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Testimonial #1

I have been trading stocks for the past 17 years. During this time I have tried to "gain" in advantage in my game with self education, attending trading classes, subscribing to many trading sites and following Twitter. I am very opened minded on different views of trading, from simple use of technical analysis, Elliot Waves, Fibonacci retracements/extensions, money management (etc.). When I think about subscribing to a trading service the first question I ask myself is, "If this guy/team is so good, why do they need to run a site and take money from subscribers? Why don't they just trade themselves and make money that way?" I quickly find out about the scammers who promise the world, and find out they are only interested in my money, and not helping me out. And just like people in real life, there are those people that DO want to help others. Nassar of Nassar Investing is a person who wants to help and wants to teach. His site is by far the best service I have ever subscribed to and for the following reasons: #1 He is extremely knowledgeable. (He knows and uses TA, EW, Fibs, Money Management). #2 He is transparent. (He advises his subscribers of when he buys and when he sells.) This includes good and bad trades. #3 He wants to help the subscriber to be a better trader via either open forum or Direct Messaging. #4 He makes simple charts and videos that are concise and easy to understand. #5 But the most important feature of Nassar, is he loves trading and HE LOVES HELPING TRADERS GET BETTER. He is extremely energetic and it shows. I have never joined a service that have packed in so much info and teaching in one site. He reminds me of that one teacher in school that is very educated in his skills and LOVES TEACHING THE SUBJECT!! This guy is good at what he does!!!