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GLORY BE TO GOD!! Words cannot explain this feeling of finally seeing "PASSED" on my 5th attempt at the NPTE. This would not have been possible without the NPTE Final Frontier! Dr. Singh and his staff have been the most amazing group of individuals to coach for the NPTE. They are very informed and guide you based off of the NPTE Blueprint. They're extremely patient and open to speaking with you literally at any time you need in order to encourage you, review concepts, and any other assistance you may need. Hands down the best Prep Course anyone could ever hope for. I am also so grateful that even though I didn't pass on my attempt after initially taking the Final Frontier course (or the 2nd or 3rd), after each attempt, Dr. Singh took time with me to see what we could do differently in order to make my next attempt my final and I'm so grateful that I was able to clear the exam on my 5th attempt. Thank you so much Dr. Singh and the rest of the staff for all of your help! I truly appreciate it! P.S. After my initial enrollment in the January 2018 cohort, I'm so happy to finally achieve my goal of writing my testimonial on how awesome the NPTE Final Frontier is! You guys ROCK!!!!


Finally, One word made my day. PASSED ........ Yes, I Passed NPTE. LICENSED PT in the USA ... This was my 3rd attempt. This could not have possible without the NPTE final frontier. Special thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh. He is truly mentored for Aspire PTs. He always encourages me with positive words. I did not achieve this without the support of my family and my husband Aadit Modi. There is no substitute for hard work. I am sharing my experience to motivate all students who are preparing for NPTE. Never give up. Please don't lose your hope.


I don’t know from where to start from but definitely a big thank you to the Final frontier team specially Dr. Bhupinder sir and Niraj Tankaria without you it was impossible for me to clear this in my first attempt. It has been a long journey which I started in January 2017 and being a foreign educate, I was totally unaware about the NPTE exam format. I remember that in August 2018 I came to know about final frontier team and I approached Niraj through messenger. Without any delay he replied me back and made me aware about this team and guided me through this journey. I consider it to be the best decision of my life that I have joined Dr.Bhupinder sir. I remember my first class with sir. There is some positivity in his aura which he transfers to the people around him. I was really assured that I was in the right hands and as the days passed, I slowly got that confidence that it is a doable thing and all because of the accurate topics which are relevant for this exam was covered by Dr.Bhupinder sir and finally it helped me clearing all my doubts. I am really thankful to sir for exploring my knowledge and for making my practice more safer now . I hereby specially want to mention Niraj for my success .He is just an amazing tutor, energetic in his approach and a very positive person. It is very rare to find such a good human being .His ever smiling face and encouraging attitude helped me clearing Npte in the very first attempt. I remember Niraj used to start his class at 10 pm and usually till 1 am. On the weekends full day classes from 9 am to 9 pm but it was worth spending those time listening to you because when I was reading the questions and was answering I thought of you Niraj because the way you have made us to mugged up the important concepts that I am not going to forget in my future as well. He was the person who helped me in completing the whole therapy ed and emphasized the importance of the words described in brackets in the book .Because of you I have revised the book 5 times including all single details mentioned in the book. I also want to thanks Aks, Mona, Rekha and the entire team of Final frontier for their immense support. I would highly refer everyone preparing for Npte should join NPTE the final frontier because Dr. Bhupinder totally understands the pattern and format of this exam. I remember the lectures taken by sir in the last two weeks and specially the boot camp one had really covered many key topics that helped me in passing this exam. My words are not enough sir. Also, I am thankful to my family and teachers who always had faith in me. I want to say a big thank you to my husband, Shivankar SinghShivankar, who had immensely supported me throughout this journey. He took care of my food, household chores be that grocery, cooking or laundry. Without you it was not possible hubby. Last not the least, a heartfelt thanks to all those people who were part of my journey and lastly to the almighty god for blessing me always.


What a feeling by seeing these words. Thanks to God Almighty that He made this happen in my life. Thank you Bhupinder Singh Sir, you are best teacher and your trust in me push me to achieve that day. I want to thank all Final frontier team, Dr. Hujela, Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam, Akansha, Mona Mehraj. Your team work is best.


Dr. Singh and the Final Frontier Team, Thank you so much for all of your help in preparing for the boards. I passed on my 3rd attempt! My state only allows 3 attempts so this was my last chance and I am SO HAPPY and relieved with the outcome. My score went up 62 points from my previous attempt. The studying timetable and live lectures helped me tremendously

Thank you Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the staff at Final Frontier for all of your help! I passed the NPTE!


Thank you so much Bhupinder Singh and Final Frontier for helping me pass on my first attempt! I was just under passing all my practice exams and you helped bump my score into passing range!!


Dr. Singh and the whole staff at Final Frontier are top-notch when it comes to preparation for the NPTE. I enrolled after a failed first attempt and was immediately welcomed by Dr. Singh with words of encouragement. With the full course, Dr. Singh guides you through live courses and then daily readings that kept me on track and allowed me to improve my weaknesses and harness my strengths. I took the exam again in January and was so happy to see the PASSED logo on my screen when results were released. Final Frontier and Dr. Singh gave me the tools and confidence I needed to pass and I am so grateful for them! I highly recommend Final Frontier whether it is your first attempt or repeat attempt!


Hard work really pays off! This was my third time taking the NPTE and I am so excited to be able to say that I passed this exam with the help of the Final Frontier team. I was enrolled throughout two test cycles, but this time I finally found the study life balance that one other classmate discussed that was fortunate to pass the October exam. This is the key! With the assistance of Bhupinder Singh and the rest of the team this dream has become a reality. Their care for all of their students and their knowledge is unmeasurable. Sir always states that he has confidence in you even when you don't. Right before walking into the test center, I was feeling low on my confidence so like Sir says, I borrowed some of his. I truly believe that with their assistance and the support of my family and friends I was able to cross this final hurdle to become a licensed PT. :) #passwithpride


Thank you Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the NPTE final frontier for giving me the opportunity to work with you. My gratitude goes to Derek who allowed me join this amazing exam prep group. My heart goes to Ravneet, my licensed partner, who also gave me the opportunity to join the licensed partner group. To all my colleagues in this January cohort group, I thank you all.


I know my story is late (and long), but I still wanted to add to the growing success stories. I finally passed this exam after my 4th attempt. I hate admitting that it took that long and that many failed attempts, but I know I couldn’t have done this alone. I have never struggled with written exams and so I never expected this exam to be such a barrier for me. My first attempt was January 2018 and I know now that I wasn’t properly prepared. When I failed, I rolled with the news and signed up for the Final Frontier classes. I loved the daily tasks and weekly meetings. It kept me constantly moving forward and motivated. I also found the study tips very helpful. It was a real eye opener to absorb all this information. It made me realize how unprepared I was for the 1st exam. When April came around, I thought I was ready. That is until the actual exam day. I hadn’t fully processed the first failure and I let the stress of everything build up during my April exam. I was so worried about failing again, letting myself, my family and my potential employers down that I completely shut down. During the 15-minute exam break I went into the bathroom, sat in the corner and broke down. I just couldn’t pull myself together. I failed again, and I felt awful. But the team at the Final Frontier never gave up. I spoke with Dr Singh via phone. We went over study material and strategies. He suggested the amount of time I should be spending each day to study and reminded me to focus on weaknesses. I have never been particularly strong at study strategies, so this was very helpful. I stuck with this study plan, followed the daily readings again and attended the lectures. By the time the July exam rolled around, I was feeling very confident. I was recognizing material from the lectures and studying guides that I never fully understood in school. I felt great during the exam. I was reading questions without creating alternate scenarios and I could quickly pull out answers that just didn’t make sense. So, you’d imagine my surprise when I failed a 3rd time. This time I only missed the exam by 10 points. I knew getting a 600 was possible for me now. Unfortunately, this was also the 3rd attempt in one year. Now I had to wait until 2019 to retake the exam. Since I had some time, I took it off from studying. I spent time with my family and friends. This really helped to recharge my inspiration for the January 2019 exam. Again, the Final Frontier team was there to support me without judging. While I was doing a fantastic job putting abnormal amounts of pressure on myself, the Final Frontier team only provided me with encouragement. I reached out to Dr Singh again for assistance. This time I took advantage of the Licensed Study Partner and that was the push I needed. After taking the exam 3 times, I had a good idea of my consistent weaknesses. I forced myself to review those daily in the last month, depending on the daily reading. I completely owe my passing score to the Final Frontier team. From beginning to end, my score increased over 120 points. I know I never could have done this alone. The team and the other students are a great force of knowledge and positive motivation that will encourage even the most crushed student. You just need a tiny spark, and this team will help that to grow so you can reach your goals. You CAN pass this exam. You WILL overcome your fears and weaknesses. ANYTHING is possible if you ask for help.


Finally, a USA LISCENSED PT. It was indeed a dream come true moment to see the word PASSED!! A big thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh, who has constantly encouraged me and believed that I will PASS this exam. The 11-week journey of knowledge with NPTE FINAL FRONTIER helped me to strengthen my concepts. Also, sirs’ valuable tips of not changing answers, taking 2 minute breaks or telling myself that,” yes I know research” were a contributory cause to my success. Next, I would like to thank Shweta Deshmukh who encouraged me to take the January attempt and also kept pushing me to work hard throughout. I would like to thank Mayuri Mankar and Krishma Shah. It was great studying with you guys. Also, thanx to Sai Sansare for constantly trying hard to wake me up early in the morning to study😛. Last but not the least I would thank Mitali Hudlikar who was so caring and supportive throughout, I really appreciate you for that. The message I would like to give to the next cohort is that, “The journey may be rough but the destination is worth it”. So, keep working hard, join NPTE FINAL FRONTIER and let it be a part of your journey


Adding to the group of people who have passed!!! I took my first attempt of the NPTE October 2018. I didn't have quite the best luck right before my exam. I ended up getting a head to toe allergic reaction to an antibiotic and had to go to urgent care 5 days before the big exam. I was itching everywhere and so incredibly stressed. That unfortunately lead me to have so much anxiety and difficulties concentrating on the exam in October. I don't recommend taking benadryl one week before the exam. It does funky things to your brain. I unfortunately did not pass. I failed by 10 points!!!! I was so close!!! I then immediately called a colleague of mine who had used FF, Dave Friedberg and after talking with him over the phone. I decided to use FF for the 2nd time around. I printed out all the daily readings, watched every single lecture!!! Printed out materials for the lecture. I wrote notes during lecture. I color coded my notes. A few new things that I did the 2nd time around.... 1. Using a whiteboard several times a week writing out important things to have for my brain dump. I practiced this for 1hr a week. 2. I made myself study topics I don't have a huge interest in.... Like forefoot varus and valgus, modalities 3. I read the daily readings and during the readings if I didn't understand something I Googled it and tried to find pictures to help solidify concepts. 4. I created a Google slides document of topics I knew I didn't like and with every reading I didn't like I forced myself to take key concepts and put it onto a few slides that I could later review. 5. I created special tests Google slides how for all the tests I had trouble remembering over the course of the week. I used pictures and then found videos online to help solidify material. 6. I tried to enjoy 2 evenings a week without looking or studying. 7. Spend time with friends and family who are deeply supportive, helpful, and unconditionally kind to you!!! Text those people daily and text them something new you learned every day. 8. My first day of PT school my professor's said we are lifelong learners!!! It is so beyond true. Try to think that you are learning facts to help you someday. Think about learning things positively. 9. Try special tests on your friends and family, try manual treatments on family or friends, try hand positioning for mobilizations. Use your body while studying and then while you take you practice exam and NPTE. 10. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! I decided to stay positive and be optimistic and was with final frontier. I decided to screenshot someone who had passed their passed "button" I then made that my wall paper and lock screen on my phone so all day every day from Christmas to January 29th I saw passed on my phone every time I used it!!! It kept me positive and kept me going. 11. Create a Playlist on Spotify of your favorite "pump up" "game day" songs that you can "lose yourself" in!!! Thank you Eminem.... I listened to it constantly the weeks leading up and made me get ready like it was game day... Like the superbowl!!! 12. Enjoy this time to study be with friends and family... At the end of the day as my parents told me... You have the rest of your life to work... A few more months studying won't hurt you in the long run. I hope some of this advice helps!!! Keep going keep pushing yourself!!! Message me if you need a boost chat or some more advice on studying tactics/techniques/ approaches!!! Thank you so much final frontier and David Friedberg


I was exceptionally nervous about the NPTE because I had been told based on stats, I may be one of the ones who do not pass on their first attempt. But I did...thank God!!! I graduated in Dec. 2018 and had a little over a month to prepare. Based on those stats I was told and the limited time to sufficiently prepare, I thought it best to postpone taking the exam until April. For those who are considering postponing their exam like I did, reach out to Dr. Bhupinder Singh first! Postponing may not be your best option when what you more than likely need is some proper guidance and strategies to tackle this exam. Dr. Singh was so encouraging and personable. We came up with a feasible plan of action and he instilled some much needed confidence. It was the boost I needed. While I did not pass any of my practice exams, I was diligent and positive, telling myself, "I can do this, I can pass with pride!" During one of the classes, I was overwhelmed hearing everyone unmute and say they will pass the actually got me a little emotional. Anyway, I absolutely love NPTEFF and am so grateful I turned to them for guidance. Dr. Singh and his team are amazing, incredibly helpful, and really do care about the students. He wants everyone to pass and will get you there! Thank you so much, Dr. Singh and the NPTEFF team!!!!

I’m a day late, okay maybe two. I had to let it sink in that I passed this exam. I needed verification, so I had to check it the next day to make sure a mistake was not made. But I received my letter from the state board as confirmation. I want to thank Dr. Bhupinder Singh, his staff and everyone in this group for the support and positive energy. Congratulations to everyone that passed. If your result was not in your favor, stay encouraged, stay focused because you will own your next exam. Thank you all and God bless.

Thank you Dr. Singh, couldn't have done it without this class!! Congrats to everyone else!

Thanks a lot Dr Singh and his team for the amazing classes and support!!!


Having a newborn and studying to pass my NPTE was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Final frontier made it possible for me to succeed. I was able to watch my lectures on my time and Dr. Bhupinder Singh was always quick to respond to any question I had! Thank you final frontier! Our first baby was born January 28th and we named it Dr. Singh in honor of his excellent teaching skills #texas