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Healing Within

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Penrith NSW

Testimonial #15

Digestive issues/IBS

I came to see Rebecca at Healing Within as a desperate man. I was on the verge of losing my job due to effects from IBS, I had been struggling to string 2 weeks together without having to have sick days, it affected my family life an awful amount too, almost to the point of being housebound, going away or to a concert just seemed too hard, and before that point I had to give up my beloved Rugby Union due to not being able to go out for extended trips or exert myself. The pain in my intestines was crippling sometimes. The stress from not knowing when an attack was coming was always in my mind and embarrassing, I was constantly making up excuses to not be able to go to friends or family functions. I came to Rebecca a bit sceptical but thought stuff it , I have nothing to lose as none of the mainstream medical "experts" had helped me ( they were quite good at putting me on the merry go round and taking my money though), but after the 1st consultation and hearing her talk, everything she suggested made immediate sense (I couldnt believe all the other Drs couldnt think this way). I was taking blood pressure meds, reflux meds and had a box of Mylanta tablets by my bedside. After 3 weeks of following Rebeccas guide I was completely off the Nexium (for reflux) and after 2 months I was cutting my blood pressure meds in half....AND I lost HEAPS of weight. My GP is extremely happy with my progress and has suggested maybe the BP meds can be dropped if my condition keeps improving the way it has been.

You need to spend a bit more time in the kitchen, but trust me it is well worth the effort....and all my healthy food tastes much nicer now due to my tastebuds not being bombarded with processed foods and SUGAR...I can actually taste the natural sugar in foods now. In short Rebecca has changed (saved) my life and I wont hesitate recommending her to anyone that suffers from IBS or reflux issues. What she says isnt "hippy medicine" (as I 1st thought of Naturopaths that way), it is quite logical when you understand how everything reacts and interacts.Thank you from the bottom of my heart Rebecca


Sleep, Fatigue and Mood

I would highly recommend Rebecca as she has assisted me with several health issues (sleep,fatigue and mood)Rebecca knows exactly how our bodies work so she then in turn can provide the best treatment for the condition you have.Thanks again Rebecca.

Chronic IBS

I came to see Rebecca after becoming frustrated with my medical practitioners band aid approach to treating my IBS symptoms and not acknowledging or addressing the possible cause of my IBS. I found that Rebecca was very knowledgeable and provided easy to understand explanations of the potential causes of my digestive issues and how they could be treated by making simple dietary changes. Her treatment plans have been easy to implement and have made a significant improvement to my symptoms in a relatively short period of time. I would recommend Rebecca to anyone looking to help alleviate IBS symptoms as her approach has made a big difference to my symptoms and has had wider benefits on my overall health and well-being.

Years of chronic autoimmune

Bec is like no other naturopath I have ever seen. She has been able to cure and reduce symptoms I have had from Autoimmune disease that no other doctor, specialist or naturopath has been able to do for many years. I think the simple title of "Naturopath" is misleading and her knowledge expands well beyond this field to include "Functional Medicine" and other science specialities. She is not a jaded worker who just hands out the standard advice and medication, she is genuinely concerned and interested in your individual symptoms and conditions. I myself have a Bachelor of Science and spend some time looking up my own symptoms and issues and she is always at least once step ahead of anything I can find in the scientific literature. I highly recommend you see Bec to receive advice and knowledge you are unlikely to find anywhere else.


Before seeing Rebecca I had been suffering from horrible menopausal symptoms for over 6 months. I would wake in the night covered in sweat and struggle to get back to sleep. The worst part was the excessive hair loss, I was to scared to brush or wash my hair, I thought I was going to go bald. After seeing Rebecca the first thing I noticed was the night sweats and insomnia stopped. My hair took a little longer to stop falling out but after four weeks I was symptom free. Thank you Rebecca I feel myself again and my hair is growing back and looks thicker every month.

Coeliac & Thyroid Disease

I have lived with coeliac disease all my life, I was dumb founded at how Rebecca could tell me all the areas of pain within my body and better still how she explained the relationship between these life long pains and my incorrect nutrition. After doing exactly as she suggested I have come to realise how all my symptoms have fallen away one by one. Rebecca is truly amazing and well educated in her field and I am just one lucky person to have come across her, for my health's sake. She is truly magnificent.

IBS & Chronic fatigue

I saw Rebecca at Healing Within in Penrith regarding my long standing IBS and chronic fatigue symptoms. Rebecca unlike other practitioners listened carefully to my symptoms, she used her camera to take photos of my eyes. She put these photos up on her computer and explained in full detail what she could see. I am now a firm believer in Iridology, Rebecca picked up on many things, which she later confirmed by doing further Hair Mineral Analysis testing. I had to make some well needed adjustments to my diet and take a couple of supplements short term. After only 2 weeks my symptoms have halved, it has now been 3 months and I am feeling fabulous. My IBS symptoms are gone and the chronic fatigue minimal if at all. Thank you so much Rebecca. If anyone has seen other practitioners with no success I recommend seeing Rebecca at 438 High st Penrith.

Health improvements for the whole family

Rebecca is a very knowledgeable naturopath who is one of the best around. Myself and my family has had great health improvements with her help. My husband has seen many doctors, specialists and health professionals with little or no results. What Rebecca has achieved with addressing my husbands health issues in a few months is amazing. Rebecca gets to the core issues and treats the problem and not just the symptoms. She explains everything in a way that is easy to understand and makes the treatment as affordable as possible. Rebecca goes above and beyond for her patients and is truly a remarkable naturopath. I cannot recommend her enough.

Regained eye sight

I recently lost 80 % vision in my left eye due to blocked blood vessel most likely caused by my cholesterol levels, my eye specialist (Maquarie St proffesor) said there is nothing they can do to fix it and the damage is permanent. Bec was recommended to me by a friend and after seeing her she changed my diet and provided me with some herbal capsules which she said would most likely result in blood flowing back to my damaged eye and it may improve my sight. That was three weeks ago and upon seeing my eye specialist yesterday he was amazed in that I have regained 20% of my vision back. I firmly believe that without Bec's intervention and professional guidance she is the only reason I have gained some of my sight back. I am hoping that my sight will even get better as time goes on as I keep to my diet and medication that Bec recommended to me. If you have an ailment and getting no where with your Dr's advice / medication I strongly recommend seeing Bec. She'll fix ya, well done Bec and good luck

Digestive health - IBS

For the last four and half years I’d been seeing Dr’s, other naturopaths and getting tests to be told there is nothing wrong, it’s just IBS you have to live with it. Then in May this year my symptoms got to the point where I was giving up, I had no social life, couldn't eat much and everyday was a struggle to even get up…then I was introduced to Rebecca, and now I am a happier, healthier and more holistic person who now enjoys life! Thank you so much Rebecca for helping me on my healing journey.

Reflux and Heartburn

Thank you so much Rebecca for listening to my symptoms I am feeling so much better already. I saw so many other Drs and natural therapists before coming to you I really lost hope. I feel confidant in your explinations of whats happening inside my body and know what I need to do now so thank you.