatement. Continued success in all your future endeavors beautiful spirit 💜

Motheroftoes is amazing!!

I have bought many videos from Mother and they have all been so incredibly sexy! She is gorgeous from head to glorious toes. She is always sweet, professional, and honors my fetish requests every time. Everyone who loves feet and toes needs to buy her videos. You won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend her.


The most legit, beautiful, amazing foot model ever! The content is AMAZING. The soft soles, the sexy toes! And it’s always fast, easy, transactions!

Good price for good content

I bought a fj video that I’d heard about courtesy of the owner’s IG page. I had some questions to ask prior to purchasing, and Mother of Toes was quick to respond, and with great customer service to boot, which made a great video much more pleasurable to watch. Very happy with my purchase from and interaction with her and I would (and just may) do it again.

Testimonial #6

Where do I start, Jenny is an absolute delight to speak to and will make anyone feel comfortable. She responded every time I sent a dm and was always happy to speak to me. As for the clip oh my gosh it was absolutely amazing. I wanted something with more of a personal touch and not only did Jenny deliver but far exceeded what I had hoped for. Such a tease and so good at what she does, will make any man melt and knows exactly what to say. I will most certainly be purchasing more clips from her site and many more custom clips. For me personally she is the best at what she does and just a beautiful person altogether.  

Mother & daughter

Mom and daughter have beautiful feet! They were both wearing toe rings which was very sexy. I **** when Mom was massaging daughter's oily feet.

You never disappoint

I really enjoyed how you flashed those sexy toes that you had hiding beneath your fishnets.If you didnt know I have a fishnet fetish too I think it's the tease and not being able to see your bare feet that I enjoy about it. My favorite quote is "No need for mother may I you just go ahead and drench my soles in your hot gooey cum" If there is one thing I can say your cum countdowns are second to none. Your choice of words that follow are always perfect for the moment.Honestly if all you did was wiggle your toes it would of been a great video to me. But the fact that you gave instructions only makes everything better. You make wonderful content Jenny.

True Example of Great Customer Service

"I have purchased all or almost all of Motheroftoes premade vids and since I started to follow her in early 2017. She is the real true example of customer service. Top vids and apparently she is a perfectionist because the finish product is always great."

Loved the dirty talk and your sweet voice

"I really loved the video I could tell you really were feeling this one. I liked how you started the video off being dominant by saying "why is your hand on your dick I didnt give you permission to touch it yet" seeing those soles with your feet crossed is a heavenly sight. Loved the dirty talk and your beautiful soft voice. I really liked part where you you were encouraging to slow down and fighting to hold back the pleasure. The cum countdown was amazing you made sure you pointed exactly where you wanted it. I loved it! keep it up Jenny!" Anonymous USA