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I began my treatment with Eve after traditional allergy medicines stopped working on my chronic allergies. My doctor was going to prescribe steroids so I sought an alternative path to health. Eve used the NAET method to treat my allergies and I am free of allergy medications. In one of our sessions, I told Eve I felt like I was allergic to myself. I no longer feel that way and am able to enjoy my life and outdoor activities. Thanks Eve!

Eve has been very helpful for my family. We have known her for 10 years and made several visits to her. I can’t even describe the relief she brings with her knowledge and interesting techniques. She calms the nervous system, brings allergy relief (food/environmental) and provides all kinds of information about your body that you would otherwise never figure out. I am very grateful to have found her and am looking forward to our next appointment.

Eve is AMAZING!!!! She changes my life for the better in every visit.

After years of heartache with my son's allergies and resultant rashes, he is clear! A BIG thank you to Eve!!!   Testimonial: My son has had food allergies since he was 6 weeks old.  The doctors said it was eczema but I felt differently.  The rashes were severe and I knew there was a correlation to the food I was eating as I was nursing him.  He had a rash so bad on his cheeks and back that they would bleed.  I did everything.  The doctors had him on cortisone creams which killed me to use since he was so little. While I was breastfeeding I cut out certain food groups to experiment such as dairy, gluten, sugar, fruits, and eggs.  I was eating rice and vegetables.   This helped a little but I did it because it was some improvement.  We did salt caves. We saw 3 different dermatologists all with the same advice to use cream.  I saw 2 naturopathic doctors.  One said to eliminate fruit and dairy in a combination.  I did and the rashes minimized, however the problem still persisted and it was a big limitation on our food intake.  However, for the last year he has had no fruit or dairy except pears were ok. As you can imagine, that isn't a way to live your life forever. So, I kept searching for a cure because I wanted my son to eat fruit and dairy.  I wanted him to enjoy life without rashes and the ease of eating a variety of food.  Then I heard about NAET and (drum roll)...Allergies, rashes are gone! It's a method that clears out any fight or flight reactions utilizing acupressure points on the spine that are connected to your 12 meridian points connected to your nervous system.  I was SO skeptical.  I did not believe but I would try anything.  Eve and NAET: So I researched the best practitioners and I found Eve.  I liked that she had over 20 years of practice with allergy elimination and NAET. This was huge in my book. When I met her she was friendly and listened to me. She said, a child should be able to eat and a parent should not have to worry, let's make that happen! She has a unique and intuitive way of combining the NAET method for optimal healing.  She put together a combination of allergy ailments specific to my son.  We went twice per week for 8 treatments.  After 4 treatments his hives on his back were disappearing.  I couldn't believe it.  We started eating everything again.  As he was eating everything Eve worked on different foods and environmental factors and after 8 treatments the rashes were gone.  We continue to see Eve for other ailments such as when my son has a cold or after vaccinations.  She has changed our lives! My son's perspective: Eve's place is very welcoming and comfortable.  He loves going to Eve's place and seeing the beautiful view.  He lays on the bed while she tests and taps his points on his back.  He loves going to Eve's and talks about it all week.  As a mom that has gone through so much with her son's allergies and trying everything, Eve and her practice of NAET is the answer we have been looking for!  I am now taking my 6 month old daughter and then I'm next.  Hope this helps other moms and children going through the same thing.

I am 57 year old male with multiple fractures after 45ft fall when I was 21 years old. Over 10 surgeries later & many years of prescription medications,...

After years of heartache with my son's allergies and resultant rashes, he is clear! A BIG thank you to Eve!!!   Testimonial: My son has had food allergies...

I have two amazing, healthy children because of the expertise of Eve. When I went to Eve while pregnant I was able to carry full term. When I didn’t, I suffered multiple miscarriages. I’ve continued to see Eve for other issues including allergy elimination, physical aches & pains, and just maintaining a balanced system. Highly recommend if you want real results.

Eve is a fantastic and talented acupuncturist! She has many years of experiences and is a natural healer. She is very down to earth, intelligent and relatable. She is also kind and respectful and can diagnoses your problem. Also, if you have allergies she can help reduce your reactivity with N.A.E.T.. Not to mention she is a concert violinist who has played for The Denver Symphony! She has helped me for many years with various problems especially allergies. I have been to many acupuncturists and she is among the very best !

Eve is amazing! When my daughter was born, I suddenly became extremely intolerant of garlic. After 16 years of this, I found Eve, and after a few NAET treatments my garlic problem vanished! That was 12 years ago, and I can still eat garlic. I've gone in a few times over the years for a "tuneup" or to treat other small food issues that have popped up, always with great results. I have referred several friends to her, and they have also gotten good results. She is very caring and capable. I highly recommend her for treating food allergies and other issues treatable by acupuncture.

Eve has taken care of me for years. She is amazing. I would recommend anyone who has really bad allergies to see her.

Our son has had severe food intolerances since he was 4 months old. We did allergy testing, elimination diets and blood tests to determine what foods/chemicals were his triggers and were able to successfully avoid over 15 specific things for more than 4 years before we found Eve and Ohm Acupuncture. It took about 3 months of visits but Eve addressed every single trigger using NAET muscle testing. We were skeptical at first but on my son's 5th birthday, he was able to have a "normal" cupcake with Eve and he hasn't had a single flare up in the last 10 months since his treatment concluded. Eve was wonderfully patient with our son and we enjoyed getting to know her. We highly recommend her services!

Jenni is wonderful!!! She is helping with my recent back injury and I can't thank her enough!

Eve is an amazingly gifted therapist. I have been working with her for over a year now. She is exceptional at treating allergies. She has cleared me on multiple occasions when I was having severe reactions. Of course, any other general health concerns. She's capable of dealing with it all!! I would highly recommend her services. Thank you Eve! Grateful for you ���

Eve cured me. Enough said.

Eve has taken exceptional care of our family. Whether is is alleriges, stress, or other illnesses she will help you heal! And, she will do it with kindness...

Eve and her methods are amazing! Go see her for all your ailments. She helped both my kids when Western medicine was taking WAY too long or completely missed the boat. My daughter had major stomach pain, so instead of continuing painful testing with zero relief, Eve treated her and healed her quickly, without pain. My son's allergies were alleviated after many years of multiple medications a day with minimal success. He most recently was diagnosed with pertussis by Eve's testing. Western medicine was trying to tell us it was "habit cough"! Of course we then demanded a blood test for proof of diagnosis. Unfortunately in that particular case, Eastern Medicine and Eve were correct, he had pertussis. She is currently treating my father for congestive heart failure, it is helping.

I went in on my 1st visit for acupuncture, but needed, acupressure. I felt my body give an enormous release. That's when I realized, Eve can work miracles! Even on the 1st visit. I'm so glad & grateful for the skills & tallents, she shares. I'm glad she's a member of CCTA.

Eve is amazing. At two weeks old my daughter suffered severe allergies that our pediatrician could not figure out. I was nursing, so I eliminated all dairy products from my diet, then soy, then fish, nuts, the list goes on, and still my happy little baby would projectile vomit after almost every meal and have diarrhea with enough blood and mucus to make me sob during every diaper change. Our pediatrician wanted us to see a specialist and start invasive testing. I was advised to stop breastfeeding and switch to an expensive “hypoallergenic formula”, and use harsh steroid creams on my baby’s new skin. I was terrified to go down that route. On a friends recommendation we decided to try Naet. I showed up to Eve’s office stressed and worried and on a very restricted diet. She told me not to worry and to eat whatever I wanted. The first appointment was amazing. In fact, every time we do muscle testing I am amazed how my arm could be so strong and then in the presence of an allergen it turns to jell-o. By then my daughter was 4 months old and she would sit on my lap and Eve would do the treatment on me. It was such a relaxing time, it was almost hard to believe that these treatments were helping my daughter. After the 9th treatment, ALL of my daughters symptoms were GONE. The most amazing part is that a year and a half later the treatments we did are still working. In that time my daughter started eating solid food and drinking milk. We have zero food restrictions! I was able to nurse my daughter longer, avoid invasive tests and possible surgeries. Naet is powerful and I would highly recommend Eve to anyone looking for relief from a condition.