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Dr. Singh is the absolute best.

I wish I knew about Final Frontier before my first attempt. I thought I knew how to study...I read scorebuilders and got a 598. Truly heartbreaking. Dr. Singh is the absolute best. Aside from his lectures which really clarified so many fuzzy topics for me, he takes time out to really help you and encourage you. He answered all of my questions a week before the exam and kept telling me that he thought I would pass. The watsapp group was also extremely helpful, with people posting questions and everyone helping each other out clarifying topics. I don't think I could have passed without Final Frontier. I am so so thankful! Thank you Dr. Singh, Rekha and the whole team!

Passed on 4th attempt with confidence

With great pleasure I can finally announce that I passed the NPTE exam !!!!!! It was my 4th attempt, which I thought would have been my last... on the third attempt my score was 590!!!! I was so close that it made me so discouraged that I decided that I would try only one more time and then give up!!! I finally, contacted Dr Bhupinder Singh and the Final Frontier team before my third trial... I am currently living in Greece and as you can imagine everything was very difficult for me ... I had to attend lectures at 3 am on Thursdays !!! But you know what, it was so worth it!!! The way that Dr Bhupinder Singh presented the lectures made everything look so clear... All the topics were thoroughly explained, which helped me to overcome my anxiety and understand all the concepts that were required for the exam .. it was so funny that during the exam i was reading the answers to every stem and I was thinking to myself : oh Dr Singh said that ... or I remembered that Dr Singh discussed this subject and why didn’t I pay enough attention to it.... overall the whole lecturing procedure taught me not only to pick the right answer but also the reasoning behind all the incorrect answers ... I personally think that this was the key to pass the exam ...I think that this approach helped me overcome all the difficult questions ( level 5 in taxonomy as Dr Singh was explaining on his initial lectures ). On my last contact with Dr Singh before the exam I told him: I think that this time everything makes sense and I felt so confident going to the exam ... i have to also add that in order to take the test I had to take a long flight from my home land and fight a huge jet lag ... taking that into account, I was able to jump right into the exam thanks to Dr. Singh explaining even the most trivial introduction questions. Advising that we reviewed the first three whether we felt confident or not. This put me at great mental ease and helped me feel prepared. I am telling you guys, everything Dr Singh said made so much sense... 

I want to thank the whole final frontier team because i am sure that the effort of his whole team helped me to succeed!!! God bless you all!!! 
Ps : as you can see I found out about my result at 00:23!!! This time though I was so happy that I stayed up that late....

Selfless Mentor

I cleared the April NPTE in the first attempt. I wasn't a part of the regular clasees but I very religiously followed Dr.Singhs posts on Facebook. I followed his exam schedule absolutely to the T. I also reported my scores to him initially via email, his prompt response with tips and strategies for overcoming my weak areas worked wonders !! He is a gem of a person and a very very humble mentor. His review session at the very end just before the exam , it worked wonders in boosting my confidence , just made me feel I, that I got what it takes and I will make it happen !! Thanks a lot Dr. Singh for all the kind words and constant encouragement. Cheers !!

First-time DPT test taker (prior to graduation)

I've been a follower of NPTE Final Frontier on Facebook since I was a first-year DPT student. I knew from long ago that I would be joining the course come time to take the board exam. I did something unconventional, which was take the exam prior to graduation and while I was on a full-time clinical rotation with a 1.5 hour commute EACH WAY. I knew I had to join Final Frontier because of the daily timetable and live lectures. I absolutely needed to be held accountable and not left to my own devices. There are way too many resources to prepare for the NPTE and Final Frontier told me exactly what to read and do each day, emphasized important topics in the live and recorded lectures, and told me exactly when to take which practice exams and what my target scores should be. The team was incredible and available to us 24/7, and the classmates were all supportive and helpful. Thank you, Final Frontier!

Passed on first attempt with flying colors


My journey to being a licensed PT started last April. My friend DrKhushi Avlani-Shah guided me through and advised me to join The Final Frontier. 
As I was starting my studies after graduating almost 3 years later I didn’t know where to start from. I still remember my first online class with Bhupinder Singh and was amazed the way this man had planned it all and I knew I was under good guidance. He’s got it all right!!!
I followed all his videos, his strategies, his timetable and made my own notes accordingly. I still remember how much confidence Sir had in me and I wished I lived to his expectations. And finally with all the hard work, determination, my family blessings, my friends support I finally got through it with flying colors.
I owe my success to final frontier, my family and my friends.
I would love to share my knowledge and my experience to all those in this race to cross the final line of NPTE. Trust me that feeling is superb!!! And I would love to help through Bhupinder Singh’s guidance.

Take this class, the tips are great, the material is great, and the professor makes it easy to understand and hard to forget!

This class was amazing! I honestly wish I would have taken this before my first attempt and would advise anyone to take it before their first attempt. I took the online study bundle because I was on my 6th attempt and just needed to go at my pace. I also prefer to study in the morning so the study bundle was perfect for me. What I liked about this class was the timetable, it provided specific pages to read from everyday from textbooks that I already had. Think about it, NPTE questions are not going to be written from these NPTE prep books, they are written from based on textbook information, so its best to study from the textbooks! Also even though I had previously taken a different prep course it was refreshing that this course covered different information and also information I hadn't thought to go over myself. Gait, which was previously a difficult topic, was super simple with this class! When I saw the words passed, I literally cried tears of joy knowing that I was finally done studying for this exam. Take this class, the tips are great, the material is great, and the professor makes it easy to understand and hard to forget! 

From failed to passed...

The NPTE Final Frontier is truly an awesome resource and judgmental free environment. Thank You doc for believing in me. I passed my April exam, and that was my 3rd and the last attempt, and I couldn’t be more happy. 
Of course I wouldn’t be here without all your guidelines. I’m a foreign trained PT (graduated from Poland in 2006, I know it’s been already 12 years), and even though I used to work as a PT back in Europe, I couldn’t pass the NPTE. My first attempt was in July 2017- failed (594). Second attempt, October 2017- failed (598). I was sad, depressed and doubtful if I would be able to pass it at all. However, after finding Your course I regained my self confidence. I truly loved the exact guidance and the structure I needed to study efficiently. That was the best money I’ve ever spent. From failed to deserve a reward doc for doing what you’re doing. Hats off to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and his entire, amazing team!!!


The NPTE Final Frontier is truly an awesome resource and judgmental free environment. Thank You doc for believing in me. I passed my April exam, and that was my 3rd and the last attempt, and I couldn’t be more happy. Of course I wouldn’t be here without all your guidelines. I’m a foreign trained PT (graduated from Poland in 2006, I know it’s been already 12 years), and even though I used to work as a PT back in Europe, I couldn’t pass the NPTE. My first attempt was in July 2017- failed (594). Second attempt, October 2017- failed (598). I was sad, depressed and doubtful if I would be able to pass it at all. However, after finding Your course I regained my self confidence. I truly loved the exact guidance and the structure I needed to study efficiently. That was the best money I’ve ever spent. From failed to deserve a reward doc for doing what you’re doing. Hats off to Dr. Bhupinder Singh, and his entire, amazing team!!!

Passed on 5th Attempt!!

I started my long battle with the NPTE in January 2017 with my first failed attempt. For that exam I studied with classmates (who later went on to pass) which left me alone to study for the remainder of my attempts. I went on to take the April exam (failed) and the July exam (failed) studying multiple review books, phone apps, in addition to taking a NPTE live revision course! With the rule of only being able to attempt the exam three times in a given year I was then left to wait 6 months before my next attempt. At this point I was lost on how to study for the exam and on how to keep my confidence level up in order to study efficiently. I decided to attempt the test again in January 2018 (failed) studying the notes, course materials and reviewing the videos from my previous live review course. At this point once again I was down and out and really didn't know where to go from there. I contacted Dr. Singh with NPTE Frontier Frontier via phone. He was so confident in the ability of the course to help me to reach my goal of passing and becoming licensed. NPTE Final Frontier provides all the keys to be successful on the NPTE. I followed the course timetable which I felt was really helpful because it gave a breakdown of which textbooks to read in addition to what pages to read. I was advised so many times that the textbooks were where the board questions are generated from but was never given direction on what I needed to focus on. I would sit and read for hours not being sure if I was zoning in on the big picture topics. NPTE Final Frontier allowed me to stay focused with the live lectures and endless resources for study preparation materials and strategies. The course even offers a 250 question exam, which was actually the only practice exam I took between my January 2018 exam and my April 2018 (PASSED!!!!) exam. Dr. Singh was always available to answer any questions that I had and did an AMAZING job explaining the information in a way that allowed me to have the ability to apply the information in an application manner. If this is your FIRST attempt or LAST attempt, NPTE Final Frontier will definitely supply you with all the components to be successful to achieve a PASSING score on the NPTE as long as you are willing to put in the hard work, effort and dedication!!!!

WhatsApp discussions were extremely helpful

Finally saw the word.. PASSED. Such a great relief.I was stuck at 591 when I joined final frontier class. Its very difficult to keep your motivation alive when you are so close but not there. Dr Bhupinder Singh really helped me a lot in that situation...He always helped me to stay motivated and to chase my dream. The whole team is so awsome ... they are always ready to help students 24*7. Special thanks to the whole team. 
Just wanted to mention that WhatsApp discussion was really big help. All students work together and are always ready to help each other. I really appreciate it. Once again thanks for opening the door of physical therapy field in united states. This means a lot.
Thank u Final frontier group.

Get it Done

I felt defeated after failing the NPTE twice by a couple questions each time. I even questioned if I had chosen the right career but Dr Singh and this course helped me regain my focus and confidence. My only regret was not signing up for this program the first time. I’m glad to say today I PASSED the NPTE! Content was the key in this program. It was so organized and reasonable to accomplish. Dr Singh and his staff made sure the necessary content was given through live classes, power points, a WhatsApp group discussions and 1 on 1 meetings which I took advantage of. I can honestly say every topic on the NPTE was covered in the Final Frontier course. I can’t thank this NPTE Final Frontier team enough as well as my classmates for answering and posting practice questions every single day. I would highly encourage anyone considering joining this course to just go ahead and do it as I was also very skeptical of prep courses. I will talk to anyone else that has any doubts and needs convincing. Really email or Facebook message me.Thank you Dr Singh and team.

Best coaching program with highly dedicated team

I was 7months Pregnant when I took the NPTE for the very first time in October , I studied so hard so I could pass it at once because I knw it will be hard taking care of a newborn baby and studying. Unfortunately I failed. A friend of mine Mrinal Gadhade introduced me to the Final Frontier Coaching Programme, I was skeptical at first because obviously the last coaching programme I attended was of no help, but when I spoke to Dr Bhupinder Singh he reassured me that I can pass the NPTE on my second attempt, so I registered for the Jan Exam. Well, I had my baby in December via C-section and there was no way I could sit for an exam in Jan because I was placed on 6weeks bed rest...I was in pain and I lost the little hope I had left in me...I contacted my great teacher and mentor again Dr Bhupinder Singhand he told me I can and I will pass the April exam if I strictly followed his timetable, attend his classes and participate on the whatsapp group...I followed this method amidst pain and postpartum sleeplessness and here I am today writing my own testimonial. Final Frontier is the best coaching programme out there if you want to pass your NPTE, It's not just a coaching programme, It's a family. @Bhupinder Singh sincerely cares about all his students and he has an amazing and dedicated team that works tirelessly round the clock (sometimes I wonder if Gowre Anurekha Arunachalamsleeps at all). Am forever indebted to everyone of you, I am a Licensed United States Physical Therapist just because of your guidance. Thank You @Dr Bhupinder Singh and your entire Team. Also am grateful to my friends Prathyusha Cheruvu Mrinal, you guys are the Real MVP

Every word he says is important

It was a long and tough journey after two failed attempts in October 2017 and January 2018.
I knew the NPTE -The Final Frontier from the free class 3 days before the January exam. Dr. Bhupinder Singh discussed some questions were very similar to the NPTE content. 
I was very disappointed and I called my doctor asking for advice because I was preparing to take July 2018 exam. He explained the reasons for failing and why I have not succeeded in previous attempt. He told me to work smart and not hard. He is the one who pushed me and told me you will improve and you will pass on April 2018, and not to delay till July. His classes (especially Gait, and Non systems) were great 
Really he was like a gift from god who helped regain my self confidence. The whole team is trustable, positive and full of smart person.
It was very hard to follow a timetable cause I am a mother of 2 kids (3 years and 9 months )
I only followed the customized timetable he made and attended the life classes. He covered all the topics we need to know for the exam’s and worked with me on my weak points. There is no word can find to thank him. He is the main reason of my success after god.
My advice to anyone who is struggling to pass, just concentrate and follow every word he says...
Believe in yourself and stay positive. You will do it! Even if the success comes late it is still very sweet.

NPTE Final Frontier study bundle changed my life, best decision ever

I don't know where to start from. I tried first time the npte on july/17 after I joined a live coaching program in Manhattan and I failed, I got 71%. I thought because I am a foreign pt (Colombia-South America) and English is not my first language were the reasons of my score. I tried again on October/17 after I followed a Online Coaching program and failed, this time I got 67%. I cried, prayed hard until I fell asleep. I was desperate and without hope. I didn't understand how I failed npte twice and each time I did my best. I followed instructions from instructor/coaching program and I didn't succeed. it's funny but at the same time sad that I took PEAT and I passed in both with good score around 76% and 86%, and I passed NPTAE January/17 before I tried to pass the NPTE, I studied by myself from Therapyed and I passed on my first attempt with a decent score 86%. I was lost, $7.000 in debts after paying coaching programs and asking for time off in every attempt. usually a week and half (no payment because I was working for a agency as a licensed PTA for fee for service). I didn't understand and I asked God why me? what is left for me? Am I going to be forever a PTA? I love what I do and I don't really see a big change working as a PTA or PT other than they co-sign your notes and evaluations, and double o triple salary for than your for doing the same. I accepted my destiny, or that's what I though, but still I kept fighting until the end embracing and loving working as a pta during the process. After my friend Lorena Vargas passed on January 2018 PTA and PT, I joined NPTE- The Final Frontier. I realized the first week when I started to do my timetable why i failed, and It is because I was in the wrong place twice, mistakes/misconceptions in every system and was not based 100% on blue print like only NPTE-FINAL FRONTIER DOES, SMART STUDY NOT HARD STUDY/MEMORY. I followed classes in the study bundle program because at the time I was broke and I still am from trying to pass npte twice back to back in less than 6 months. I did everything homework, printed pdfs and watched every video at least 3 times. One at work, 2nd time at home and 3rd time doing notes and checking my homework/book pages from time table if i needed a deeper understanding of the concept only 3 to 4 hours every day from Monday to Friday. Weekends I just sleep until I feel ready to start my day, watched Videos from April 2018 NPTE Final Frontier Group, checked homework and took the exams following the schedule, you can name it (scorebuilders, therapyed, blue book). 2 weeks before the exam I was terrified and anxious and I email Bhupinder Singh telling him my fears and my score of the 2 attempts that I failed, my scores in every test, my weaknesses and my strengths. He kindly replied telling me to not withdraw the test and I will be one of his licensed PT on April/2018, and call him anytime if i need it. At the end. I just took 3 days off from work, if I was going to pass I didn't need any extra time and I had his blessing. The night before it I was still thinking about withdrawing the test but i remembered his words on every video that I watched "if you understand the concept, if u are getting right the answers you are my next licensed PT" and his email. I asked my Mom, aunt, grandma and any friend to pray for me because I was at the highest of my anxiety. I tried to rest 8 hours but i only slept 2 hours before the exam. I just did my best, having family and friends praying for me and sending good vibes like 2 times before but this time I had Bhupinder Singh and NPTE FINAL FRONTIER on my side. I followed the final instructions, mark the 3 first questions in every session and don't change your answers unless you are 100% sure. I finished the exam like he said 3hrs 30 mins ( every section I finished in 40 minutes) but i review first 3 questions and I rest between sections. I took 2 breaks. This was the only time that I enjoyed taking the exam. I felt 100% prepared when I answer every questions because I followed time table and blue print with the guidance of Dr. Sigh. I PASSED. I cried, I was in shock, I couldn't remember my Mom's cellphone number but finally I reached her and It was the best feeling in my life, telling her that her support and effort to pay my colleague tuition pay off. I felt relieve as a Son telling my biggest fan that I made it. Tears of joy. Now I am on the other side, living my dream. Be a licensed Physical Therapist and travel around the world to learn every technique in Pediatrics and Neuro Adults without the fear of tomorrow, money or if I am gonna keep my job when I come back from my journey. I got a offer to be a PT supervisor because of my 10 years experience back home and my extensive trainings, but I couldn't have this chance without a PT license. If you are reading this message, if it is your 1st,2nd, 3rd, last attempt, 1st appeal, 2 appeal or 10 time that you are trying, it doesn't matter. Npte final frontier will help u to conquer your dream. Don't make my mistakes, do not follow or join other coaching program. Dr. Sigh is the best, nobody else has 90% passing score if u have failed before and 95% if it is your first attempt. I will be on the other side waiting for u to join me to follow your dreams and fight for it. There is no enough words to explain what means to me NPTE-FINAL FRONTIER and Dr. Sigh, my Mom, family and myself will be forever grateful for his guidance. I will be missing his wife jokes, his standard deviations about pt salary and his thoughs about someone working as a pt aide or PTA with a bachelor/Master/Doctorate in physical therapy. He will be your instructor, give you wise words and be there for your individual needs and concerns

Amazing boot camp for the non-systems

Dream came true! I finally see those 6 alphabets on the screen. P.A.S.S.E.D

Joining Bhupinder Singh sir's group was one of the best decisions I took while appearing for the NPTE licensure exam. I am also very thankful to Ravneet Singh PT Licensed study partner for guiding the group to success. This was all magical. I strictly followed their timetable and his online classes. I liked the concept of boot camp for nonsystem and his teaching style & methodologies. His motivation always helped me to move towards my ultimate Goal.

I would also like to give full credit to our licensed study partner, Ravneet. He helped in building my concepts and gave a firm foundation. He was always helpful and proactive to address any queries and doubts. Always eager to help. I thank almighty to show me the way to this wonderful NPTE- The Final Frontier group. Everyone is so helpful and supportive here.

Just want to mention that their WhatsApp group discussion was a big big help in learning so many new things.

Once again I thank you for changing my life forever. It really matters for me

Testimonial #69

Still can't believe I PASSED the NPTE, wouldn't have made it without the help of Dr Bhupinder Singh and his hardworking team...I had a baby via C Section while preparing for the NPTE, I got scared I wont be able to make it but Dr Singh reassured me that I have all it takes to be successful..He was there every step of the way for me, following his daily reading timetable also played a major role in my success today. If  can make it amidst my pain and taking care of a newborn baby, then you can too if you trust Dr Singh' s way of teaching...Have never seen a Teacher who is so invested in his students the way Dr Singh is, he is so dedicated to his craft and I see him as a Mentor now...Am Forever Indebted to the Final Frontier Family (Yes it's not just a study group, We are a Family)...Have attended other Tutorials before and this is definitely the best out there, Don't miss this amazing opportunity of not just passing the NPTE but also becoming one of the best Physical Therapist out there!

Turned my dream to reality- 736/800

Alhamdulillah (Thanks to God). I never thought I would be able to do this. It still feels like a dream. The "other side" (getting licensed ) as Dr. Bhupinder Singh would call it seemed like a distant dream. I was a full time mother to my 4 year old twins and it had been 8 years since I graduated and i had to literally start from scratch on a blank slate. I had to relearn anatomy and all basics. I was scared and didn't think I could do it....

Sometimes your prayers are answered by someone bringing you the gift of Hope. That was Dr.Bhupinder Singh... he is such a positive person, his optimism is contagious. He will make you believe in yourself and that's half job done.

I never had the time to organize my studies and 
This program( NPTE - The Final Frontier 11 week program) is the best that is out there . So organized, so well planned and teaches you exactly what you need to know for the exam...The concepts! You just have to follow the timetable, the live classes and understand the concepts . It's not about the hours you spend , it's about what you learn that helps crack this exam.

Also, thanks to the whole Npte-The Final Frontier team for being such an amazing support. Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam you are amazing...Thank you. Thanks to my study partner Heba Ashraf for being so supportive..we are sisters for life..

If i could do this , anyone can..just believe that you can!

This group is the ladder to final destination

It’s been a long see PASSED under my account on FSBPT website....after missing by 2 points on my last 2 attempts was so depressing....BUT then as the saying goes...there is light at the end of the tunnel....Bhupinder Bhupinder Singh sir....the motivation and guidance he provided and shared..... I realized that I haven’t lost all....the way he explains all concepts and basics....helped me a lot....3 weeks before the exam... I was just watching his class videos...reviewing my notes I made during the classes and doing viva sessions with Priyam...thanks a lot to this Iron Lady who spent her valuable time with me...thanks a lot to Mona Sheth for being my go to notes person and discussing basics and the concepts behind it...

To all who r preparing for first time or last attempt...This group is the ladder which will take you to your destination....