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Nexus Tactical Laser Tag

2957 South 1320 West
Syracuse Utah , 84075
United States

We had Nexus come and run laser tag for my 8 year old son's birthday party. It was awesome. They set up at the park across the street from our house. We had 17 little six to nine year-olds running around having a blast. It occupied their attention and interest throughout the whole time we played. The kids just wanted more. Nexus was very professional. It was a great experience for all the kids. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again.

Awesome!!! Not your 2008 laser tag experience. You have a radical site to aim. I never wondered if i hit my target because they flash green when you shoot them. Highly integrated system. Think Halo with sniper rifles, battle rifles, shot guns ect.

Best laser tag experience ever. This isnt some cheap laser tag equipment. It's the state of the art and super fun to play with.

Loved the Nexus laser tag event. Nexus was professional, knew their equipment, ran different scenarios to keep it exciting, and made it so much fun!

Nexus came out for a group activity. They had all the gear and we played about 15 vs 15. Fun times. Highly recommend.

Love Nexus TLT!! Love that Nexus brings video games to life. The games get the kids active while having so much fun. This isnt your traditional laser tag. This is tactical laser tag experience, dialed in scopes with holographic sites and loot boxes. Tons of gun and game modes. Everybody needs to experience Nexus TLT.

So much fun! Definitely a great party experience and youth group gathering event.

THE NEXUS LEVEL is the new next level! I always strive for talk of the year birthday parties, Mike and Denise helped deliver that seamlessly! They had every angle covered, from start to finish! Their gear, system equipment, and expertise is incredible! Their follow through and communication is top notch!! My boys and their friends are still raving about their party of the year thanks to NEXUS!!

Lots of fun and very realistic. Even good exercise.

I have played in open play with Nexus many times over the last couple years. It is a blast every time I play. The different game modes and guns makes it a new experience each time.

We hired Nexus Laser Tag to provide a laser tag game night for our church's young women and young men group. It was such a hit! We had almost every person attend, and they loved it so much they have requested to do it again next year. Nexus came and put up lots of pop-up tents in our cultural hall, and had 35 sets of guns and vests for our kids. They ran around and shot each other for two hours, and didn't even want to stop when the activity was over. Definitely one of our best activities!