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NPTE Final Frontier

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Worth every penny

I felt overwhelmed with the material that I needed to study. Moreover, I was getting low scores on my practice exams. I found out about Final Frontier through facebook. Bhupinder taught all the concepts that I struggled with. He gave me the confidence I needed to cross that last hurdle. After deffering my exam in July to October, I finally took it. I saw a lot of questions that were based off the concepts learned in this class. With hard work, and perserverence, you WILL get through the NPTE. Bhupinder and all the staff members are incredibly dedicated and helpful with any concepts you need clearing. I'm happy to say that I passed on my first attempt and that I am now a licensed PT. Thank you again final frontier team! I HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone who needs help clearing the NPTE. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Absolutely Recommend

I honestly would not have passed if it weren't for Dr. Singh and the NPTE Final Frontier Team. I tried a different course during my last attempt, but it wasn't enough for me and I failed with a score of 583. The final frontier live course helped me jump 70 points from my previous attempt!!! He provides great examples and practice questions to make learning the concepts a breeze. He also provides a structured syllabus with books, page numbers, and topics to read each day. I remember 3 weeks before the exam I did poorly on one of my practice exams and was contemplating rescheduling, but Dr. Singh took time out of his busy day to call me to give me motivation and tips. It's unbelievable how patient and caring Dr. Singh is. It was just the final push I needed to crush the exam. Thank you all so much again!

Dr. Singh is genuine, knowledgeable and supporting

Congrats to all those who hv passed Npte! In my experience , Npte does not just test your knowledge, but it is a test of your stamina, time managing ability, presence of mind , sustained attention, nd so! I want to share my experience and about my mentor Dr Bhupinder. From my experience I can strongly say that sir know exactly what it requires to pass Npte . It’s all about how well you know the content,not how much you know. If you are really looking forward to crack this exam then I definitely recommend his preparation class which does not only help you to understand the concept but also other areas like, improve your stamina(5 hours class ), answering with in the required time (rapid fire)etc. It is a blessing to have a teacher who is genuine, knowledgeable and supporting personality like Dr Bhupinder.

Thank you NPTEFF for the support

Finally did it. Passed NPTE with pride and become license PHYSICAL THERAPIST(PT) in USA. Thank you dr Bhupinder Singh and their team ,my family and friends for ur constant support to become licence PT.

Passed PTA and PT in one cycle

This is my second testimonial. Those you had read the first one already know that I had taken the PTA exam on October 3rd and passed. For them, this is an update – I passed the PT exam as well. And if you haven’t read my last testimonial, please do.
After I got my PTA results, it took some time for the good news to sink in, and then very quickly the urgency of the PT exam became reality. I started to get very nervous about the PT exam (this was my 5th attempt) and often felt as if I wasn’t ready to take it in October. I had almost made up my mind to withdraw from the exam and take it in January. But both Dr. Bhupinder Singh and Mona Minhaj(my licensed study partner) kept encouraging me. Just like last time, they believed in me more than I did in myself. I’m glad I listened to them and took the exam. When the result came out, I was one of the folks whose score was withheld (still a mystery, why) and had to wait another 3 days. Those 3 days were the most difficult – but the wait eventually ended well and I finally saw the word “PASSED” on my FSBPT dashboard.
The journey that started 8 years ago is finally over! The six months I spent with NPTE Final Frontier taught me how to approach the test, how to focus and most importantly, how to believe in myself again. Thanks a lot to Dr. Singh who is probably one of the best teachers I’ve learnt from, and special thanks to Mona(my Licensed Study partner) for being there for me through out this journey. Dr. Singh's classes are very well structured and well organized. Along with the classes, the npte final frontier app, everyday timetable, extra questions on every topic, quizlet, boot camps on Gait, prosthetic-orthotics, non system and his encouraging, comforting words in every class are priceless. He's always very patient towards students and never gets tired of answering our questions.The level of detail he can get in with such simplicity using real examples and comparisons is amazing!! And Mona, I can't thank you enough!! You're always so persistent and patient with me and helped me clearing all my silly doubts. Helping me in getting into the root of problem and strengthening my fundaments and basics. I still remember I asked you COG doubts at least 10 times and you always answered so patiently with example. You used to sit with me till late in the nights and solve all my doubts. Comforting me when I was in a state of panic and always trusting in my abilities.You showed what my strengths and weaknesses are and worked on them. Pushing me to do more and more tests and how I got better with time I never realized. Trust me guys- Dr.Singh's team is amazing and will help you in every step in passing the NPTE. Thanks to my dear study partner Nandini for the numerous discussions, solving questions, motivating each other and cracking jokes during those sleepless night and get back to books again. Also, it was fun to be part of our little girl group with Mona, Heba, Nandini, Mrinal, Nabiila, Hetali, Vrinda, Sherina, Karen and Hemashi. It was a wonderful journey with y'all! Thanks Akanksha Sharma for guiding me for the JAM and doing all the background work for us!
For those who didn’t make it, I would just say – Cheer up and let not the small failures in life kill your enthusiasm. Try again, start fresh, and you will succeed next time. Keep believing in yourself and dive in again! As Thomas A. Edison once said, "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." My only tip is- every time you study a topic, think whether you can answer questions after understanding the concepts. Please watch more and more videos on all the conditions and discuss with your friends. This exam is very analytical so try to solve all the questions given by Dr. Singh and attend all his classes. For those who are looking for a prep course for NPTE, don’t think twice – NPTE Final Frontier will give you a structure that will work for you. They will teach you how to tackle problems intelligently, even if the answer doesn’t come to mind right away. Good luck in your journey, and remember – hard work does pay off!!

Thank you for your support and guidance

Thank you to Dr. Singh and the Final Frontier team for all your support and guidance! I am so grateful for it. This feels surreal, finally a licensed PT! Although I could not attend all the live classes, @Bhupinder Singh sir's constant motivation helped me to keep working hard and in the end it was all worth it!!

Highly structured and genuinely targeted towards the success of students

I joined the PhD program after coming to US and all those years while I was working on my research and dissertation, I lost touch with most of the PT related stuff. I studied on my own and appeared for the examination but it was an unsuccessful attempt. With two kids and a full time job, it seemed impossible for me to find enough time to cover all the material for the examination. I needed a clear direction; and then I got introduced to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the Final Frontier team. I am so glad I joined the Final Frontier program which is highly structured and genuinely targeted towards the success of their students. With all the guidance from Dr. Bhupinder Singh and Ravneet Singh, I finally made it!!! I would like to thank Dr. Bhupinder Singh and his whole team for being always available and for providing me with appropriate resources to succeed. Dr. Singh’s lectures are very clear and to the point and he is ready to explain things as many number of times as needed. I would especially like to thank Ravneet Singh; it was because of him that I could keep up with the timetable otherwise it was so easy to lose momentum with kids and busy work schedule. His discussion classes were really very helpful. He explained all the difficult concepts with a logic and made it so easy to understand that I never had to memorize what we covered in the discussion classes. Some of the topics like GAIT and ECG were covered so well that I will probably never forget those topics. There is no doubt that he goes over and beyond in making sure we understand and are critical as well as clinically thinking while analyzing the multiple choices. He is very encouraging and supportive and instilled confidence in me whenever I felt a little low with my confidence level. Ravneet, you rock!!Thank you so much to the whole Final Frontier team especially Dr. Bhupinder Singh and Ravneet Singh for helping me see the magical word “passed” on my screen!! I cannot thank you enough for this!!

Forever grateful to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the Final Frontier Team.

I passed on my 5th attempt and I wouldn't have reached this point without them. It was a long and difficult journey for me but it paid off, working a full time job and sometimes missing live classes due to work or driving home while attending the class. We all need to sacrifice something to achieve success. Thank you so much and Congratulations to the whole team!!For the people who did not make it or will be taking the test, just trust the process and be patient. Never give up.

Study smarter not harder

I cannot believe I’m saying this but I’m a licensed Physical Therapist in the US now!! Scores were withheld and just released this afternoon!! I would’ve never thought this day would come. I cannot THANK GOD enough. God has given me so much strength that I was able to overcome this. My family stood with me when I quit my job and decided to study for this exam.I came across Final Frontier somehow and decided to sign up. I knew it wouldn’t hurt. Obviously studying alone and only from the books did not work the first 3 times so I had to do something else. I can say for a fact that I would not be writing this today had I not signed up for Final Frontier. The lectures by Dr. Bhupinder Singh and Dr. Nupur Hajela cleared so many concepts and covered so much material that I would’ve never read in detail in books. His style of teaching increased my confidence and enabled me to understand the complex material. Even during the exam, all I kept saying was, “holy crap, I would have totally answered it differently had it not been for the lectures.” I believe this is what made the difference in me passing this time.To all the future students, please do not give up. They key is to study smarter, not harder. It will not help studying for hours and hours. It will help if you only study for a few hours but study the right material and the right away (NPTE Final Frontier classes) and be more balanced in your life. In the past, all I did was just study study and study. And it DID NOT WORK. This time, I was way more all rounder and comfortable in everything in life. I signed up to go to a gym – Zumba and Yoga! These are the little things that I think matter more than people give credit. It keeps you physically but more importantly mentally healthy. I think doing stuff like that helped me concentrate more and grasp more. I took many practice exams. Taking these exams will train your mind. You will understand your weaknesses and increase your endurance. Even if you’re not doing well on your practice exams, do not give up but try to understand the concepts.Even if this is your 1st time taking the exam or your repeat attempt, please sign up for NPTE Final Frontier classes. I cannot stress this enough. After going through the classes, it was the first time that I felt confident before the exam. Thank you Dr. Singh!!!! I owe you big time!!! Good Luck everyone!!

Dr. Singh is a great mentor and makes the concepts easy and simple

With the grace of God I cleared my NPTE ,so joyful to see the magical word PASSED, it's so difficult to make this achievement without the guidance of Dr. Bhupinder Singh Sir many thanks for you and your awesome team. I can't forget your encouragement for me,and all our negotiations during the live classes, you made all concepts very easy and simple for me. Your words in the last night before exam through what's app( Maged,I believe in you) those words make me positive and was confident to make it.Thank you so much Sir, thanks Reka, thanks Mona thanks for all team who helped me alot.To those who couldn't make this time, don't give up just relax and be confident, you will make next attempt and follow our great mentor Dr.Singh....God bless all

This is this best review course

Passed NPTE on my 2nd attempt!!! I felt so hopeless after my exam since this October exam was way harder than my July exam! But with the help of NPTE Final Frontier team, especially Dr. Singh, I passed my NPTE with pride!!! They give all the review materials you need and they really let you focus on your weaknesses! I just followed the time table, made notes out of it, never missed live lectures and believed what Dr. Bhupinder Singh always tell me that I can do this and I will pass! So far, this is this best review course I know!THANK YOU SO MUCH Dr. Bhupinder Singh and NPTE Final Frontier Team!!!! You guys are the best!!! Thank you for making my 2nd attempt my LAST attempt!

NPTEFF made my second attempt, last attempt!

Thank you to Dr. Singh and the NPTE- The Final Frontier team for making my second attempt on the NPTE the last attempt. I can not express my gratitude enough for helping me to achieve this goal. If anyone out there is thinking about this prep course I would highly recommend it, taking the live course was 100% worth it.

Thank you for making my dream come true

How should start a story even when you can't believe it's real yet ! here we go... on my first attempt I failed with a score of 586, was hard because didn't get it but still within my expectations due that I'm a foreign trained PT, for my 2nd try, after read a lot of testimonials I felt very motivated and I joined The NPTE Final Frontier team and guess what? I failed too i got 594, in that time i cried a lot, I felt really bad because this journey involves your whole family so when I failed twice I felt that I was disappointing them, but i talked with Dr Bhupinder Singh and he encouraged me up, he told me "you will make it next time" and I believed him because he's not just the typical coach, he's an angel from God to help us, he really take care about each student, I'm still wonder how he can be professor, coach leader, researcher, director of PT clinic and Gait laboratory, husband, father and much much more. I don't have the proper words to say how thankful I am but my heart is plenty of good feelings for all the Final Frontier team , a super big thank you for each of you, you're the best team ever, thanks for help us to make our dream true. This coaching program really change our mind about how to deal the NPTE with a lot of tools (FF app, Quizlet, FB and Whatsapp groups...) Dr Singh's program is not only about knowledge, it's about heart and passion for teaching, for God's glory and thanks to Dr Singh's guidance, finally I passed on my 3rd attempt (I'm still in shock), i just notice today because my score was witheld and released today. Dr Bhupinder Singh and team made of this one my last attempt. If you didn't make it, you're not alone, the Final Frontier family will help you to reach the goal out and you will be the next on write the testimonial, trust on yourself you're stronger than you think. All my admiration and respect to Dr Bhupinder Singh and super big thanks to the most efficient manager ever, Derek Camilleri. Thanks to Akanksha Sharma, Mona Minhaj ,Niraj Tankaria, Ravneet Singh for your support and assistance. God bless you all and always be gold!!

Systematic and Effective

I never planned on coming to the United States or working here as a PT. Life had other plans for me and I got married to an American and was thrust into the madness called NPTE and NPTE prep. A friend who had previously attended Dr Singh's lecture recommended the NPTE Final Frontier to me and I have been saying this ever since and will probably reiterate a million more times through my lifetime - Best decision that I ever took. Dr Singh brings method to this madness. The timetable is so structured and efficient that without browbeating you end up finishing all the important topics. The live classes are the part of the program I love the best. Dr Singh is a magician and makes the most impossible seeming topics so easy that you end up wondering what all the fuss was about. The WhatsApp group and the Facebook group are very helpful too in terms of getting quick answers to any and all doubts and even doses of much needed positivity. I found the app useful in accessing the audio bundles and solving the question of the day. Everybody on Dr Singh's team is super efficient and helpful. I highly recommend the NPTE Final Frontier for all the PTs intending to take the NPTE. Does not matter if you are a foreign trained PT or a freshly graduated PT from a US university or a repeat attempt PT... This course is tailor made to cater to all your needs. Do the course, attend the classes and follow Dr Singh's advice to the 'T'. No dream is too big or impossible.

Confidence to pass on 1st attempt!

Awesome program with lots of structure and support to give you all the tools and confidence to ensure you pass on your first attempt! Would totally recommend this course to everyone!

Dr. Singh is an amazing teacher

Final Frontier has been a game changer in my NPTE journey. This was my first attempt and the journey wasn’t easy but was totally worth it. Dr. Singh is an amazing teacher with a knack of explaining the most difficult concepts in the simplest possible way. The weekly lectures by Dr. Singh helped solve not only my doubts but also my anxiety about difficult concepts. We corresponded after every practice exam I took, and he would tell me how to proceed for the next one. Following the time-table made it very easy to complete the syllabus on time. The Final Frontier App was the icing on the cake. Everything from the recorded lectures to weekly assignments and question of the day was at the tip of our fingers. With the Final Frontier family, you get a complete package!!! A big shout-out to Mona Minhaj for being my guide and a wonderful friend who was so supportive and encouraging since day one. You believed in me and were so motivating when I was stressed. I shall not forget the innumerable Skype sessions and endless phone calls working on various strategies and solving doubts. Also, cheers to all my friends on the Final Frontier WhatsApp group who made this journey less daunting and a lot more fun.

Follow the timetable

PASSED! Thank you Lord God! He never failed to surprise me. Took the NPTE for the first time, and my score was withheld. It isn't easy to be positive when you are a pessimistic person. Thank you, Dr. Singh for the guidance. He is indeed the nicest and most patient one! Doesn't matter if you purchased Study Bundle, Diagnostic Session or Full Live Course, he wouldn't think twice to respond to your messages.I am so grateful to be part of Final Frontier! For those will take the January NPTE, just FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW the timetable and do WHATEVER Dr. Singh says! If he says you will pass, YOU WILL PASS!!! ;) Thank you Final Frontier Family!

Thank you for helping me pass NPTE

LICENSED PHYSICAL THERAPISTI would like to express my warmest gratitude for the insights, information and knowledge that you have provided during the course of the review. It has been a season of knowledge overload. It was not that easy to remember all the things that I have learned, but I can say that my dream has come into realization. I have SUCCESSFULLY PASSED the LICENSURE EXAMINATION and I owe a part of this success to THE FINAL FRONTIER.Working and studying at the same time is not an easy road to success but with a strong heart and determination, nothing is impossible. THANK YOU DR. BHUPINDER SINGH and the rest of THE FINAL FRONTIER TEAM.May you help more aspiring professionals through the endeavors that you do.Thank you so much. God bless you always!