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NPTE Final Frontier

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Can’t thank the NPTEFF team enough

Can’t thank the NPTEFF team enough. I followed your guidance and stuck to the plan and went into the test confident in what I knew. I will sing your praise to upcoming graduating classes. Thank you!

The place where work is cherished

And #NPTEFinalFrontier is the place where WORK is cherished better than WORDS! Thank you the whole team! I won’t write WORDS here, since my and my final Frontier team’s WORK is speaking aloud! Dr Bhupinder Singh has been an amazing mentor! I am so glad that we still have such knowledgeable, down to earth and selflessly helpful teacher like him in this world! I am not surprised or overwhelmed seeing this Pass result since Passing the test with such strong supportive study group has been like a cake walk for me! My Journey with #NPTEFinalFrontier has not been ended but it has got a new start since I made very good friends and I got a new PT Family!

The journey has just begun

I’d like to thank the entire Final Frontier team for helping me prepare for the NPTE in such a way as to make this possible! I highly recommend the Final Frontier course by Bhupinder Singh Sir for anyone who wishes to become a licensed Physical Therapist in the United States! The journey as a licensed Physical Therapist in the States has just begun, and I’m looking forward to growing more from here on.

After 4 Attempts, I Finally Saw the Word PASSED!!

Where do I even begin?! I'm a bit late posting this testimonial, probably because life got busy with things other than studying once I finally saw the amazing word PASSED back in July!! I can honestly say this would not have been possible had it not been for Dr. Singh, Dani Rosenzweig, and the NPTEFF live course! I had 3 failed attempts prior to finding final frontier, and once I spoke with Dr. Singh I quickly realized this program was just what I needed to succeed. He recommended a Licensed Study Partner, in which I was paired with Dani - and it made ALL the difference in the world! I cannot say enough good things about her. She truly devoted SO much time to me and her other students while we prepared for the exam. She checked in day and night to make sure we were feeling ok and to answer any and all questions we had. I was in complete shock when I finally saw that I had passed in July after 4 attempts. If you are struggling with this exam, look no further. This is what you need! I highly recommend the live course, as well as a private LSP. You will not regret it. Thank you again Dr. Singh, Dani and the rest of the NPTEFF team!


I was once reading people stories, I can't believe it's my time to testify. I remember when I was reading people stories and said to myself I will be testify to my pass. I know it's kinda of late for my review but I just cant fathom, I am on the other side. My story began on my first attempt Oct 2017 when I was so ignorant and highly underestimated NPTE. I enrolled in this prep course NPTE final exam, independent course. I thought too confident of myself but I failed to my 400s thanks goodness it wasnt less, perhaps I won't be testifying. I was ashamed to tell my friends I failed instead I lied, I just couldn't face them. I went into isolation, didn't want anyone around me until I found myself again. I retook the exam at the available slot Jan 2018 another huge mistake thinking I have seen it all. I can do this, I enrolled in another prep course TEP. She thought me how to read the stem to eliminate distractors in quest ions, that helped me a lot but it wasn't sufficient to get my 600s. I didn't have a structured reading and I only read what I have. I had no mentor to guide me, I did all practice questions. This boosted my score to 566. I was so angry at myself and cried a lot.. I was depressed but also encouraged that can do it again since my score went up. I took my time this time, I felt I failed on my second attempt due to insufficient time to retrace my mistakes and study more. I retook the exam again Oct 2018. I enrolled in NPTE Final exam another stupid mistake, I went back to the course that gave me 400s thinking I should just enroll in the live course since I already did it twice, i know the strategies of reading the stem properly, I should be able to pass. That was a false, I felt this prep course repeated the same from previous cohort WORDS for WORDS, there was no change or more areas you need to focus on for different months you are sitting for the exam. It was too late to back out I had paid for the prep course and felt defeated already. I sat for the exam and it was just like de javu of my 1st attempt. I didn't see familiar topics I have studied a lot on. I felt blank and told my husband I have lost once again. He encouraged me but I felt the defeat already. Like everyone do after NPTE, I reviewed my books to see if I got those questions I saw in the exams, i will cry when I know I didn't. On the day the results were out, I had the glimpse of hope that maybe I will see a pass. But you and I both know NPTE is not a gamble game, you will surely know if you did well or not in the exam. Of course I failed and even got lesser than 566 in my previous attempt to a score of 524. At this point I gave up. I lost all hopes in any prep course, I felt they were all scams and never check up on you after you fail. I told my myself and my husband that my 4th attempt I will do it myself, study and even shadow a licensed physical therapist in their clinic to have a better grasp on intervention. That was the area I felt less confidence in, because I am foreign trained. Then one day, I just decided to browse on the best npte prep course and I saw final frontier. I checked reviews which I never did in my previous attempts, I saw most of my colleagues in other prep course and PT school testify that they passed with final frontier. Mind you no one told me I researched final frontier myself. Just like someone out there is reading my story, I was once in your shoes reading other people story. I felt confident again, if this person I know could pass I believe I can. I immediately contacted Derek, he told me I could enroll early since the money you pay can last you for 9 months. Omg it felt like the real deal. Like most of you know most prep course out there is just for 3 months. I enrolled and contacted Dr Singh, I sent my performance scores to him and he gave me tips on how I can do better in interventions and non system domains. Those were my weakness and I struggled a lot in. I studied materials, followed diligently to the timetable, ohhh that was my saver. I had sat for NPTE 3 times but I didn't know so many topics that I felt I know. I re watched online courses after the live course and did all practice quest ions. Also this time I didn't enroll in PEAT because it was just repetition so I followed TED and scorebuilder, also final frontier practice exam. I focused on my weakness too. Dr Singh is actually a blessing to people like me that was struggling to pass. Omg!!! I have never seen a man so dedicated to helping people to be licensed. He is very calm and patient ready to listen and understand your questions. You already know I have seen other prep mentors none of them is ready to listen to your question during the live course, they will tell you to send a private email. Dr Singh will answer your questions live in the class and even dedicate extra time after the recording for questions. Can you believe it? Yes he does. I have sent in emails and used whatsapp group to ask questions to my fellow final frontier warriors. They helped me tremendously, Reka will give you all the pictures you need, Chase will give you all questions to study and rationale, David will give you all the encouragement you deserve to pass. God bless these people they are the best. You also have quizlet to quiz yourself at work or anywhere, I did that many times at work. I was continuously informed which I didn't get from other prep course, although I didnt have a private licensed study partner, you can have if that's what it takes to get a pass. But instead I went to PT clinics to shadow PTs since I couldn't get a PT aide jobs. I struggled and wept a lot at this point in my life. It was not any easy journey financially and emotionally but thanks to my husband who supported me financially with bills and others. I had to work part time to study more. On the day of my exam, the prometric center had technicial issues and we were given options to reschedule but I said to myself this is my time to be licensed God is with me. I sat in front of the computer recited my declarations I had made for my self that I have passed. I prayed to God to help me. Mind you I believe in God, i have fasted and pray a lot prior before the exam. I started section one and I couldn't believe i saw familiar topics that Dr Singh had taught us countless time, I said I know this. Till my 5th section I was smiling looking at the camera like wow these are topics I have tackled and dedicated time to study very well. I smiled out of the prometric center fulfilled that it was all over, the staffs in the center said I was the only one smiling out and I said I know I have passed and I can't wait to see those magical words on my screen. The staffs smiled and I called my husband that I will pass this exam this time. I was relaxed this time, didn't go through materials to check which questions I got right. I just believe it's over. Lo and behold on my result day, I waited for my husband to check my result, he lied to me I failed and started faking cry and I ran towards him that I needed to see it myself, that was when he laughed that I passed. I fell to my knees and cried that I finally saw those impossible words "passed". Words of advise to someone out there reading my story, you might have have your own unique story may be the 6th attempt but believe me if you enroll in the prep course, pray to God and trust in the Lord. You will definitely see your pass on that screen soon.

Falling short of words to express my feelings after seeing the word passed! Finally a licensed PT in USA

It feels so amazing to achieve this milestone in life. And I can't thank my parents enough who helped me through my thick and thin to achieve this, for constantly motivating me and for telling me I can do this ! I could have not done it without you being my constant support. Thank you Dr.Bhupinder Singh, Ravneet Singh and The NPTE final frontier for your guidance and help to make my dream come true. You guys are the best! I strongly recommend NPTE- The final frontie to everyone!


To be a licensed PT in US is like a dream come true. I would like to thank Dr.Bhupinder Singh who is not only a great mentor,motivator but a great person too.His dedication,hardwork towards his students is immense and he listens everyone and answers their queries patiently.I followed npteff timetable religiously, watched all content videos , took all practice tests that boosted my confidence.Moreover,the study material shared by Chase, David ,Reka in the WhatsApp group is really commendable.The questions shared by Chase in WhatsApp group are challenging and help you think through the topic.The photos shared by Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam are awesome as they store in your visual memory and they are good for quick review of topics.Most importantly, I would like to thank my study partner Ravneet Singh who constantly supported and helped me .He is always there to reply to your questions and without him it would not be possible.I am always grateful to all my study partners who were a part of my journey.Akansha is always there to help in clearing my doubts.I would say this is the best study program that is available which focuses on “Study Smart’’ rather than study hard!! Thank you again Chase Taylor for posting challenging questions in the whatss app group, it made me think hard and pushed me to go to textbooks for the answers. It helped me a lot. Also, thank you Dr.Bhupinder Singh for the boot camp, and final review extra classes. Boot camp gave me the real confidence. I highly recommend people to attend boot camps. It was one of the biggest advantage I got just before the exam.

What a journey!

I scored a 569 on my prior “2” attempts in January and April. I felt defeated and discouraged as I felt in my mind I had given it my all. I debated not taking the July exam to give myself a break and attempt again in October. I spoke with Dr. Bhupinder Singh who encouraged me to push hard and try again in July- I’m glad I did‼️ The full time course was a huge help. I changed my strategy. I started to fall in love with the learning process. I’m thankful for Dr. Singh and the entire Final Frontier Team! #PassWithPride #NPTEFF

Thank you Dr. Bhupinder Singh and NPTE- The Final Frontier for this success. I am forever grateful.

I'm very grateful. I will recommend NPTE FF to everyone

I'm not a fan of „big words” or „empty motivational speeches” so I will make it simple and straight. This was my third attempt and I passed. For the first time I felt that I know something about all questions in the exam, and that I know correct answer for most of them. For the first time I felt that I don't need luck, because my knowledge is just enough. Dr. Bhupinder and His Team are amazing. July 31 2019

I can’t believe the day has finally come to see the word “passed”!!

Thank you so so so so so so much Dr. Singh, David Friedberg, and Dani!!! I would not have been able to do this without y’all. Such a great program, y’all are awesome! August 1 2019

Now it’s time to celebrate!!

I have had a long rough journey since graduating. I failed the NPTE three times and was completely defeated. Without NPTE- The Final Frontier I honestly don’t know where I would be. I cannot express how thankful I am to the whole NPTEFF team. Seeing this on my screen today completely changed my life, and I can finally start doing what I am meant to do

I finally did it!

Thanks Bhupinder Singh for helping me to find the direction!

I am so grateful for this program!

I had so much anxiety about taking this exam all year and was not sure where to begin! The Final Fontier program was great! I loved having the timetable, readings, and lectures! Dr. Singh explained everything so well during the lectures and I was able to understand the concepts better than before! Thank you everyone on the Final Frontier Team for answering my questions and being so encouraging! I couldn’t have done without you guys! August 1 2019

Came across Final Frontier’s booth at the last CSM conference in DC. Anybody stopping by the booth had an opportunity to win a prize by spinning a wheel and I was fortunate to win the study bundle. Initially I was just happy to get another practice exam as i already had purchased score builders and therapy Ed. I used SB for the most part to prepare for my exit exam from my DPT program and while I was able to pass the test (it was a PEAT), my studying felt very unfocused. So when preparing for the NPTE, I watched all the live class videos and utilized many of the study aids (the quizzes mostly) and I felt much more focused in my studying. What I really appreciated from the course was tips on testing strategies and exam questions expectations that is just not provided by SB or Therapy Ed. I was able to pass on my first attempt and I highly recommend Final Frontier’s services for anyone considering them in preparation for the NPTE!

Graduate of NPTE Final Frontier University. My score of 1st attempt was 572 (72.5%) Now it is (87%), it is the same score of final frontier exam. Really I appreciate your efforts Dr.Bhupinder Singh You let me stick to the plane😄.

I am a man of few words. I will let my wife say what I cannot(please read below). I am speechless, grateful, and humbled. Do not give up on whatever you set your mind to, life is too awesome to live in regret! Thank you to NPTE- The Final Frontier for keeping my head in the game. If it would motivate someone out there who thought it was GAME OVER, know that it IS STILL POSSIBLE. We did it family!!

Thank u NPTE final frontier. Your program Study Bundle help me to passed in just 1st attempt. May your Review program be more success and become the number 1, not only in USA but in many other countries.