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Nail Butter

I have been using this product for about 4 months now and it has fast become my favorite thing for taking care of my nails and cuticles. It got me through a long cold winter with my nails staying strong and peel free and my cuticles soft and supple. The consistency is so smooth and buttery (hence the name). It smells wonderful with the subtle gardenia scent and it soaks into your fingers without leaving a greasy feel. I apply it at least once a day and it truly makes such a difference in my hand care routine. I take pictures of my manicures for YouTube and my social media sights and I have no worries that my fingertips are in great photo shape with Nail Butter as part of my routine. The tin is very convenient to throw in your purse or keep on your bedside table and it come with enough product to last a very long time. It is well worth the price and your funds support a team that is using a family recipe to provide a product that they are investing their heart and soul into creating. I say great work girls and keep doing what you are doing! I have recommend Nail Butter to all of my friends and will continue to do so.

5 Stars

This stuff is amazing!! The only thing that works on my husbands nail/cuticle biting habit!!!

Love this product works amazing and helps my nails stay beautiful and cuticles stay healthy

Love, love, love your NailButter!! 
Excellent customer service!! Christina is an absolute pleasure

Love this product. It's easy to apply and leaves my cuticles looking and feeling soft. My nails feel stronger as well. The new gardenia scent smells amazing too!

I've only used this for a few days but my cuticles that were so cracked and dry are 1000% better! This product really works!

In just 3 days, I already see a difference! In my trial, I'm doing only the nails on one hand, and not on the other, so I can see the benefits with and without. My nail beds already look more bright and pink than the non-Nail Butter nails, too!

I received Nail Butter as a gift and it is a product I will be purchasing as gifts from now on. It is amazing. My brittle nails are now strong and healthy. I don't get hangnails anymore like I used to. I love going without nail polish now; a clear coat and I'm good to go. Love it!

I'm a busy mom who gardens and crafts. I wash my hands about 40 times a day, which results in uber dry skin. My cuticles were so dry and cracked until I tried Nail Butter. It really is a miracle worker, the hydration really sinks into the skin and lasts throughout hand washing. I will continue to use this product and highly recommend it.

I recently purchased this product and I love it very much, it's creamy yet massages into cuticles fast and does not leave them greasy. The fragrance (gardenia and lemongrass) are so pleasant - you must try them. I had a little problem with shipping - one of my items came within the box partially shattered - I made sure not to get cut by the glass then emailed the company ASAP. I got a response ASAP was truly shocked. Not only did Nail Butter replace the item they gave me extra. I have not experienced customer service so professional as this company in years. They listened, they answered and they corrected my problem. Ladies you are my kind of people and your product is heavenly. Keep making this great product and continue with your excellent customer service.

This product is incredible! It cleaned up my cuticles and my nails are longer and stronger! Buy it today!!

By far the best nail product I've ever used! I love everything about this product and can't imagine how my nails would look without it! I'm a forever user

I'm IN LOVE with NailButter! I do merchandising, so my hands and nails are put through a lot. Plus I wash my hands a lot. I swear by this stuff!!!

I have the driest worst cuticles and I keep this next to my sofa and put it in nightly. It's wonderful. Works like a charm. And the new gardenia scent is heavenly. Perfect.

I love Nail Butter! I tell all my coworkers about it! As a flight attendant, I wash my hands so many times a day and my cuticles were a mess and keeping a manicure for longer than a day or two was a pipe dream. If it wasn't a beverage cart or overhead bin, it was definitely one of the bazillion soda cans I pop open on a daily basis wreaking havoc on my poor brittle nails. I honestly had given up and just kept them trimmed until I started using nail butter. No more hang nails and ratchet nailbeds. This gal's now got a pretty mani that's healthier and stronger than ever.

Absolutely LOVE!