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NPTE Final Frontier

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A structured approach to passing the NPTE

Following graduation I knew that I would need a structured study plan to study for the NPTE. During my DPT curriculum we had 3 qualifying exams. 2 of those 3 exams I didn't pass on first attempt. I did not want this to happen to me again so I purchased the study bundle with the hope that the timetable and recorded lectures would get me over the 600 hump on the first attempt. Over the 8 weeks that I studied (I started studying a couple weeks late) I found great value in having a guided plan that made my studying very purposeful. I really enjoyed the recorded lectures as well. I found that to be most helpful aspect of the study bundle. After anxiously waiting for about a week after the NPTE, I saw those magic words that I have dreamt of seeing since I was in high school--PASSED. And not only did I pass, but I passed with a score greater than 700! I cannot thank Dr. Singh enough for this program. Not only did he prepare me to take the exam and pass on first attempt, but I also feel that I have become a better physical therapist with a greater knowledge base as a result of the study bundle. Thank you again, Dr. Singh!

Be sure to pass on your first attempt!

As someone who struggled through PT school, I knew the NPTE wasn't going to be a breeze for me like it would for some of my classmates. After graduation, I immediately starting looking at prep classes to take because I wanted to be sure to pass on my first attempt. I came across NPTE Final Frontier and saw very positive testimonials about the class. I also spoke to a friend of mine who graduated a year before from the same program to ask her how she prepared. I learned that she unfortunately failed the NPTE twice until she came across Final Frontier and she said her score jumped 100 points after taking the course, resulting in her passing the NPTE on her third attempt. Once I spoke to her, I knew this class was for me. Final Frontier taught me concepts that I realized I never fully grasped in PT school. The timetable and live courses were incredibly helpful and made me stay on track throughout the summer studying for the July exam. I am happy to say I passed on my first attempt following Dr S's guidelines and advice and ultimately it made me feel more prepared starting my first job as a licensed physical therapist!

Finally passed my NPTE and officially Licensed PT in USA!!

It’s like dream come true!! and to reach this success the first and for most important decision I took was to join “The Final Frontier”. Really very thankful to Dr. Singh. Sir, you are awesome! 
My journey started in 2010-11 I gave my first 3 attempts and I couldn’t make it, then I almost gave up. And one day on Facebook I saw everyone’s posts on “The Final Frontier” about their result in November 2017 and then talkedto Dr. Singh and I told him that since last 6 years I am not in touch with physical therapy and I feel like I am almost blank, and He said don’t worry we will make it happen , you can do it and our team will guide you with everything ,I felt so energetic after talking to Dr. Singh and finally I joined in November-2017 and I took my exam in April-2018 but I didn’t passed, I got 582 score. Then thought to take break due to kid’s summer vacation. But when I talked to Dr. Singh and he said, "Go for July and I am sure you will make it, as you are so close to passing score". And my family also wanted me try in July and my mother made decision in 2 days and came all the way from India to take care of kids and then I started studying and Finally the result day came, but my result was withheld So I was tensed, And finally, I saw the magical word PASSED on my screen on Thursday night and my score is 708. And my kids were happier than me because “Now mom will not study and spend time with us”. Really this is big accomplishment of my life and I don’t think I would have done without “The Final Frontier” team, my special thanks to Dr. Singh and his team member Rekha and Niraj for being 911 for us. And Akanksha for helping on live chat during class time. And my friend Mitsu for being my study partner. You are awesome. You will make this time. And finally, big thanks to my Mom, my Husband and my lovely kids for supporting me to achieve this big milestone and my Dad, my in-laws for praying for me.

Only one tip- never ever miss live “The Final Frontier” class and remember every word from the class and you will be top of this mountain.


Be patient, everything comes to you in the right moment

It has been a hard but a successful journey! I improved my score more than 100 points after I joined the NPTE Final Frontier. Even though I got a 598 on my previous attempt, professor Bhupinder Singh always had the most inspiring words to help me work harder and apply my clinical skills in every concept I’ve learned. I wish I had professors in my PT school with such a commitment, passion,caring,knowledge, and dedication. Thank you Bhupinder Singh , you have inspired me to achieve at a level higher than I thought possible. Thank you to my classmates for their support and positive attitude!!!! 

Xiomara Diaz C, my study partner! Without you I wouldn’t have found the NPTE Final Frontier. Thank you for all your help and for believing in me! Now that we have been through hard moments , I believe is time to meet in person ðŸ˜˜ 
Many blessings for our new adventure as Physical Therapists in the USA!!

Dr. Singh made it possible

What seemed almost impossible happened Tuesday night. And who made it possible? Dr. Bhupinder Singh ... and of course, along with his outstanding and dedicated NPTE- The Final Frontier team! April 2018 was my third NPTE attempt and so I had no clue what else to do in order to pass. I had already taken a couple review courses for the previous attempts, studied the main review books, got to exercise and eat better, and I still wasn’t able to pass.

I was basically on one of the lowest points of my life and career. Luckily, I reached out to one of my best friends to ask for help and he put me in contact with Dr. Singh. After explaining my situation to him, I was blown away by the fact that he is a person who TRULY cares and wants you to pass the NPTE. He takes the time to help each one of his students based on their needs, strengths, and weaknesses. On top of that, his confidence level and positivism are something I’ve never experienced before and it’s extremely contagious! SO! DPT Students-You will never regret taking this course. Foreign PTs- this course is a MUST if you want to become licensed in the U.S.A.

Thank you, NPTE Final Frontier team for all the work, patience, guidance, optimism, and commitment you provided me with during these 11 weeks!! You’re definitely the best!

Dr. Singh made studying so easy

Finally its done done done.....!! Licensed PT for New York State..... Thank you Bhupinder Singh and NPTE Final Frontier team you are just amazing.... a special thank you for the motivation, support and encouragement throughout this process (sometimes that is all we need. Sir you are the best... you make studying concepts so easy.

Felt completely prepared for the exam with the best tools

I wanted to thank Bhupinder Singh and the rest of the NPTE Final Frontier team for giving me all the right tools that I needed to pass this exam. Honestly never considered myself a good test taker but after the classes, readings from timetable, pictures and discussions in whatsapp group I felt prepared for the exam. You guys are changing the game for NPTE prep and I advise anyone to choose to go through the program if you want to pass on the 1st try like myself. Dr. Singh and his team are the Gurus of passing the NPTE, and I am very thankful to have chosen NPTE- The Final Frontier

At long last!!!

Wow! I can finally close the chapter on this part of my adventure! NPTE Final Frontier was the difference maker in helping me get to... PASSED! I had taken the exam 3 times previously with no particular structure and feeling like I was drowning in the material. I knew I had to do something different. A friend recommended the class to me. I called Dr. B, got a same day response that was very sincere and directed towards my success. I knew I was in the right place. He confirmed it time and again with the spot on structure of the program, live classes and relevant, focused homework assigned. I loved his sense of humor throughout the classes, the material, his patience with question after question, and thorough explanation and treatment of the material. I have no regrets on where my path has taken me but if I could change anything, I would have found this program sooner. This is the one. Show up. Do the work. You WILL see PASSED as well. Best of luck to you all on your journey... Now I'm off to go be a PT!!!

Final Frontier prepared me both academically and mentally for NPTE

My journey with NPTE began with a dream. A dream where I saw only one goal, one priority. The goal was to pass my NPTE in one single attempt. This goal was strongly supported by Dr. Singh and his team- NPTE Final Frontiers. As I continued to work with this goal, a major hurdle faced by me was failing the retired PEAT. These words by Dr. Singh rang in my head through the final days leading to NPTE ‘there are people who fail the retired PEAT and yet pass NPTE, they’re few but they’re there’. I pushed myself, tested new limits, explored this warrior side where every awake moment was spent working towards this goal, receiving constant motivation. As part of the July batch, the motivation, positivity, and helpfulness were remarkable and I sincerely hope that each person does well, whether it’s as PTs right now, or all the future PTs to come. This is achievable when you lose sight, lack confidence or are shaken with your result, ask yourself ‘how bad do you want this?’ and remind yourself of your goal every single day.


Here’s a take-home message for those on their journey to passing the NPTE:


1. Understand the test, adapt to study in a way that meets the needs of the test.


2. Never, never, ever underestimate the test. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be esteemed. (Know that somebody out there is getting paid just to make the questions ‘look’ complicated and to scare students). Also understand that this is important because as PTs, we will face challenges every day and this prepares us for that.


3. Study like your life depends on it (because unless you make yourself believe that, you won’t take this as seriously).


4. Believe in yourself, even when the odds are against you.


5. Join NPTE Final Frontier because they make steps 1 through 4 easier for you and enable you to be 100% prepared for the test- both academically and mentally.

Thank you for proper guidance, support, motivation and appropriate tools for NPTE

Me passing the NPTE Exam is not a miracle but the result of my immense hard work along with the motivation and support from a lot of people.

Firstly, I would like to thank my parents and my brother Nipul Vaswani for believing in me and being there for me no matter how far they are. This wouldn’t have been possible without you guys.

Next, I would like to thank the whole team of “NPTE Final Frontier”. You guys rock!!
Bhupinder Singh Sir thanks for giving me the proper guidance, support, motivation and helping me in restoring my confidence. It wouldn’t have been possible without the 11-week program you offer which includes: 
1. The live lectures (especially the ones on PNF, spine mobs, and gait),
2. Tons of practice questions covering all the required topics,
3. The exclusive Final Frontier Exam consisting of 250 questions (the level of which was very similar to NPTE), 
4. The amazing and very helpful Final Frontier Mobile App which made it easy to access the study material whenever and wherever I wanted,
5. The Final Frontier WhatsApp group which not only helped us to share information and gain knowledge but also helped us in solving the millions of queries that we had on the spot. The members of this group are active 24*7. Special thanks to Niraj Tankaria, Chhaya Patel, and Mona Minhaj for posting innumerable tricky questions in the group that made us use our brains and apply the concepts. Also, thanks a lot Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam for sharing the tons of pictures which not only made studies easy but also interesting and Akanksha Sharma for solving all our queries too.

Special shout out to my amazing licensed study partner, Niraj Tankaria, who helped me a lot in this journey full of hurdles. He motivated me to the core and made sure that I understand the concepts clearly and completely. He kept on revising with me each and every topic repeatedly without complaining. His random rapid-fire sessions were the best. His motivational talks were the cherry on the cake which always uplifted my mood whenever I doubted myself and felt low. The group discussions lead by him were not only comfortable but also fun to attend. The amazing useful strategies taught by him like the process of elimination, finding key words and eliminating distractors helped me to solve the questions more efficiently and choose the correct option. he is a very hard working person who is available 24*7. Even if he is at work he never fails to help us. After a busy day at work, his evenings were spent in teaching and discussing our doubts on skype with a cup of chai in his hand. (Sorry, Niraj Couldn’t resist myself from saying this..LOL! He used to sing motivational songs and send it to us to keep us positive, focused and motivated (P.S warning to all the professional singers out there Niraj se bachke rehna). He took an 11 hrs discussion session..which Oh my god was amazing!! He almost revised and covered the whole TEd including important topics from Sullivan and Kisner. This discussion session made me more confident. He has inspired us in each and every way he could. Thank you so much Niraj for all your efforts!

A Very Special thanks to my Awwsome Roomate Sonal Patel for being the elder sister I never had. She not only took care of me by making it sure that I eat and sleep well but also kept me positive and motivated.Also thanks a lot to Navaz Tata for staying by my side and for ignoring my stupid mood swings.

Once again thank you “NPTE Final Frontier” team. I would recommend this class to each and every one out there as I was able to achieve my dreams because of them and I’m sure so will you.

Lastly, for people who didn't pass this time, do not give up. The wait is always fruitful. You always learn something from your mistakes and failure. Stay Positive and don’t let this failure affect you. Remember failure is just a delay, not a defeat. I’m certain that soon there will be a day when you will share your success stories too.


Highly recommend NPTE Final Frontier

I just wanted to thank Bhupinder Singh and all of the people at NPTE Final Frontier for all of their help! I would highly recommend NPTE Final Frontier to anyone preparing for the NPTE regardless of what attempt they are on! It feels great to be a licensed physical therapist!

The Study Bundle was awesome

Thank you Dr. Singh and the group for being part of my success in passing the NPTE! I have purchased the study bundle where videos/lectures/classroom notes were a great help. Dr. Singh’s and Dr. Hajela’s lectures were awesome and on point which helped me beyond words. 
Thank you so much!
More power to everyone!

Strongly recommend this course irrespective of your background

I just wanted to give a special THANK YOU to NPTE - The Final Frontier! I was part of the July cohort as a DPT student who was able to successfully PASS the July 2018 exam on my 1st Attempt! I highly recommend this course to any & all individuals who plan to take the NPTE no matter what background you have! The course is EXTREMELY organized & structured which is what I wanted most, but even more than that Dr. Bhupinder Singh & supporting staff go above & beyond to continuously encourage & motivate everyone as well as accommodate you as much as they are able! I am forever grateful & so excited to OFFICIALLY be a PT!

The Final Frontier App was extremely helpful

Thank you NPTE- The Final Frontier team for helping all the students who are preparing for NPTE. Questions posted on FB and your app really helped me a lot to better my preparation and pass NPTE on my first attempt. You guys are doing an amazing job!!

Dr. Singh’s dedication, hard work, and the belief in his students are unparalleled

I just wanted to thank Dr. Bhupinder Singh and this amazing group for making it possible for me to pass NPTE. I missed my first two attempts by 2 points. That was disheartening, especially being a mother of two and keeping so many things on hold to prepare for this exam. Joining Dr. Bhupinder Singh for my preparation was the best decision I ever took. Not just passing NPTE, there is so much to learn from him. His dedication, hard work, and the belief he has in his students are unparalleled.......Thank you Anureka, for being a help and motivating. It is rare to find someone like you helping others selflessly.......A big thank you to the members of the WhatsApp group for sharing their notes and generating practice questions with detailed rationales......For those who missed it, please know that for sure you are going to make it. Have immense faith in almighty and your own capabilities and you will nail it!!. 
Once again thank you, Dr. Bhupinder Singh, for all the help and being an awesome soul!!

Big thanks to Dr. Singh and his team

I would like to congratulate all the students who cleared their NPTE exam and big shout out to Dr Bhupinder Singh and his team who has got the exuberance, zeal and enthusiasm that has changed the life of so many people. Proud to be your student and thanking you for taking us under your wings

Exemplary guidance with a strong and supportive team

I am so glad and thankful to my lovely family ( three boys!!-my husband and two boys) ,my sisters nephew for helping and encouraging me through out this exam process. I am thrilled to realize that , I have passed NPTE and became a licensed PT. I would like to express my gratitude to the Final Frontier coaching program Leader and Professor Dr.Bhupinder Singh and my greatest friend Gowre Anurekka. My big big thanks to the Final Frontier team friends Sabitha, Chaya, Mona Mehraj, Niraj and Prathyusha too!!
I have taken this NPTE exam six years ago without knowing the apopropriate strategies and study materials. I studied six chapters from therapy Ed book and failed by 69/75 on that attempt. After that attempt ,I kind of gave up the hope on NPTE and got immersed with family responsibilities.
Last year, my friend Gowre Anurekka called and encouraged me to take the exam and promised me that she would lead me to the right coaching center and help me throughout the process of the examiation. After talking to Gowre rekka ,I realised that although I was a Gold medalist and distinction student in my college ,preparing for NPTE is totally a different game. In that way, I am so thankful to Anurekka for being the stepping-stone and for leading me to the Legend Professor Dr.Singh. His first lecture itself wondered me and gave the confidence to pass NPTE. His slides were so perfect and informative. Sir's guidance throughout the exam was Exemplary!! Because of Anurekka and Dr.Singh,I understand my capacity. So, everyone who wishes to pass NPTE please!! please!! first understand, "WHO YOU ARE" and appreciate your hidden capacity. Then automatically, you all will be in the place where I am now for 100% sure!!
I would like say my generous Thanks to,"NEURO GENIUS DR.NUPUR HAJELA"Madam. Even the tiny tots can learn neuro easily from Dr. Hajela. She all the time uses case studies to teach different neuro conditions and the way she connects symptoms and appropriate interventions were Flawless!!!Dr. Hajela will help you to stop memorizing clinical features by bringing all client problem pictures inside you in a way that you ever forget.
I have appeared on this April 2018 exam and got 71/75. Still ,I did not want to stop. So , I have spent lots of time on each subject areas and identified where i am good and weak . I personally made trifold posters for important topics while studying itself. The same time, I came across to read Mona Mehraj's success story and tips on how to pass the NPTE. That impressed me a lot, so i took everything personally and stuck on it till I finish the exam. As per Mona's idea i started teaching to my kids or I pretended to teach to someone which gave me so much confidence on all areas. I wondered, how a mom of two kids could right away respond to all my questions. Literally Mona became my friendly mentor and now best family friends. 
Please do not hesitate to ask your doubts from her. Amazing person she is !! If you are in the Final Frontier group , REMEMBER that Dr.Singh will sharp your knowledge in MSK, Biomechanics, and almost all systems, Dr. Hajela will take care of your Neuro, and the great whatsapp group friends will give their full support throughout your exam process.
Thank you all

Thank you NPTE Final Frontier for the help

Passed. Just want to thank the NPTE Final Frontier crew. I was a little worried as I needed to solidify some of the core concepts. I took a total of 10 timed practice exams and some of them I took twice. In total I think I practiced over 3000 questions. For those of you that have to do a retake, hang in there, let the concepts sink in and after some time you will realize there are not too many ways a concept can be asked. If you have to cover the NPTE Final Frontier material twice (watch videos twice) then do it. Thank you Dr. Bhupinder Singh!