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My family is more serene...

I have learned a lot from Anne-Laure’s parenting workshop.Reading parenting books is not enough and you need a professional to really embrace the training. I was lucky to be part of Anne-Laure’s group, she really has the skills to lead such training making sure everybody gets to share, listening to everyone with the right tone. I really appreciated her wisdom.Anne-Laure, thanks to you, my family is more serene. Your wise advices are missed!

It has changed my family dynamic...

I have attended the class leaded by Anne-Laure in the UK.
Although I did do some parenting class before; the one conducted by Anne Laure has really change my family dynamic.I had a better understanding of my weaknesses, my issues and negative patterns I was bringing back home whilst raising my kids. (2 boys 2 & 4years old)
Anne Laure is the most patient and empathetic person I have ever met – besides she has this positive and contagious energy that anyone – who has the chance to meet her – can benefit from.
Basically we would have hoped she would continue to help us in London.