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Moloich Photography Ltd

88 Adams Close
Red Deer AB , T4R 2W4

Red Deer's Finest

I've had the pleasure of being photographed by Mr. Flewwelling a couple times over the years and I must say I'm always "Wanda Syked" when i see the results. He work always shows attention to detail with admirable creativity, and his kind personality makes working with him a breeze. I would recommend him his services to anyone in search of a quality product from a stand up guy.

A Good Eye & A Big Heart

Dave's pictures are so good that I prefer them to my own memories. Because he doesn't just sit around and wait for that "magic moment" like some fly on the wall, he finds it through sheer determination, diligence and hard work. Like a miner who risked everything by moving to California during the Gold Rush, Dave digs and digs and digs relentlessly to create a treasure rather than waiting for one to fall in to his lap. I feel so fortunate to be a very small part of the many legacies that he has and will continue to create.

Testimonial #41

Dave does some top notch work. Love his pics from festivals. Great crowd shots and even better band shots.

BoGuE Brigade

Dave has taken amazing photos!Preserving the moments of rock and role. Killer photos much apreaciated!! 

Muddy Roots

Dave captures every reflected face in every sparkle, coming off of every bead of sweat, dripping from each and every pore, pit or pock mark in the brow of the faces contorting on every bobbing head of the rowdy "hellbillies" reveling in the crowds of the greasy rock n roll masses at Muddy Roots each year! Whew! Keep on snappin', Dave!

Testimonial #38

Dave is amazing! I am a random festival goer, but be always gets a few shots of us, helping my crazy group capture great memories to bring home from these events!  Not only does he take the BEST pictures, he has taken the time (more than once) to guide me through finding/purchasing on the website, and also to post specific items in the store so i could buy them as gifts!  Dave is also sweet, friendly, and kind.  Funny how its not just the music that make these events so special!!


What a Joy to See this man in action, Always fun to be around. Dave has an ability to capture moments in time that are Brilliant... When I ordered a print, he contacted me imediatly and thanked me for the support..Very fast transaction.... PROFFESIONAL is an understatment... 

Red Deer College, Dean of Creative Arts

I could go on and on about Dave’s professionalism, gentle and kind-hearted personality, and commitment to his craft. Although those descriptors are accurate, it’s not nearly as interesting as talking about the work.

When Dave shoots a rock n’ roll show he goes way beyond mere documentation.
He composes his shots in a way that captures the essence of a live show in all its noisy, sweaty, and sometimes sloppy glory. The images are much more than snapshots of a band or a musician in that they somehow harness the energy and emotion that one feels as a fan when you are pressed up against the edge of the stage. Dave’s pieces feature high contrast, ultra-sharp focus, and supersaturated finishes that sometimes read closer to illustration than photography.

All of these elements work together in his art to create a mythology around the subjects where they become icons that are both recognizable and otherworldly.

Beatroute Magazine Canada

“. . .Shooting live is a tough gig to get decent results. In small clubs the lighting sucks, at big shows the security, stage and often performers themselves make it almost impossible to get up close and take tight shots that actually mean something. Dave gets around all that somehow. His images are blazing with color, ripping with energy and full of great detail. He captures the raw power of real rock ‘n’ roll, and is a helluva gentleman at doing the job.”

Live Nation / Prime Box Office (Calgary)

Dave Flewwelling.

Music Enthusiast. Photographer. Friend. Professional. Perfectionist.
Dave gets the music, the band and the photos.
He can take photo’s for me anytime.

Breathe Knives

“No one catches angles and light like Dave….one of my favorite photogs….local or otherwise!”

Hellfire Special

“. . .Dave’s photographs have proven themselves time and time again…we use them for our press package and media flyers for upcoming shows …as well as our website…thanx for all the great shots Dave!”

One Step Beyond Photography

“. . .Dave Flewwelling is an excellent photographer that has shown and taught me how to photograph in a concert/music scene. Helping me to see and read light to enable me to be confident in any light environment. A pleasure to work with and an excellent partner in the photographic process.”

Rock n Roll Rats

A Brief Review for Moloich Photography Ltd.
By Johnny Forgotten of The Rock n Roll Rats

In the underground, alternative, and independent music scenes it seems as though “photographer” has become a ubiquitous title that anyone can give themselves if they show up to gigs with some semi-professional equipment, have a Flickr account, and a friend willing to add them to the guest list. Rarely, however, a true artisan surfaces who clearly demonstrates exemplary levels of of passion, commitment, drive, and professionalism — Mr. Dave Flewwelling (Moloich Photography Ltd., Red Deer Alberta) has clearly positioned himself in this professional category.

The Rock n Roll Rats ( Independent Punk Rock band, Calgary Alberta) have worked with Mr. Flewwelling multiple times since mid 2010, and have become repeat customers of Moloich Photography Ltd. as well as fans and friends of Mr. Flewwelling himself. Mr. Flewwelling is consistent and reliable in his delivery of premium professional-grade deliverables in the field of live musical performance photography.

Working with Mr. Flewwelling is an experience that truly sets the standard for aspiring and established photographers alike. The Rock n Roll Rats enthusiastically endorse and recommend Moloich Photography Ltd. to musicians, promoters, and venue owners who are looking for a deluxe finished product, a bar-setting level of customer service, and industry leading value.

Freeman Promotions

“. . .Working with Dave has been great. He is extremely professional, courteous and most importantly a great photographer. I have only worked with him on a couple of bands, but will continue to work with him on all my bands that go through his area. The photos are exceptional and I couldn’t ask for someone easier to work with than Dave. If you need photos of a concert, live show or any event, I would definitely tell you to make Dave your first call.”

Gonzo Magazine

“I first met Dave Flewwelling while he was shooting a Motorhead gig in Edmonton in February of 2011. I had bluffed my way into a photo pass I didn’t deserve, but did my best with my little digital camera. I spent as much time watching Dave work those first few songs as i did watching the band. His attention to the details, position, lighting, everything- was inspiring. He showed me some of his shots afterward, and the results were stunning. If it can be said that a photograph rocks, then that goes for Dave Flewwelling’s work too. I liked his stuff at the show so much, I made sure some of it made it into the pages of Gonzo Magazine, a (now) digital mag I write for.

Dave Flewwelling was great to be around, he’s a music fan that has a real eye for the great shots as he has ears for a great song, and it shows in his work. We’ve stayed in touch, and I look forward to covering more shows with him in the future – myself as the writer, and Dave with his amazing eye.

Big John Bates & the Voodoo Dolls

“Having toured extensively through the U.S, Canada and Europe with my band (Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz) I’ve met many photographers but there are only a few that stand out and Dave is definitely one of them. He was always courteous and got amazing shots of the band while never being obtrusive. Thanks Dave!”

Falt Photographics

“Dave’s professional approach to capturing events is impressively organized which allows him to work quickly and creatively. I find photographing the same events as him to be a fun and worry free experience.”