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The PT Hustle

The NPTE test strategy playbook really helped me learn to tackle each question and come down to the final answer with confidence. Highly recommend!

Awesome course! So helpful with many different test thing strategies that help you get to the right answer! I did not pass my boards the first time around, and I am already feeling more confident since learning these new strategies!

Such a practical realistic approach to attaining the appropriate skills needed to DOMINATE the NPTE. I would recommend this program not just to those who struggle with overthinking like I do, but for everyone taking the NPTE. Such good and valuable knowledge in this program.

1) I studied for April 2019 NPTE, however rescheduled for July b/c I was not confident. The game changer for me was opposites and if its a random answer I haven't heard of before or is rare; it is most likely not the answer. So far I have seen almost an 30% increase in my score!

I don’t want to use any fancy words to explain what Kyle does for you. I have a real story. Someone who is graduated in 1996 in another country with bachelor degree, English as a second language, comes to U.S in 2014 and works in Walmart and meanwhile takes the prerequisites to be eligible for NPTE, Two times failure. That person is “ME”. Guess what?? I passed the exam on April 2019. I was with Kyle less than 3 months. You can’t find any coach like him. I have no words to tell how much I appreciate him. THANK YOU KYLE. Your name is carved on my life forever.

"I really like was like at a low and I kinda turned away from God before all this happened and I had no idea that Kyle was a Christian and I feel like he has not only made me a PT but he has made me a better Christian and a better person and I can’t thank him enough for that."

"For me, working with Kyle Rice, one of the biggest things was availability. If I have ever had a question or anything, I knew I could get in contact right away through Facebook Messenger"

"I mean I feel like I was meant to be in this program just because of him.. because he has really, not only changed my life with how to take a standardized exam, but also a mindset change in life."

"I think the NPTE Success Program was worth the investment because it taught me a lot. It taught me how to study. It taught me how to take the test. It taught me how to become confident and believe in yourself."

I’m officially a doctor of physical therapy after passing my boards on April 23rd!!! I owe a hugeeee part of that to you and your podcasts, cheat sheets, and most importantly your inspirational videos the last week leading into boards. I’m normally a good test taker, but it’s still hard to feel confident for a huge test like the boards, and I’m always doubting myself. But you really made me believe I could do this thing! Your questions and explanations helped me look into topics and study in a way I never would have thought to do on my own and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am. I crushed the exam with a 760 and couldn’t be more ecstatic!!!

I absolutely loved taking the course. I was able to learn how to analyze questions and eliminate answers quickly. Furthermore, the group came together and we support each other as if we had known each other for years, no one gets left behind.

Dr. Rice's NPTE Prep course really helped me dig deeper to understand the "why" behind topics to gain a better understanding. I really only had an understanding of the "what" behind many topics, so his program was very helpful in this way. I also loved being a part of Dr. Rice's live lectures, as he always came with such great positivity and enthusiasm for every topic(s) we would discuss live on a given day. He is always available to answer questions you may have.

As the time came closer to taking the NPTE for the third time, I felt that I was lacking confidence, despite knowing how hard I've been studying. I then somehow came across PT Hustle, and I decided to sign up, 2 weeks before the exam date. Even with such a little amount of time with this course, I felt that it was enough to make a difference in my confidence.

Pt Hustle is your best option if you really wanna pass the NPTE. Great videos, awesome classes, and the amazing professor Dr. Kyle Rice will help you to bury the NPTE. Don't miss the opportunity to WIN.

This program has been life changing for me. Not only did it help me prepare specifically for the NPTE and weed out all the extra info I learned over the past three years, but it provided me with a community! I truly cannot tell you how grateful I am that I took a chance and invested in my future with Kyle. BEST decision I could have made!

The NPTE Test Prep Strategy Book was exactly what I needed to pass the NPTE. Coming out of PT school all anyone talked about was that you needed to get scorebuilders, therapy ed, etc. to study. Noone talked about a huge part of succeeding on the NPTE is understanding how the questions are structured. Especially as a student that succeed more on clinicals and practical exams rather than written exams, Kyle's strategies made me so much more confident with practice exams and on the actual NPTE. Anytime I have a student in my clinic, I tell them they need to get the NPTE Test Prep Strategy Book. It truly takes your test taking abilities to another level!

Foreign trained Physical Therapist, like myself, have a very difficult time passing the NPTE in spite of their knowledge base. This inspired my search for a proogram to teach me how to conquer the NPTE. I found Dr. Kyle Rice's Test Strategy Playbook very helpful because it was simple to follow, and it improved my practice test scores almost immediately. After viewing all of his test strategies, I chose two which I used repeatedly to arrive at the correct answers. Each student has the flexibility to choose which strategy works best for him/her. This program requires discipline and dedication to be completely effective in its entirety. I would fervently recommend this Playbook to anyone seeking to dominate the NPTE after many unsuccessful attempts.