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Neurosculpt with Karen Shirlow

5 Kings Road
Coleraine Londonderry , BT513LN

Sort out your head!

Thank you so much for all you have helped me though. I have had demons following me, but you have got rid of them and my shoulders are so much lighter and life is easier to deal with now! I use your havening technique on myself now and it really helps to calm me!
You are awesome and I am so blessed to have met you!

Havening therapy - a very special technique carried out by a wonderful caring therapist

I have had about 8 sessions with Karen. Initially, the sadness within my heart and soul was all consuming, to the point that I was unable to speak to this wonderful lady. Through careful questioning, I was able to tell Karen about the deepest pain and heartbreak I have ever experienced. Karen’s gentleness, care, compassion and ability to speak to me from a place of love really helped me to see things more clearly. Karen used her havening technique and spoke to me about having a “healthy selfishness “ in order to get well again. She helped me to understand why I behaved in a certain way and, through this understanding, I realised it was up to me to change - by looking at my situations differently, by reacting differently and by not feeling guilty for taking time to myself. Karen’s advice was spot on and, even though it took a while for me to recognise what I had to do, I was able to do this without guilt. Karen built up my self esteem and gave me the support and encouragement to do this. I really cannot thank her enough for her very special type of therapy. You have nothing to lose by making an appointment with Karen.

Highly recommended

Karen is amazing! I have had havening treatments which were really helpful for me. Karen is so knowledgeable, caring and professional. I would highly recommend her!


The treatments I received from Karen put old memories to rest. I had severe social anxiety and other thing wrong This lady after 2 sessions made me fly and soar I’ve found the real me and have now been present in my life which I avoided for 35years. Miracles are happening everyday now I keep doing my homework and will have 6 monthly check ins I’m absolutely over the moon Karen is better than doctors and the tablets that were threw at me for years and no help. The medical faculty need to start using this kind of treatment and schools for stress and so on Amazing I have no words Thankyou Karen 😍

This therapy had changed my outlook!!

First off Karen is soo approachable and kind, she made me feel so at ease and that none of my feelings or worries where silly etc. She explained havening so well prior to our sessions and I was excited but nervous to begin.
I have had more traditional talking counseling and therapies before but this was just on another level.
Sometimes I find it hard to access my emotions but this opened my heart and I haven't released emotion the way I did for a long time. I felt lighter and not as laden down and after my second session I truly feel there has been a shift in me and how I feel about certain areas. I actually can't thank Karen enough for releasing me from feeling these rubbish thoughts!!!

Karen really helped me overcome my anxiety issues, such a lovely person too!


This technique really helped a lifelong fear of large dogs. Since receiving treatment with this practitioner I have had no other symptoms. Very professional and empathetic to work with also.

Karen can really help.

Excellent therapist. Caring and effective.

Amazing therapist with beautiful soul

I have been seeing Karen for a few months to deal with traumatic childhood events. I have had counselling before but never really got to the root of the issues. Within a couple of sessions with Karen we had resolved some deep rooted trauma and unearthed some more areas to be worked on. She utilises a number of techniques and works at your own pace. She changes her approach till she finds the best way to approach a problem and supports you the whole way. It is very obvious she cares deeply and these sessions have always felt safe. She has really helped me to gain a better insight into how my brain is wired and how negative pathways can be changed. Our sessions often have tears but always laughs. I would highly recommend giving Karen a call. She’s an absolute angel.

Fear of flying

I went to Karen as I had a fear of flying. We touched on other stuff which was buried deep in my memory. It's amazing how an event in your life can trigger so many other things. After seeing Karen I was able to go with my husband and daughter on a family holiday in a very rowdy flight to Ibiza and remain calm. I remembered everything that we went over and it really worked. Thank you Karen X

I honestly cannot recommend Karen highly enough. Her caring, friendly personality immediately put me at ease and I felt very safe to share the reasons for my appointment. I had one session of Brain Working Recursive Therapy with Karen and can't believe how much I have changed! My problem has gone completely and I am six weeks down the line from my appointment. Thank-you Karen :-) xx

Really helped me with a phobia, can't recommend enough!!

Karen’s Havening technique helps to not only get rid of the negativity for now, but how to think positively for the future. Her massages are brilliant too.

Karen's massages were crucial to regain my arm mobility, and her havening's method is a golden key to our inner freedom and peace. Highly recommended.

Just been for my second massage with Karen, amazing!! Cant wait to try the havening technique when am home next.thank you again Karen ���