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Sky Music Instruction

13975 Antonia Ford Court
Centreville VA , 20121

My daughter has been taking guitar lessons at Sky Music for over a year and loves every minute! It's been the first time in her 12 years that I haven't had to drag her to an activity. She enjoys it so much that we recently added voice lessons! Thank you Mrs. Lena for all you do!

I did a lot of research before I selected a guitar instructor and it really paid off! Lena at Sky Music is the best! Thanks Lena for making it so much fun!

It's really a great experience. If you work with her on something for an audition, she won't drop it the next class you have with her, and she actually cares if you make it or not ( not like other people I have seen before). Sky Music Instructions opens up a variety of opportunities for their students.

beginners level Lena provides great pace for acoustic guitar lesson. Enjoy her approach from theory to practical, she covers it all.

Lena is great! Wonderful with my daughter. We are so excited to work with Lena!

A wonderful first lesson. Lena makes the whole process enjoyable and comfortable. I highly recommend her as an instructor.

Lena is very organized and nice. Her knowledge of music is unassailable. I look forward to our guitar lessons.

Lena is a wonderful instructor both technically and atmospherically. Her personality is welcoming and positive, and she is always supportive of your goals and where you want to go in terms of your lessons. If you find yourself struggling with a concept she will go through it with you step by step or find alternate ways to help you understand. I've had many instructors over the years and Lena has made me feel the most motivated to continue music and encouraged me to keep practicing!

She was an excellent instructor. I really liked her. Recommend! 

Lena was super friendly. I was hesitant about taking voice lessons because I'm older and I have never had any training - she made me feel comfortable and confident. She taught me simple exercises and jumped right into the actual lesson! 

Our singing lesson with Lena E has been a very good one! My daughter has really enjoyed the experience and Lena has built up her confidence to a whole new level. Thank you so much Lena for the inspirations and all your help.

I think my son likes he way of teaching. Lena is a good teacher. First teaching class was awesome.

My daughter has been taking guitar and vocal lessons from Lena since this past January. She has made great progress and enjoys going to every lesson. She especially enjoys being able to work the two together during her lessons.

Lena is the best voice teacher I've had, and I can't say enough positive things about her! She explains things in an easy-to-understand way, and if you don't understand it one way, she will explain it a different way. She takes the time to make sure you are singing properly and not straining your voice, and she teaches you how to take care of your voice like you would an instrument. The curriculum is also very straightforward and easy to understand - it teaches you the theory and history you need to know to be a well-rounded musician. Again, I highly recommend Lena as a music teacher!

Our daughters, ages 15 and 9, have been with Sky Music Instruction since November 2014. In less than six months with Lena, my husband and I have seen a huge improvement in their abilities to play the guitar. Lena is very patient, highly motivated, and is great at encouraging our daughters to learn at their own pace. Both our girls have had previous guitar lessons with numerous instructors, however; none of those instructors have impacted them as much as Lena has, and continues to do. We highly recommend anyone at whatever level of playing you are at, to give Sky Music Instruction a try. Lena is wonderful to work with, and makes playing the guitar FUN!

Lena is a fantastic instructor, and a really laid back and fun person! I took singing lessons with her for about a year. She taught fundamentals of music (reading/writing) and music theory as well. She had tons of great advice and techniques for keeping your voice in working order, getting comfortable with performing, and taught me great vocal exercises to practice daily. I have always had trouble with feeling comfortable enough to sing in front of others, but Lena was always patient and encouraging and helped me get over some of my fear.

I am definitely not her best student but she is definitely one of my best teacher. I didn't know how to read music or play guitar. She taught me that it's okay to make mistake. She gave me confidence to make a fool out of myself. I love her for that.

Lena has been teaching our daughter guitar for eight months now and the quality of instruction has been fantastic. She is patient, skilled and knowledgeable, and our daughter is doing quite well, and looks forward to coming to lesson. The lessons have been a good balance of fun and interesting while also challenging and pushing our daughter's skills to grow steadily.