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Hair Beast

Being someone who dyes their hair a lot (and I mean A LOT), my hair can be pretty damaged from bleaches and harsh dyes. So my hair was in quite bad condition before I started using HAIR BEAST. I started off using the oil once a week (leaving it in overnight and washing the next day) and noticed that my hair felt smoother, softer and my split ends didn't look as bad. I then began to use it 2-3 times in the week and saw that not only the condition of my hair had improved, but my hair had grown a large amount within a few months. The scent of the oil is quite strong - due to it being completely natural and pure - but I personally really like the scent! Fab oil and I highly recommend it to others! 

Merakhi face oil

I have always used face creams, until I came across this face oil. I'm not a young lady, around 50+ so I have fine lines on my face. This oil feels really nice on my skin. I have found that my makeup applies nicely and looks very smooth. My skin looks more plumper and my lines are less visible. I love this oil and can't wait to order my second bottle.