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OPI Medical

11320 HWY 620 N, A-427
Austin TX - Texas , 78726
United States

Desperation away from home

Away from home and no way to get oxygen the machine was excellent service and one day. Gave me peace of mind. One day service.

Vacation oxygen rental

The service I received from OPI was awesome. Received my machine on time, and it was picked up on time. Everything was explained very well. Josh was awesome.

D.C. Vacation with family

It was great working with ur company, my wife had a great and comfortable trip. Look forward to working with u again. And, I would highly recommend ur company to all my friends and family. Thanks for everything. Sandra Peters.

Portable concentrator

Josh Mathews is knowable, courteous, reputable and easy to reach by phone or e-mail. We were able to rent a portable concentrator within a couple of days. We have since then purchased the same unit through his company. allows her to attend day care services and family activities outside of house

Grandsons Wedding made possible

Promptly delivered equipment on short notice. Courtesy and patience was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend using OPI for oxygen rental services. Extremely knowledgeable about Portable Oxygen Concentrators.


Excellent service, instruction and equipment. The personal attention from OPI made our trip comfortable and safe.

Super away destination wedding

Super service from Josh. Great to have the oxygen on my flight! My flights from Texas to California were very easy with the portable oxygen.

Taking Mother on Vacation

Josh was wonderful with the customer service. I needed a last minute portable unit and he drove in to S.A. To meet me. I am grateful for the quick response time and professional service.

Las Vegas trip with family

Made it very easy . Made it easy for plane trip & enjoy hiking, walking etc. 

Holiday rental for mother

The machine worked great. Thanks Josh

Try before you decide

Josh came through at a very imperative time, through his recommendations we were able to come up with the proper oxygen equipment.  We agreed to try the machine over a period time to allow the doctors to conduct testing as needed.  I highly recommend Aero Oxygen. For your portable oxygen needs. Thank you Josh.



Fast Respone. Excellent Care. Outstanding Customer Service.

During my mom's travel, she was notified she could not fly without a FAA compliant oxygen machine. After receiving info from the airline regarding equipment, I was extremely disappointed to learn travel adjustments were needed due to delivery of an oxygen tank. After researching, I found Josh. Even though I called during dinner time for assistance, he showed extreme concern and was willing to help out to ensure my mom could travel. He is extremely compassionate, helpful, and responds quickly. Highly recommend his services to others. 

Keep moving lifestyle.

OPI Medical (Aero Oxygen) has been a source of service. Especially in teaching and keeping me in a lifestyle I want for my life. I have been looking for a convenient oxygen system. Josh has made travel available. I appreciate how quickly he responds to the calls and service. Marian Dozier

Oxygen rental

We found out that we could not get the proper number of batteries for my husband's portable oxygen machine just a couple of days before we were to go to Alaska. We were given a number to call. We explained I our problem and he came to our home and set us up with the equipment we needed. Aero was

Wedding for grandson in Colorado


Terrific Service

My mom needed to carry oxygen on her trip from Washington,DC to her new home in Austin.   Service was excellent in both the drop off and pick of the portable oxygen concentrator.  Would highly recommend this company!

Service after the sale POC3

In addition to my oxygen use at night I needed oxygen help during the day on occasion. Josh fully explained his POC 3 machine and made it easy for me to use it. I always take it with me when I leave the house. It I a lifesaver for me.  He gives outstanding service after the sale and is ways available.

POC Travel POC3

I have used different models of POC'S for Several years, Contacted Aero POC for a trip I was taking to Eurpoe. We discussed what would give me the flexibility for my trip. The two models that they provide cover all aspects of portable oxygen use. They let me try the POC3 before my trip to get comfortable with the unit and its simplicity, The battery duration, size and quality of the unit provided me with exceptional value. With local service and the expierence of the industry I would recommend OPI Medical (Aero POC) for anyone needinf a POC for travel or to get around locally.