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The PT Hustle

This course is extremely helpful. Coach K knows how to get the information across and is always fun and positive.

Kyle Rice has THE BEST study prep materials and strategies that you can find. I’ve always had a really difficult time taking standardized exams. My second attempt at the NPTE I increased my score 150 points AND PASSED! He is an excellent coach and mentor and I would suggest for ANYONE studying for the NPTE! Thanks, Dr. Rice!

The PT Hustle Strategy Playbook helped me achieve an score I didnt think I was capable of achieving. I was worried about my testing anxiety taking over during the exam and preventing me from passing the NPTE. Thank you Kyle Rice for the greatest testing strategies! This program allowed me to improve my confidence and crack those tricky NPTE questions. Thank you!

Kyle Rice's Strategy Playbook was the best straightforward breakdown on NPTE-specific test taking strategies that I needed to PASS on my second attempt! His systematic approach truly simplifies the way you approach every single question no matter how difficult. He has an amazingly positive attitude and always responded to my emails and Facebook messages, faster than the other prep course I was enrolled in. Worth every penny to pass and make this attempt my last.

After failing the NPTE back in July, I was devastated. I knew I had the knowledge but I really think I was lacking the confidence and the strategies to narrow down my answer choices. That’s when I found Kyle, who at first I was skeptical about because I had already paid a ton of money for another prep course the first time around... so the last thing I wanted to do was pay more money on top of paying to taking the exam another time. However, Kyle was there to answer any and all of my questions and after watching his videos and his attitude towards his students, I knew I had to try him out. The playbook was the BEST investment and really helped boost my confidence and ability to approach questions with a plan. I would recommend the playbook to anyone!!! Thank you Kyle for helping me DOMINATE & PASS the NPTE!

I used multiple resources going into the first NPTE and did not pass. I was devastated and lost looking for motivation. Then I came across the PT hustle. Kyle Rice has the energy every student needs to encounter during studying!! Also, he completely changed my strategy going into the test and it finally clicked that I was missing questions because I was reading it wrong or putting words into a sentence that weren’t there. This man seriously invests his time to motivate and raise students up. Thank you Kyle, for helping me push on when I felt so defeated!!

I’ve contemplated all day about how to thank you. I failed my NPTE on the first try (558). I was devastated. I felt that I didn’t deserve it and could not understand why me! I emailed Kyle for weeks! Every time I emailed him, he wrote back within 24 hours. My own professors weren’t responding to me. Also, I was not even a member of his Facebook groups or classes. He simply helped me because he cares that much!!! FOR FREEE! I joined his class 3 weeks before the exam, and cried out to him how I didn’t feel confident. I didn’t want to pay the money, but after watching his videos I didn’t want to chance it. He sent me voice messages that night which gave me 100% more confidence. I joined his playbook course 3 weeks before the exam, because I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t passing. Once again, he boosted my confidence. If you are hesitant about joining, I encourage you too! Invest in your future! It’s like having a best friend that is in class with you. He listens, he responds, he can relate, and he’s like a personal diary. I haven’t gotten my score report yet, but I passed. My score increased 50+ points. Thank you Kyle! I’ve said it 10 times and I’ll say it until I retire. THANK YOU!

The NPTE test strategy playbook helped me narrow my answers and take my tests with decreased second guessing and improved scores. It also helped me decrease my anxiety by taking more frequent breaks throughout the sections and relaxing to give my brain time to rest.

This program has improved my ability to answer test questions and approach them in a systematic way that can be used for every question!!! My confidence has greatly improved since beginning this program! Worth every penny!!!!’

You will not be disappointed with enrolling in this course! Kyle does a fantastic job of teaching you the topics and making sure you fully understand them before moving on! Worth every single penny and then some!

It is completely worth it! Kyle really makes himself available to answer your questions outside of lecture time. I am horrible at standardized testing & I knew that going into this. I took the course & passed boards on the first attempt. I hands down recommend! If you have specific questions, feel free to ask them & I will answer anything I can!

You will never, ever be disappointed if you sign up with this class. You will learn A LOT in both the PT world and how to build confidence as a future/soon to be licensed PT. What I mean by that is, you’ll not only learn what you need to know for the test, but Kyle really goes the extra 1,000 miles to make sure you’re not only succeeding with content, but in your psychological state about the test, as well. If you want a COACH rather than a teacher, and one who actually cares, he’s your guy!!

Kyle is the best available options. He is personally invested in you. You join his course you truly gain a tribe. Kyle maked his course like a family. Everyone wants you to win

Schedule a call with Kyle! Worth every penny, with lasting knowledge and confidence! 🙌🏾

Worth absolutely EVERY penny!!! Kyle offers you the kind of personal support and individualized assistance that I promise you won’t find any where else! Nothing about The PT Hustle is cookie cutter. My only complaint is I didn’t find him sooner!

Words can’t express how amazing this course is! It’s truly life changing and it helps you to have focused studying instead of being all over the place. Coach K is a legit family member we talk almost everyday through messenger. He is always there to answer questions and the power calls are clutch!

It’s an incredible course! There are tons of lectures and videos as well as other resources it’s too many to count and it covers all topics on the NPTE. Kyle has an open communication with us anytime through a messaging app we use I just spoke to him 5 minutes ago on a question I had as well as his private video calls he gives to us. Your best bet is to schedule a call with Kyle get to know him and let him get to know you it’s free to schedule a call on his website. Im sure you won’t regret it with Kyle Rice by your side

Ok let me start off by saying that if it wasn’t for Kyle Rice I would have had a very difficult road. I was in Kyles mastermind group and it was amazing. We would meet with the rest of the group and Kyle for lectures Monday, Thursday, and Saturdays, and the mastermind group would meet once a week which ever day everyone agreed upon. Kyle really taught me how to get out of my comfort zone and study like a champ. It was a whole new world discovering how to study instead of just reading for the sake of doing so. I learned many test strategies and even my weaknesses. I always have my door open to people who have more questions about the program but I would highly recommend this program to anyone!