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Nonix, LLC

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Can I get some more??

This is an amazing product!  Using this product doesn’t take very much and I get superior results, not once, but everytime!!  From the slippery smooth skin to a longer lasting razor, I am very impressed with the ability to get such a close shave!  The only bad thing about this product is when my wife asks why I skip a day shaving!  I’d say she loves the product results as well!  Please make sure I can find this product in my area!  Thank you for letting me test this product!    


Ps…I have not had a single nick since I started using this product! 


PSS…Can I get some more? 

My husband loves it and so do I

Myhusband has been using your system and it has been working wonderfully!  So far no nicks, and an absolutely perfect shave every time!

For me, it's a complete winner!

I have used a number of products here in the UK including some with razor glide properties. I have to say though that your system is vastly superior. My one initial reservation was the separate components. Being a Londoner I don't like to hang about and my shaving is normally done in the shower. Having used your product over a considerable number of weeks now I can safely say this is not an issue and the professional quality of shave which your product delivers far outweighs the extra second or two it takes to apply the oil. In fact i'm probably up on time! the problem area over my Adam's Apple which I had to go over several times with conventional products and often nicked, is now clean shaved at the first attempt. For me it's a complete winner! 

Much better shave than I expected!

Having previously used standard gel or foam shaving products, I was not initially convinced that there would be much of a noticeable benefit to be gained from utilizing an alternative.  To say that I have been pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.  A+!

Great shave and longer lasting blades

I was amazed that a shave could get closer than I had experienced before, and that the quality of the blades could last so many weeks!

Great for my skin

I was concerned about trying this product as my skin is extremely sensitive and other shaving products normally leave me with an irritating rash.  I am really pleased to say that after using the product now for a couple of weeks, my skin feels much more energized, refreshed and healthier. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone similar to me who has sensitive skin."

Best shave I ever had

I finally used your system after not shaving for a few days and I can tell you it was the best shave I've ever had.  One swipe and my face was clean!

It glides

Blade seems to glide.  The two step oil and gel are much better than just foam or gel.

Skin feels great

Quite simply, I like the way my skin feels after I shave.  Thanks!

A Winner!

I believe it's a winner as I smell and feel so clean after this shave

I feel pampered!

For me, it's not about the blade.  It truly is about the clean, close, smooth shave and the experience.  I feel pampered.  I like it!!

Great Product

Just got to let you know Chris. I said to Kevin when I visited last night that I thought his skin looked amazing. I had forgotten that he was using this product till he reminded me. I have never seen Kevin's skin look so good. So,this product is a winner. Kevin's skin was glowing and he was glowing with my compliments. Xxx