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When you think

I honestly thought it was just going to be another oil. I have seen the growth and cannot believe how good this oil is! The baby hairs where my hair was starting to go thin amazed me! I have it in my hair all the time. I'm on my third bottle and you only need a little bit so the cost goes a long way!

I tried Merakhi oil and im in love with this product! my skin is flawless!! I only use it once a day (in the mornings). Ever since ive used it my skin is clear and smooth!! This oil is the best, i don't even have to use foundation anymore that's how good my skin looks!!! Would defo recommend this product for sure!!!

I started all oil merakhi and hair beast silky beast and I m surprise tic the difference I would recommend to those whose hair falling and whose face skin uneven all that

I m talking abt merakhi chamrhi cleanser and hair and silky beast abt 5 weeks I have been using this products and wt I gained I can’t even tell in world st aaa not possible these products makes that possible I m realy happy to having my face colour back and hair thanx nvara for give all gud oils

I just love face oil ,cleanser but especially hairbeast . I am using Hairbeast more than 1 year my grown more thicker even my family even notice difference in my hair length even i recommed oil to my friend .He 's using too hairbeast . I would like recommed hairbeast oil whoever have hair problem they can use hairbeast will definatily see result in 3 to 4 weeks when hair start regrow and stop falling its might take longer but you will see difference .i had pigmentation with face oil its all gonne will do recommeded face oil . very happy with both oil

Really is magic in a bottle!

I bought Hairbeast last year and it has done wonders to my hair! Can't do without it, my hair used to be dry and dull but its now so conditioned and full of volume! Once you try it you wont go back!

Nzuri Chamrhi

I have been using the cleansing oil for 3 months and i am so happy, my skin is brighter and smooth. I am so happy!


I tried hairbeast and loved it, when i saw silkybeast i had to try it and it was worth every dollar!Thank you

Hair oil

My friend told me about hairbeast, i was 50 50 trying it because i tried so many other oils. I tried other oils and i did not get results but with this oil i got results my family noticed a difference too.I recommend it to all the men out there

So happy!

After having my baby my skin went bad, i had cystic acne and my skin felt horrible. My sister bought Merakhi and the cleanser for me as a gift and i am so happy she bought it for me, my skin is clearer,i hardly have any breakouts, my skin is not irritated or sore. It is soft, clear and blemish free!! Thank you for your amazing products, can not wait to buy more


I bought HairBeast earlier this year and i have been using it every since, i can not be without it, my hair is thicker,and i have new baby hairs! I tried SilkyBeast a few times and WOW WOW WOW my hair is so silky, smooth and it feels so nice. I am very happy 


I absolutely love everything... Can't live without them.... I have had terrible eczema my whole life, and the facial oil is the only product that ever healed it!!


I have been using the hair oil My hair has been breaking and over the years I could see it was thinning , I been so worried and concerned about it I tried lots of tablets and oils . I then saw on fb Hairbeast and I purchased it about 12 months ago and am now on my third bottle , and I can't bbelieve how many baby hairs I have growing , the condition of the hair is getting better more bounce , softer. It doesn't work overnight it takes time but it worth it . Even my hairdresser said whatever your doing is working stick With. This Product is amazing .

Love it

I love it...I use it for the very dark circlrs under my eyes; I have tried everything, from fillers to other expensive injections. Result: dark circles even worser. All this time I've been hiding my eyes behind glasses. The Merakhi oil gave back my confidence. My under eyes are lighther and smoother. I still have complexions about my eyes, but I'm confident that in time it will get lighter. I have also orderd the new nzuri chamrhi. Can't wait to try that out...good job bonitabiaan.


i can proudly say Markhi face oil and hair beast both are magic oil can't express how happy with both oil i had hair patches massive middle of my hair and behind my ear which visible i was very stressful when came to know first and i saw this oil on facebook ordered myself and with in month i seen new hair grown that places where i had massive hair fall i am thankful to you you gave is very good thing


I got my hair cut in August and had around 6" cut off. I have been using Hairbeast around 2/3 times a week non stop for 8 months and my hair has grown around 9-10" in that time. I love this oil so much, love seeing new baby hairs sprouting. I couldn't be without this oil and have recommended it to so many. You have to keep up with it and have faith and trust me you will see results. Who needs a parandhi when you have Hairbeast eh

HairBeast Merakhi

Been using the merakhi face oil and hair beast for several months now. I can honestly say I'm impressed. At first you will notice subtle changes; the texture of your skin is better, less breakouts, better oil control. Then when you compare old pictures to new ones, you will realise how much better your skin is overall. My skin tone has evened up and looks plump and glowing!

Same with the hair beast, after the first use, I noticed less fall out, improved texture, less hair in my hair brush! Now, I can definitely see that my hair has grown loads and looks a lot fuller.

Thanks raji! Can't wait to see what else your brand comes out doubt they will be awesome xxxx



The photo on the left is my before pic, and the one on the right is after 10 uses. Usually my hair gets to the length on the left pic and struggles to grow any further, but with applying hairbeast it definitely has! They're not the greatest photos but the growth in person is even more noticeable and I've had so many compliments on its growth in such a short timescale! On each application I would leave it in overnight before washing out the oil. It doesn't smell so great, however it's a smell I got used to pretty quickly and it does not bother me at all. The only thing I do is use a different pillow when I have the oil in to stop it spreading onto my bedding. 

I don't apply any Hairbeast before blowdrying as Raji shows in her videos as I found it made my hair look greasy so just stuck to overnight applications. To me, Hairbeast is so worth the price, and the bottles last for so long as you don't need too much of it! I share mine with my sister in law and literally it's still practically a full bottle! I fully recommend trying it out and I doubt anybody would be disappointed! As well as the growth, I noticed my hair was much thicker after washing and it felt great. Apologies the pics aren't the greatest and my hair is so greasy in both of them lol! I also use the merakhi face oil regularly, which I have left a review for before, and seriously I think you guys should think about trying the Merakhi out too if you already haven't!