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Steven Judge Clinical Naturopathy

15/245 Chalmers St Redfern
Sydney NSW , 2016

Nicholas Foustellis

 I always feel so nurtured, not judged, listened to, and healed on the holy/one sense. Not just from you treatment plans and herbs, but purely being in your company. Your the true expression of a healer

Leanne Grant

I am so pleased I found Steven - he is an excellent practitioner with a very thorough approach. He is warm, understanding and genuinely cares about his clients. I couldn't recommend him highly enough!

Daveena Brain

Steven came highly recommended by a colleague. I went to Steven as I had some digestive problems, low energy and reactions to certain foods. After a few weeks on the plan he put me on I saw definite improvements, in all my problem areas. It was totally worth consulting him. [google review]

Grace R

Steve's holistic and investigative approach to health led to us treating my chronic psoriasis predominantly through diet, a simple yet crucially important approach I had not tried before. After testing for foods I was incompatible with, I slowly cut these foods out of my diet and even after 3 weeks of unrelated health problems, the severity of the psoriasis is still visibly reduced, which is incredible! So happy with the results and look forward to continuing treatment. Thank you Steven :)

Thalia Kouts

After searching for years, I finally found the holistic naturopath I was looking for! Steven's approach is thorough and is solution focused. Have seen excellent results and would recommend to anyone. I am a 'virtual' client and Steven has been accommodating to my needs via Skype and online purchases for vitamins, supplements etc. Works well :) Thanks Steven! 

Kate Oliver

Steven’s thoughtful, intuitive and methodical approach is great. He also has a “leave no stone unturned” attitude which is very helpful. Highly recommended. [google reviews]

Charlie Henry

Before I came to see Steven, i was struggling with anxiety and depression. After working with Steven, I have experienced profound improvements in my health and wellbeing. I would highly recommend Steven Judge

Stephanie Kouts

I have been seeing Steven for a while now and I can honestly say that he is truely one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Natropaths I have ever been to. Always available to answer all my questions and happy to help any time. Amazing!

Bradley Curgenven

Steven has restored my faith in Naturopaths.

I have seen a few Naturopaths over the years, but none have provided the care and personal advice that Steven provides. He genuinely cares about your well being and instead of listening to you ramble on and sell you a few supplements, he listens to you and treats you and your problems individually and holistically.

Always goes above and beyond. Can't recommend Steven enough. Do yourself and your body a favour! 

Andres Diaz

Steven was the first experience I had with complementary medicine, after years of struggling with anxiety and stress, Stevens’s treatments and holistic approach have helped me manage my symptoms. I would highly recommend Steven to anyone seeking naturopathic services in Sydney

Meherun Nisa

Over the last two years as Steven’s client, I have found him to be very considerate and accommodating. I have had previous holistic treatments from other practitioners for various ailments but I wasn’t ever 100 per cent satisfied. I like the way Steven works; his process of elimination, options for treatment and adaptability to my various dietary requirements have been great