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Jay Dakid

100 Parrot Dr
Shelton CT , 06484
United States


The book is extremely easy to understand and build your player to 99 easily, helped me build the best player I ever made

Massively informative.

I don’t know where to start... I was never really the most versatile 2k player but as of recently purchasing this ebook, I have been exposed to the information i’ve been missing about the mass game of NBA 2k!

Best 2K Guide

I have always been curious what build to make for 2K. This book has some of the best advice about how to build it, what the perks are, and why you would want it. It gives great insight to playing the game and how to master the grind. It helped me create a build that best suites my style of gameplay. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is a fan of NBA 2K!

Worth It!!

Very helpful and well worth it! I would definitely recommend it to any 2k player!