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Healing Within

2/438 High Street
Penrith NSW , 2750

Years of chronic autoimmune

Bec is like no other naturopath I have ever seen. She has been able to cure and reduce symptoms I have had from Autoimmune disease that no other doctor, specialist or naturopath has been able to do for many years. I think the simple title of "Naturopath" is misleading and her knowledge expands well beyond this field to include "Functional Medicine" and other science specialities. She is not a jaded worker who just hands out the standard advice and medication, she is genuinely concerned and interested in your individual symptoms and conditions. I myself have a Bachelor of Science and spend some time looking up my own symptoms and issues and she is always at least once step ahead of anything I can find in the scientific literature. I highly recommend you see Bec to receive advice and knowledge you are unlikely to find anywhere else.


Before seeing Rebecca I had been suffering from horrible menopausal symptoms for over 6 months. I would wake in the night covered in sweat and struggle to get back to sleep. The worst part was the excessive hair loss, I was to scared to brush or wash my hair, I thought I was going to go bald. After seeing Rebecca the first thing I noticed was the night sweats and insomnia stopped. My hair took a little longer to stop falling out but after four weeks I was symptom free. Thank you Rebecca I feel myself again and my hair is growing back and looks thicker every month.