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Improved 58 points with NPTEFF, Failed 3 times prior

STOP LOOKING AT OTHER REVIEW COURSES AND PURCHASE THIS ONE!!!! It is with the utmost gratitude that I write this review. I took the competitor's course PT Final Exam and was VERY disappointed. There is not enough instruction and the NPTE is much more than what they provide. Will Crane's a good presenter but his course has many many gaps in it. Too much search and destroy in terms of trying to find answers to challenging questions. It may work for some but it did not work for me and about 7-8 people that I knew. Dr. Singh's course makes it so that you wont have to go looking into your books from PT school to find answers. He has the PDF versions of the actual textbooks for your reading that day. My 1st and 2nd attempt was with PT Final Exam, 3rd attempt I went solo with Scorebuilders basecamp and individual reading and missed it by a few questions. My 4th attempt was with NPTE Final Frontier, not only did I pass I improved my score by 58 points. Heed my warning if you want to get past the NPTE, take this live course and get yourself with one of the licensed study partners. You will not regret it, I am a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and practice owner thanks to dedication and perseverance and my support system at NPTE Final Frontier.

Thankful to Final Frontier Crew and Dr.Singh!

I am beyond blessed to have met Dr. Singh and Final Frontier! From the start of my long journey, Dr. Singh and his team had been there for me, always willing to help me and always answer questions immediately as well as clear any doubts. When I failed the attempt, I was truly devastated. But nonetheless, Dr.Singh continued to motivate me and said that I can make it on the next try and he assured me that he will do whatever it takes for me to pass. That's when I met Niraj sir, study partner. One of the best study partners ever!!! He emphasized so many important concepts and repetition and TED/other books were the major aspects of his teaching method. Niraj was always available to answer any questions and always provided me with resources and helped clarify concepts. His classes were truly helpful and was another major contributor to me passing! I am so very thankful to Dr.Singh and Niraj for trusting in me and always motivating me that I can pass the NPTE! THIS IS DEFINITELY THE COURSE YOU WANT TO TAKE TO PASS THE NPTE! No doubt! Your money will be worth it and Dr.Singh and his team members will do all they can to help you succeed!!!!

join with Dr Singh & his Final Frontier team with out a second thought

Hey, I passed in my first attempt. I am grateful to Almighty. I have graduated more than 20 years back and exactly one year back I arrived USA without any preparations for taking NPTE.I came to know about Dr.Bhupinder Singh and Final Frontier team thru Simrat,PT. I spoke to Dr. Singh and he said you will pass in your first attempt. It happened and I am grateful to Dr.Singh and final frontier team. If you are person seriously looking for a way to pass NPTE, I would suggest you, to join with Dr Singh & his Final Frontier team with out a second thought. The reason is that Dr. Singh & his team are highly organized, they will orient you regarding what to study, how to study and will help you to understand all difficult concepts in a clear and concise manner. The program is highly structed and goal oriented. One of the outstanding feature I noticed is that Dr.Singh will gradually and systematically build confidence in you along with the knowledge & skills to answer questions with clarity in thinking. I feel as an NPTE test taker this is what a person required. Once again thank you Dr, Singh & all team members of NPTE Final Frontier team.

This was my second attempt but certainly my last and extremely grateful for Dr. Singh and staff for their dedication to helping and encouraging students. I am full of so much gratitude for this moment. BEST MOMENT EVER!!!

I really want to thank Bhupinder Singh for making Final Frontier possible which was necessary for me to pass the exam

Where do I begin? This has been a crazy journey getting this far. Now that I see the glorious 6 letters show up on the screen, I don't even know what to do anymore. After juggling two jobs and contemplating if this is really for me, the new chapter can finally begin. I really want to thank Bhupinder Singh for making Final Frontier possible which was necessary for me to pass the exam. I couldn't have made it this far without the guidance of this course. If you're like me, someone who does well clinically but when it comes to theory and test taking, we don't do so well, this course is definitely for you. After making adjustments into how I'm supposed to absorb new information and change what I thought I knew, I succeeded! Also, if you're not a morning person, definitely definitely definitely take the afternoon exam, it helps!

I passed. Thank you final frontier. I did something untraditional, where I decided to take the exam early and do no studying ( I took a practice exam and did not pass by 1 point) . So my only studying consisted of listening to the shows via the study bund

thanks to Sir and his amazing staff my family and friends I have passed the NPTE and I am ready to start practicing

Sorry for the puffy eyes but there from tears of joy, I have been dreaming of this moment where I’d be putting my own personal testimonial. Well it’ll be somewhat short but sweet, this was my second time taking the exam and I prayed it be the last and thanks to Sir and his amazing staff my family and friends I have passed the NPTE and I am ready to start practicing. I promise to put in all those long hours of studying stress, tears, doubtful nights to good use. I PROMISE TO BE THE BEST PT possible and to treat all my patients with respect and care they deserve and that I wish would be given to my own family members. I know you guys may hear this a lot but don’t give up, even in your lowest lows God has a plan, he gives you battles you can defeat. So hold your head up high and go conquer that exam! Thank you also to all my classmates around the world you all made this a journey to enjoy 😉

Thank you NPTE- The Final Frontier for the knowledge you provided.

Alhamdulillah!! Finally saw the word passed! Thank you NPTE- The Final Frontier for the knowledge you provided. Thank you Bhupinder Singh. For your lectures! They were very productive and the practise question/answers slide incorporated in between the lectures made me listen to every classes of yours and reka for your daily postings.A very very Special thanx to Mona Mehraj you are the best and it was a blessing to have you as my license partner. Thank you for investing your time and effort while being a mother of two lovely twins and being there whenever we needed you. You made us learn in a conceptual way rather than mugging things up which will always stay with us. You are awesome and I am glad I met you. Heba Moustafa studying with you was so much fun with kids screaming at the back lol. Karen Deasis Garima BhatiaMrinal Gadhade Nandini Shah love our discussions together and my rescuer Hemanshi Bhatnagar who encouraged me in the last moment to go for the exam saying u can do it and yes I DID it. Thank you all 😊

I am forever grateful for this program and will recommend it to anyone needing assistance in passing the NPTE!!!

To anyone considering Final Frontier: Unfortunately, I failed the exam in January 2019 and was very discouraged and hard on myself. I had studied hard (maybe too hard?) for months, reading both the Score Builders and TherapyEd manuals, only to fall short. After the recommendation of a professor as well as a classmate, I looked into Final Frontier. This course quickly showed me that it was less about HOW MUCH I knew, and more about how to apply that information and WHAT EXACTLY the exam was looking for. I’m happy to report that in April of 2019 I passed the NPTE with ease! I am forever grateful for this program and will recommend it to anyone needing assistance in passing the NPTE!!! ANDY FINDLEY April 30,2019

NPTEFF is such an awesome program that provides the guidance and positive atmosphere to PASS the NPTE. Dr. Singh is truly the Dumbledore (Harry Potter reference) of the NPTE, trust his process!

First, I need to thank the Man Upstairs for giving me the strength to strive for this huge achievement. It’s been quite the journey and I couldn’t have done it without His grace and guidance. Furthermore, this accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of my awesome parents, family, friends, and mentors including Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the entire NPTE Final Frontier team! NPTEFF is such an awesome program that provides the guidance and positive atmosphere to PASS the NPTE. Dr. Singh is truly the Dumbledore (Harry Potter reference) of the NPTE, trust his process! It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to finally write out: Ashley V. Alvidrez, PT, DPT. Stay tuned for Part 2 soon☺️I remember having a phone conversation with Dr. Bhupinder Singh shortly after joining NPTE Final Frontier and I told him that my goal was to get my scores withheld. I was determined to do much better during my upcoming 2nd attempt. On April 29th, I received an email stating my scores were “withheld”! There are a few reasons why scores are withheld; in my case, I had a score increase versus my initial attempt. As I mentioned before, Dr. Singh is the Dumbledore of the NPTE! I owe the entire NPTE Final Frontier a huge thanks for guiding me towards achieving my goals. Below are a few things I did to prepare for my 2nd and final attempt at the NPTE (by all means, feel free to message me if you have any questions!): 1. Have a consistent life, study, work, family/friend fun schedule. What I mean by this statement is that it is important to manage your time appropriately and keep a healthy balance. Below was my typical schedule: 1. Monday-Friday: 1. 6:30 am —> gym (love my gym family!) 2. 9 am - 2:00 (sometimes noon or 1 pm) —> study time with small breaks (40 minutes:10 min break) at my local coffee shop (shoutout to Global Coffee in El Paso, TX check them out!) 3. Afternoon-Evening: flashcard reviews, practice “dump” sheet 2. Saturday: attend class, 2-5 hours of studying 3. Sunday: 2-5 hours of studying, working on assignments 4. Fun time with friends/family at least 3-4 times a month. It is possible to do if you manage your studying time appropriately. 2. FOLLOW THE TIMETABLE! I stuck to the timetable to the T! I used the resources recommended by Dr. Singh and took thorough notes on a 5 subject, college-ruled, spiral notebook. About 90% of that notebook is filled with notes! I made sure to cover each topic of the day. 3. Attend EACH CLASS. It is extremely important to attend each class! Dr. Singh does an amazing job explaining concepts and providing test taking tips! 4. Review each rationale for the practice tests you take! Yes, even the questions you get CORRECT! It is important to understand whether your reasoning was correct and the WHY behind the answer. Practice tests give you a great insight about approaching questions you could see in the NPTE. 5. Surround yourself with POSITIVE PEOPLE. I am blessed to have such an amazing support system including my parents, family, mentors (all of my previous clinical instructors), and friends. I even met some incredible people through NPTE Final Frontier who were there to lift my spirits up and provide me with tips to approach studying (shoutout to Steven Castro ! I truly appreciate you answering every one of my messages and all your positivity!). This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing support system!

A big shout to my NPTE final frontier

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." I am Foreign trained physical therapist from India, who graduated 12 years ago , mother of two ( 9 and 4 year old) . I moved to New York after passing my PTA last year and decided to work , after working for 3 months I realized NPTE is demanding and one needs to not only work hard , but smart. Nobody else but NPTE Final Frontier helped me achieve my dream of becoming a licensed physical therapist in USA. A perfect recipe needs right amount of spices and ingredients for it to be an exceptional dish . Let me introduce NPTE- The Final Frontier prodigy Dr. Bhupinder Singh , a most humble person I have come across, had a privilege of meeting him in person , words would never suffice if I have to talk about him. Dr Singh has a unique way of explaining vital Musculoskeletal concepts ( heavily tested section on NPTE exam) and has a great mastery of NPTE blueprint , examination gimmicks and his unparalleled pragmatic approach towards every student, which opens the doorway to success. Timetable perfectly organized from NPTE blueprint perspective. Live classes, Bonus classes, Boot- camps, facebook page , Instagram community , NPTE final frontier app, Whatsapp group, Quizlet, to sum it up ONE STOP SHOP for PASSING NPTE in you next attempt. I equally owe my success to my Licensed study Partner Niraj Tankaria, recommended by Dr Singh and my close friend Shilpa Chaudary . Niraj is a marvel and a virtuoso , when it comes to being your study partner. He understands every individual’s needs and accordingly gives you daily tasks and takes updates. His unmatched dedication towards late night classes, one on ones sessions, solving practice questions with tactics, RAPID FIRE’s and Mega class before the exam are beyond description , I am sure everyone in Niraj’s group will agree with me on this. He pushed to bring the best out of me. His competence with review books like Therapy Ed , Kisner , Sullivan etc is phenomenal . In other words he is a man who never sleeps and hence always accessible 24X7. He is simply the best without doubt . A special mention to Nidhi Shah , Genius with crystal clear concepts , who managed Niraj’s whatsapp group with outstanding practice questions and brief rationales and more over a great friend. I want to thank almighty god for his hand upon me , my loving husband who supported unconditionally , my parents and family . A big shout to my NPTE final frontier friends Shilpa Chaudary, Prathyusha Lanka and Navdeep Sharma . Kudos to Rekha, Aks, Mona and Chase for posting pictures , questions and detailed explanations in chat group . Last but not the least, everyone who has been a part of my success story.

Thank you to Dr. Bhupinder Singh for an excellent prep course. It came recommended to me by a classmate, and I was very happy with the content and structure. Also, I was impressed by the level of Dr. Singh's involvement. It seems there are more and more choices for prep classes, and the array of options was getting confusing for me. So happy this is available. Thank you.

I am so thankful for Dr. Singh’s videos, encouraging words

7 years and 10+ attempts later, I am so proud to say that I am a Licensed Physical Therapist in NY!! I was starting to think this dream of mine would NEVER be a reality but God made a way to introduce me to NPTE Final Frontier through a friend and allowed me to have multiple appeals even when the board had their own restrictions. It’s been 9 months since I joined Final Frontier but was not officially a student until past few months. I am so thankful for Dr. Singh’s videos, encouraging words when I thought I would fail again, organized time line by the entire FF team, bonus material, practice questions, and just his availability to answer questions at any time of the day. I also want to thank my study partner Priyam Mehta who is so knowledgeable in this field and was very tough on me during this last attempt which was much needed. She made herself ready to answer questions via texting, audio messages and live sessions. I am so thankful for you Priyam. God used all these resources and test taking strategies to finally allow me to pass. If I can do it after these many years, I truly believe anyone else can do it. Thank you to Chase, Rekha, and David for keeping us all engaged on the what’s app group.

) I am convinced that Dr Singh and “The Final Frontier team “deserved this recognition

Im a bit shy doing this testimonial because I graduated 18 years ago and have worked in corporate world. I am doing this as a sign of gratitude. I am convinced that Dr Singh and “The Final Frontier team “deserved this recognition. They were a big part of my FIRST AND LAST attempt for NPTE. Sa aking mga kababayan na patuloy na nangangarap, I highly recommed Final Frontier. Please take the FULL LIVE CLASS. Dr. Singh rebuilt my foundation and enhanced my clinical application. You can send me a PM, if you have any queries. Thanks again Final Frontier team, specially to you Dr. Singh. Mabuhay ka!

Thank you to the entire NPTE final frontier team for making my First attempt the last one

The golden word I always dreamt to see .. Completed my Master's from the USA two and a half years ago and moved back to India for work.. I never imagined I would be able to balance work in India and NPTE preparations at the same time, managing the different time zones. Thank you to the entire NPTE final frontier team for making my First attempt the last one. Special thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh for the amazing lectures and planned study schedule. Also a special thanks to Dr. Ravneet Singh for always helping me go about with the study preparations.

Final Frontier and its leaders do extremely well and I owe them many thanks

Many appreciation posts will continue to be posted in this group in the coming days. I want to add to the pile of "thank-yous". I began studying nearly a year ago and went through a difficult time in my personal life. I found Final Frontier on recommendation from a friend, and I am glad to have crossed paths with this program. No study program is perfect, but Final Frontier and its leaders do extremely well and I owe them many thanks. I was not the greatest student but I benefited greatly from having a timeline to follow. My biggest help, however, was the "non-academic" help and encouragement I received from Jyoti Panchal and Bhupinder Singh. As I mentioned, it has not been a great year for me, but Final Frontier was there to provide the moral support I needed to at least attempt my first (and yes, last) attempt at the NPTE. The few phone calls I shared with Jyoti and Dr. Singh made a big difference for me personally. It is refreshing to find such caring and human leaders who are not out for your money, but to help others wherever they are at in their journey. With all due respect, I am glad I do not have to listen to Dr. Singh´s lectures, because it means I passed the NPTE. I wish the whole Final Frontier the best in the future and I applaud your mission. If I could pass the NPTE, anybody can, and Final Frontier was a huge part of that journey. Thank you also to Ravneet Singh for your advice on preparing this exam

She introduced me to Dr. Singh and NPTE Final Frontier and the result is in front of you

Hello friends and group members, Few months back I read a post from Simrat on how she scored so well on NPTE and she offered to help everyone. She introduced me to Dr. Singh and NPTE Final Frontier and the result is in front of you. I want to keep the tradition going of helping this wonderful group. I wanted to share some tips and strategies with everyone to help pass the NPTE. 1. Be Gold- As we learned in classes, NPTE is about following protocols and procedures as given in textbooks. Things in clinic might be different but NPTE is just an entry level exam. 2. Avoid going to Assumeland- Very often we gets distracted with the question and start assuming the patient's condition and symptoms. Just go by the face value of the question and don't fall for 'what if the patient also has this'. 3. Treat the course like a full class, not just a prep course. Listen to the class live (if possible) and recordings the last month before the exam. Everything is covered according to the NPTE syllabus. We are lucky to have a brilliant professor who is teaching all these concepts in a simplified manner. Finally, Be Yourself. Study the same way you used to study in undergrad, don't get distracted by someone studying 15 hours a day, focus on your quality time with books and get good with concepts. I am sure you all can do this! I will be happy to help anyone. Please feel free to contact

Big Big Thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and his 11 weeks live classes

Finally, I see the magic word “Passed” To become a PT in US is like a dream. I couldn’t believe I made it. First of all, I would love to thank my wonderful family and friends who always supported me. Secondly, Thank you Niraj Tankaria and Singaraiah Swarna. They were introduced me to Bhupinder Singh and study partner. They always encouraged me and answer questions when I have some doubts. Thirdly, Big Big Thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and his 11 weeks live classes. It is very organized with a time table which go through every topic that were covered in the exam. Also, Ravneet Singh, my licensed study partner who always encouraged and helped me with my doubts and weakness. I remember, Ravneet told me the key of success is consistency and believing in the system. Staying positive during the exam is very important. It helped me get through the hard questions. I also must thank all my study partner group that helped me by discussing the practice exam questions, clearing up my doubts and weakness area. Finally, I would like to thank the Final Frontier team, Rekha, Aks, David and Chase who regularly posted questions, examples, and answered questions on the WhatsApp group and during the live classes.