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Elevated Oral and Implant Surgery

1131 Boyce Rd. STE A
Upper St. Clair PA

Of no help with billing

I had all upper teeth removed which needless to say was a trying experience. The doctor and her staff were very friendly and professional. My issue was after the surgery and I was billed an additional $800 with no prior notice. I called and was advised that the additional anesthesia would be absorbed, which I very much appreciated. The other balance of $600 I would have to figure out by calling my insurance company. First of all it is not my job to get the office compensated for a procedure. They pay people to do that. Second, I was advised that the office bills my insurance as a courtesy. ??? Really, like I am an actuary in the medical insurance field. What an arrogant answer !. I was also advised that insurance companies do this all the time and the patient very seldom wins an appeal. So now I face an outstanding balance, which I cannot afford, and basically I'm advised that it is my problem. If they knew of billing discrepancies up front then why did they not call to verify that the estimate was correct ??? Definitely not my job as a patient. I am not a billing expert.
Obviously as with any other business it's about the money not the patient. What a shame !!! Avoid this place unless you are paying out of pocket and/or can afford to get suprises in the mail !!!

Anxiety Relief

I have several ongoing medical issues and when my long-time dentist advised that I needed to see an oral surgeon, I thought, "Not another one..." I was very, VERY impressed with Dr. Barroner and her staff. I was able to make my initial contact via the web and got a very prompt callback. I was also able to fill out the patient history, etc. online and that was a great time-saver. Arriving at the office, I was greeted cordially and by a receptionist who was familiar with my information and actually knew who I was and what procedure was scheduled without consulting the "files." The office was very clean and pleasant without the usual "medical office" look or smells. The pre-surgical work was quick and carefully explained. Dr. Barroner completed the procedure quickly and with virtually no discomfort. I was surprised (and pleased) with a follow-up telephone call later in the day to make sure that there were no problems following the work. All in all, it was as stress-free as they could make it and I am healing very well. I thoroughly recommend Dr. Barroner and her staff to anyone - especially those suffering anxiety with pending surgery.

Great Experience All Around!

Dr. Barroner removed all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth. The entire experience from the consultation, booking the surgery, and the surgery itself was great and stress-free. Dr. Barroner and her staff are very professional, thorough, and informative. I was a little nervous about the procedure and the anesthesia, and they made me feel very comfortable and calm. Dr. Barroner called me herself a few hours after the surgery to check in and gave a great list of instructions for after-care. I would definitely recommend this office!

A little nervous at first - but what a wonderful experience

Whenever I experience something for the 1st time - especially something I think is really going to hurt .. I tend to worry .. a lot -- but my experience with Dr. Barroner, her facilities, her staff .. and the professional and caring manner with which I was treated -- went way beyond my expectations .. my treatment entailed removing 2 teeth (a mollar and a wisdom) - then replacing 1 with an implant .. during my consultation Dr. Barroner not only explained in great detail every step of the procedure to follow .. and then but took the time to answer all of my questions .. never hurrying or making me feel rushed .. I'm now at the back end of her treatment - teeth are gone and implant is in .. with both the time needed to complete her work and the pain experienced (which was very little) were just as she had explained during my first visit .. simply put, I could not be more pleased with Dr. Barroner and her practice and I've already recommended her highly to a few of my colleagues and friends ..

Testimonial #67

Fantastic Service

My dentist recommended Dr. Barroner for a tooth implant. During my initial consultation, Dr. Barroner spent a lot of time discussing not only the implant procedure but the pluses and minuses of alternative treatments. I opted for the implant and, during the procedure itself, Dr. Barroner continually saw to my comfort and talked me through the extraction process as she performed it. Her entire staff was friendly and happy to address questions and concerns I had both prior to and following surgery. I cannot say enough good things about them. I am very grateful to my dentist for recommending Dr. Barroner and would readily recommend her!

5 Star Customer Service

I am a mother living in Louisisana and my son attends College in Ohio, which is close by. My son has a root fracture and our situation is complicated and even further complicated from lack of resources. His situation is urgent as he is losing bone to the affected tooth and his front tooth and has a massive infected area. We referred to an oral surgeon that was further delaying treatment and overcharging me by $1000. When I called this morning, Rose completely understood the situation, handled it, told me how much it would it cost and scheduled him for the next business day to pull the tooth and do the bone grafts. It only took a 10 to 15 minute phone conversation. Very professional staff and customer service. Thank you! I can rest easy this weekend knowing my son is in good hands.

Review from Facebook #1

I knew from the moment I called to make a consultation appointment with Justin that I was making a great decision. When I showed up for my treatment I was very nervous but Dr. Barroner and her assistant made me feel very at ease and talked me through everything. I also got a courtesy checkup phone call from Dr. Barroner herself a few hours after my surgery to see how my recovery was going and if I had any questions. The compassion and empathy that Dr. Barroner and her staff have for their patients is remarkable. She is truly amazing and so is her staff. The world needs more people like her!!


Very pleased with the process. Dr. Barroner demonstrated skill with anesthesia. No pain or swelling following the extraction. Highly recommended.


Dr. Barroner and the staff at Elevated Oral & Implant Surgery are friendly and very helpful. At my initial consultation I received all the information I needed and Dr. Barroner answered all my questions, leaving me feeling confident about my upcoming surgery. The day of my surgery, the staff made me feel comfortable and the procedure was excellently done. My after surgery care was explained thoroughly and all my questions were answered, even though I had to communicate with hand gestures! After having dealt with less than satisfactory offices and doctors in the past, I really appreciate the superior service that Elevated Oral & Implant Surgery provides. I highly recommend them.

Testimonial #61

Had a tooth extracted 3 months ago. Went back today for the implant work. Both visits went extremely well. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr Barroner did a great job with both the extraction and the implant. I would highly recommend them for dental work.

Review from Facebook #19

Very friendly and professional. Will see that your needs are met.

Review from Facebook #15

I had an extraction today, it went fast and painless. The staff and Dr. Meghan Borroner were very nice, and listened to all your concerns. Great place, I will never go any where else. Elevated Oral & Implant Surgery is the best !!!!!

Review from Facebook #14

Had tooth removed this morning by Dr. Barroner. If you need a tooth removed, I would highly recommend the doctor and her friendly and efficient staff.

Review from Facebook #13

My boyfriend had his wisdom teeth removed and everything has gone according to plan! The Dr. and staff are so nice and very knowledgeable of all the pre and post op care needed! The office is gorgeous and couldn't have been a more pleasant experience!

Review from Facebook #12

I had to have a tooth extracted today. Dr. Meghan, Chrissy & Rose were FANTASTIC!! I got in for an appointment right away! So high tech & very cool office. Great music too!! I highly recommend this office! Thank you!

Review from Facebook #11

I had my wisdom teeth removed last week, and I was thoroughly impressed! they saw me right waiting 3 weeks!! Staff was great and professional, and made me feel at ease! I would definitely recommend friends and family to try this practice!

Review from Facebook #10

Implant Surgery's Timeline. May 11, 2017 4:42pm I want to thank Dr Barroner and team for the wonderful experience today. I needed immediate dental care that my regular dentist was unable to perform. He referred me to Elevated O&IS. I called and was lucky enough to be invited to come in right away. They discussed the procedure I was having in appropriate detail, then as they were preforming the procedure walked me through as necessary. They were kind, understanding of my situation and accommodating. I can't thank you enough. (Yes I'm thanking you for dental work! :) ) I will not hesitate to return in the future!