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Oracles of Royalty

3053 Wilkes Plantation Way
Douglasville , 30135
United States


Royal ReddPeace is led by energy, wisdom and heart. This comment is short to the point. Get ready because the cards don't lie. She gives it to you straight to the point and doesn't hold back any information. All messages delivered through this vessel will stretch you to grow. It was clear from the start this lady does research and is gifted. Get ready for a change in your thoughts if not your physical life.

Beautiful 1 on 1 Coaching Experience

I've been enjoying the recent 1 on 1 spiritual consul of Royal Redd  since November 2015. Her Gift has actually helped me extremely well with assisting me in building back up my motivational drive, self-confidence, and patience. You still gotta do the work and forge along your own path.  Royal's insightful Oracle readings and motivational coaching will help you along your journey towards Greatness, Joy, and Self-Realization!  We all have our own unique Gift, and Royal Redd is using hers to help better your life in the best way she can ️ The assistance of her Gift and my persistence for taking my Life to the next level has helped me reach a major goal of mine in 2015...Being admitted into an HBCU for next year and even gaining the confidence to become an entrepreneur, and I'm a major introvert!! So, I Kept an Open Mind. I enjoyed her incredible services!  

Ase' (So Be It)