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Sky Music Instruction

13975 Antonia Ford Court
Centreville VA , 20121

Lena is awesome! I went thru a couple other teachers before finding her. Taking lessons as an older student was intimidating. Lena was patient and taught me at my own pace. She was able to understand how I learn and personalize a program for me. Love her!

I’m an absolute beginner with guitar playing and musical theory. I've been learning guitar playing with Lena for about 2 months and plus now. Lena has been a wonderful instructor for me. Her teaching materials are very organized and systematic, which is essential for a beginner like me. Her patience and very encouraging words along the way helped me become more confident as I practiced from when I couldn’t even play a cord to being able to play 10+ chords smoothly. She also lets me choose a list of songs I’d love to learn to 1) help me learn how to play my favorite songs; 2) practice the chords she teaches me. This makes my practices much more enjoyable as I love the songs I’m practicing. I’m also learning from her a bit about musical theory and song writing in the meantime. In addition to the teaching part itself, she’s also very flexible with scheduling. I was able to reschedule several times because some unexpected events came up. With a very reasonable price, what else could you ask for from a guitar instructor?